Saturday, September 27, 2008

Jury Duty???!!!

They finally caught up to me!

I had received 3 different notices for Jury Duty in the past 6 months. The first 2 I was excused from. But when they scheduled me for September 25th. I knew I better go. Didn't want to push my luck, even though I still had this cold or flu just barely hanging on.

I arrived in the City's free "Park & Ride" lot around 7:55am. The shuttle bus was there waiting. Boarded for the bumpy ride to the Court House. I had forgotten how stiff a ride buses give you, and this was one of those small buses, built on a Van chassis.

Arriving at the Court House, we then had to go through the metal detectors. No problem there, at least we didn't have to take our shoes off like at the airports.

Next we were taken to the Jury Room. A judge came in and talked to us explaining what we could expect for the day. Then we had to watch a video on what was expected of a Juror. Boring boring and more boring!

There were at least a hundred of us in this room. It was a large room with plenty of windows to look out over the City, as we were on the 5th. floor of the City County Building. We were all getting ready for a long wait now because we couldn't go anywhere unless they allowed us to. Almost felt like we were being held prisoners.

Then an announcement came over the intercom. "Will the following jurors report to the rear of the room". About 30 numbers were called. My number was 44, they called 43 & 45, so I had to remain in the room and wait.

I had bought a Sudoku book to keep me occupied. But that lasted for about an hour. Now what??

Looking around the room several people bought their laptops and were on the "Net". I gave Wilma a phone call, asking if she could bring my laptop to me at lunch. She agreed and I waited for an announcement that we were excused to go to lunch.

Then a half hour later an announcement came that we were all excused. Our day would be considered a "half day" and would be paid $12.83. Looking at my watch, it now being 11:30am. So from 8am till 11:30am, just 3 and a half hours seemed like a full day, and I was given the ok to leave. Great! And Thank you very much!

We were told we would not be called for jury duty for 12 months. At that time we would become eligible again.

My thoughts: I really didn't mind being called for Jury duty. I just was a little "under the weather" with this cold, or what ever it is that both Wilma and I have.

But if I would have been called to be a Juror, I would have done my best, and probably enjoyed it, seeing how I have never been a Juror.

Talked to Gary, my Bud, yesterday. I will be driving the Coach over to his home tomorrow (Sunday). He is going to work on replacing the "O" Ring seal on the drivers side tag axle. While he is doing that I am going to be working on his computer. Hopefully I'll be able to get it to run better for him.

Wilma is still having a hard time getting rid of her bronchitis. She said yesterday she is sick and tired of being sick and tired! Today makes it 9 straight days she has been sick. Hopefully the anti biotic kicks in and makes her feel better. If not, she may have to go back to the Dr. and get something else more powerful.

Another adventure, another day in our lives. Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

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