Tuesday, September 23, 2008

New Windshield Installed

I was told to be at the Glass shop between 8:30am and 9:00am. I walked into their office at 8:45am. How's that for being on time!

Of course Don informed me that I wasn't allowed inside the coach while they were working, and I wasn't allowed to "give them a hand". I assured him that I would stay back out of their way as I don't know anything about glass and was confident they did. Once he and I understood each other we hit if off great.

Don, (the guy in the red shirt) was the leader, and looked like the only one that really knew what he was doing. The other two employees have much less experience. I asked Don how long he has been working with glass and he told me he started when he got out of High School in 1971.

It took all three of the employees to remove the old windshield and about an hour worth of work. Another hour was spent installing the new windshield.

So the job started at 9am and was completed by 11am. Don told me of a restaurant down the street if I wanted to go have lunch. That I would not be able to move the Coach for at least 2 hours to let the adhesive set up. I told him that's what I'd do and off I walked to have lunch. Returned back at the glass shop around 12:15pm and sat in the Coach doing Sudoku.

I phoned PGA Boat & RV Repair and made an appointment to see them about the damage on the rear of the coach. Told them I'd see them sometime after 2pm. They agreed to look at the damage and get the insurance claim processed. I had to let them know that I would need the coach until late October at the earliest. No problem they said, just let them know 2 weeks before bringing the coach in so they can get the parts ordered.

So at 1pm I walked into the glass shop office to see if it was ok to leave. Don gave me the ok, and I had to sign a couple insurance papers for them before I left. Around 1:45pm I arrived at PGA. Signed a paper giving them the permission to do the repair and they told me they would wait for my call in October. So at around 2:15pm I was headed back home.

Got allot done today, now tomorrow I'm going to check on moving my IRA into safer investments. If that's possible in today's times.

Wilma went to the Doctors today to find out exactly what is wrong. She has really been a sick lady these last few days and it seems to be getting worse.

She arrived back home about a half hour after I got home. Diagnosis: Bronchitis almost pneumonia. She received an antibiotic shot at the Doctor's office and 2 prescriptions. One a cough medicine and the other an antibiotic.

So the day ends with more adventures, be safe and God Bless

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