Saturday, September 20, 2008

Compressor now operational on Coach

Last week I had an appointment at an auto glass company to replace the drivers side windshield. When I pulled the Motorhome out of the yard, I noticed the rear was low to the ground. I figured the air compressor just needed some time to pump up the air bags on the rear axle and tag axle.

Well, a half mile down the road I had to return home. The air compressor wasn't running. The coach can still be driven without the air compressor, but only to get the coach to a repair facility, and you can only go about 25 miles an hour. Without air in the air bags it rides like you are connected straight to the axle without any type of springs or shocks. A very rough ride!

So with my minor expertise, meaning none, I tried to trouble shoot what was wrong. I determined that the solenoid that controls the operation of the compressor had failed. I had jumped out the compressor and verified that it was still operational.

Got on the phone and ordered a new solenoid, costs around $65.00. Won't get it until Wednesday of next week, meaning this past Wednesday. It arrived and I installed it with no results. The compressor still won't run. Well by Friday morning I had found the problem. Under the hood, drivers side is a large relay and solenoid. One of the many things connected to it was a 30 amp fuse block. The fuse looked like it got overheated, but my meter checked it out as still good. I used a pliers to pull the fuse out, and sure enough, the fuse holder was pretty melted inside. So off to the auto parts store to purchase a new one. After getting it installed with a new fuse the compressor ran. Dang it I just purchased a solenoid and new pressure switch that wasn't needed. Oh well, now I have a spare if needed.

Anyway I called the auto glass shop to reschedule. My new appointment is set for Tuesday morning at 9am. The girl I was talking to said I could drop the vehicle off at 8:30 and when its done they will call me to come pick it up. I informed her that I would stay and wait for the job to be completed. That's when she didn't know what to say and had to keep putting me on hold so she could talk to her boss if it was ok for me to stay and wait for the job to be completed. After putting me on hold two different times, she and her boss realized I was not going to change my mind, and she informed me to bring plenty of reading material because it's a long job. I told her I would and I understand its a big job and would take some time. But I didn't want to bring it in at 9am and the work wouldn't begin for a couple hours, that I expect them to start working on it right away. So we shall see what kind of a company this glass shop is and what kind of service I receive will depend on if I report them to the Progressive Insurance Co. or not.

The day before yesterday, meaning Thursday, Wilma came down with a dandy of a cold. Probably caught from one of the grandkids that they brought from school. It has really hit her hard and she is really miserable. Last night I went to the drug store and bought a vaporizer and some Coricidon cold pills that she can take with high blood pressure meds. I slept in the living room on the couch trying to keep my distance so I won't catch the cold. But this morning I'm feeling the symptoms. Dang it I hate colds. I really hope the vaporizer helped her last night and she might be feeling a little better today.

Planning on going over to Angels house today and take a look at the lawn mower. Seems like she has water mixed in with the gas. Hopefully I'll be able to clear that up so she can cut the grass. Tuesday I'm scheduled to get the drivers side windshield replace. Next Thursday I have to report for Jury Duty. And now possibly a butt kicker cold coming on.

More adventurers in our lives....until next time, be safe and God Bless.

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