Monday, September 1, 2008

The Puckett/Anglin Family Re-Union

Thursday, August 28

We left last Thursday afternoon around 1pm on our way to the Puckett/Anglin Family Re-Union in Dixon, KY.

After about a 6 hour drive we decided to stop for the night, get a room, and continue the next morning. Pushing the "OnStar" button in the new car and asking for directions to a Holiday Inn Express, found no accommodations within a 50 mile radius. So we just kept looking at the road signs for a place to stop.

A few Exits farther we found a Holiday Inn Express! We were in New Castle, Indiana about half way to our destination, so we decided to see if they could accommodate us. Sure enough...and we had a room for the night. (We found out later that the hotel was bought out by another chain but they still hadn't removed the Holiday Inn Express sign).

You can see where I headed!

Brooke wanted to go swimming so off they went to the pool.

The next morning we ate breakfast at the hotel and headed for our destination.

Friday, August 29
We arrived in Dixon, stopping at the grave yard to pay our respects and add some colorful flowers, then to the local gas station/hotel to check in. Unloaded our belongings and headed to Linda's home for a visit and to have a cook-out with her.
Well, as the evening progressed Linda ended up with a large amount of family staying for supper. So Wilma took the hamburger and mixed our famous recipe to stretch the amount needed. Along with that and a package of hot dogs, there was more than enough to feed everyone.
Following dinner, getting later in the evening, it was time for the bugs to come out. We all said our good byes and headed back to the hotel for a good night sleep.
Saturday, August 30
We all were to meet at cousin Rodney Pucketts' house for the family re-union. He has a very nice home, and we all gathered in the back yard under shade trees. The kids also enjoyed Rodney's 3 horses, trying to feed them bread. The horses all kept their distance from the kids as there was an electric fence surrounding the area the horses were allowed to roam. One of the kids happened to touch the wire fence and got a shock. Poor little guy, Rodney's little 2 year old grandson let out a yell getting every one's attention! He was ok after awhile, but all the other kids took note and were just a little bit more careful not to touch the wire fence.
The Family re-union was a tremendous success! I got a chuckle hearing from some of the Puckett family saying, "Who is that person? I don't know who they are!" I said to them that I have the excuse not knowing because I married into the family,...but they were supposed to know everyone! Got a laugh from many of the "married into the family members".
The weather was perfect, high 80's maybe low 90's, with tolerable humidity. Just enough to make you want to stay in the shade. The food was "Country Good!" A large choice of items to eat and Mmm Good! The desert table was to die for, and I almost thought I was going to have a sugar attack after sampling all the deserts. No one went away with an empty stomach.

What a wonderful Family Re-Union. Enjoyed by all who attended!

Sunday, August 31
We were invited to Eddie & Beth's home for breakfast. With that invite we made sure we weren't late! Eddie makes the best breakfast in the country! Shortly after Wilma and I finished eating, Angel and Brooke arrived from Fay's home where they stayed the night.
We were entertained by the hummingbirds and Eddie's dog, Buster. Before long it was 1pm our time, which meant we had to leave for the non-stop trip home. Our good by's said, a few tears shed, and we left hoping to see them again real soon.
Our trip home was quite nice, no problems and the traffic was on the light side, so we made good time. Stopping for dinner and 3 "stretch breaks" we still made it home in 10 hours. Our car averaged 31 miles per gallon at 70 MPH with the air on! Great.....I think I'll keep that 2009 Malibu for a long long time.
Hopefully the next time we get to go "South" again we will be able to stay a little longer. We knew it was going to be a quick trip, and it was better than not going at all. We are all happy we went, and we all enjoyed ourselves.
Till next time, be good and God Bless.

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