Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Post Op. Doctor Visit

Yesterday at 1:30pm I had my first check up following my surgery. The Dr. seems to think I'm progressing well and I am to schedule another appointment in two weeks. I was given the green light to do things around the house, but nothing too strenuous. So today I cut my grass. Thank God I have a self propelled mower or I would not have been able to do it.

Talking with other men who have undergone this type of surgery, I'm told most of them were off work for 6 weeks. Tomorrow it will be 2 weeks from the date of the surgery. I'm kind of enjoying my time off from work. Now if the Workmen's Comp checks start arriving on Friday, I'll be all set.

Sold the Saturn today! The first guy that came out to look at it was the one that got it. I say that because he first looked at it last Friday. He seemed interested but you never know until you have the money in hand. Anyway he called yesterday evening and told me he would be over this morning to pay for it and pick it up. I had to tell him that I have 5 other potential buyers interested, so he has until 4pm. If I don't have the money in hand by then, I will go ahead and notify the others to come look at the car and the first one with a deposit will be the buyer. He assured me that he would be here to pick up the car by noon. Which is just what happened. At 11:30am he along with his parents drove up, paid for, and drove away with the car.

I kind of hated to see the Saturn go, it was a great car and we all have many memories of the places it has taken us. But time goes by and things change, so away it goes.

Today I'm also waiting for parts I ordered for the Motor Home. For some reason the air compressor that pumps up the rear air bags quit working. As soon as the new parts come in I'm planning on installing them and hopefully the compressor will operate normally. Until it does the Coach cannot be driven over 25 miles an hour. I still have to get the drivers side windshield replaced, and damage to the rear corner that has already been approved by the insurance company. Wilma and I would like to go visit the Omish in Indiana next month, so I really need to get my Coach running again.

That's about it, so until next time, be safe and God Bless.

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