Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Getting ready for a Vacation

It's been awhile since I added anything, so I guess I'll let you all know what's been going on.

I seem to have a hernia. Yep it happened at work, so the company Dr. recommended a surgeon. Last week I had an appointment to get examined by him and get his prognosis. So he examined me and determined that I have a small hernia on the left side. It not being a severe one, he mentioned that there would be no hurry to get the surgery. I was relieved of that as we have a vacation planned starting on August 10th. Another one for the Labor day weekend. He approved if I wanted to wait until after Labor day as long as I don't pick up anything over 10 pounds, push or pull anything, and no going up & down vertical ladders. The only rule I'm actually violating is picking my lard A _ _ out of bed in the morning!

I'm still working under the restrictions with no problems. Then on September 4th I am scheduled to go into the Hospital and have this problem fixed. The Dr. says I'll be out of work for about a month. While I'm off work I will be receiving Workman's Comp., which will help out.

Been getting the Motor Home ready for our next vacation up north. Had to replace a running light on the right rear near the roof. I guess I must have hit a low branch as the whole lens was gone. Then I had to replace the circuit board on the hot water tank. Wow...that is costly at $100.00! But at least it's better than not having any hot water. I'm not a fan of a cold water shower!

The screen door needed the latch repaired. It was made out of plastic and broke awhile ago. I made another one out of a piece of aluminum angle. Works perfectly! Another job well done.

In my spare time I've been putting together our Disney Pictures from last March. Both daughters let me copy their pictures and add them to mine.

Using two MS programs, Photo Story and Movie Maker, I was able to assemble the first two days onto a DVD. The pictures actually move with special effects and music is added in the background. So much better than watching a plain boring slide show!

Last Sunday we (the entire family) assembled in front of our big screen and I showed them the first completed DVD. What a time we all had! Everyone just loved it! I believe everyone wants to go back to Disney again.

I'm thinking it will take me another week at least, working a couple hours each evening to finish assembling the remaining pictures, adding the special effects and music. But I figure they each will have their own copy to watch anytime they wish in the future, bring back great memories. In my heart it makes me feel it's all worth it. I'm glad I am able to do it.

I will have them posted on our Picasa web site as soon as I finish arranging them all. Probably just after I complete the movies.

Not much else going on so...check in again later for more of our Adventures.

Until then, be safe and God Bless.

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