Monday, September 8, 2008

Surgery is DONE!

Wow what an experience I don't want to do again for the rest of my life.

It started last Thursday morning. Checked into the Hospital around 6am for pre-surgery exams. Meaning just an EKG. I guess I passed that with flying colors as the tech said all the squiggly lines were in the right places.

Next came the surgery prep. Of course having to get a hernia repaired a shave was in order. Now I'm going to tell you that I'm no different from any other guy, AND GUYS DON'T LIKE TO BE SHAVED IN THAT AREA BY ANYONE! But I endured, holding back my embarrassment. But I'd give a dollar for the thoughts that went through the head of the tech that did my prep.

Next came the Dr. that would give me my anesthesia. Nice lady, very informative. And from some remarks by the floor nurse she was the best Dr. on staff for giving the anesthesia. My surgeon, Dr. Hanks, didn't show but his assistant, who's name I can't remember, did and he explained what to expect during recovery.

Several drugs were administered via the IV and when I was wheeled out of my prep room I only remember the gal pushing me that it was early in the morning and forgive her if her driving was a little reckless if she bumps the wall. I remember telling her that I wasn't in any shape to help her as I was getting a little dizzy. Boom...that was all folks! Don't remember anything until I was brought back to meet Wilma about 4 and a half hours later.

The surgeon told Wilma that it was more difficult that what he first expected, and that was why it was a 1 and a half hour surgery instead of 45 minutes. Also he had to make an incision, (which is about 7 inches long....ouch!) instead of just the 3 or so small holes from laparoscopic surgery.

Home now, Thursday afternoon....really sore, moving with pain and moving very slowly. Especially when trying to sit up in bed, which took the help of Wilma. Friday afternoon comes, still in pain so continue taking the pain meds. Saturday morning still in pain! WOW! Taking pain meds and can't get all the "plumbing" to start working. By Saturday evening around 7:30pm, I tell Wilma that she should take me back to the hospital. Of course she was telling me all day Saturday I should return to the hospital, but I just put it off.

Now...Saturday evening 7:30pm in the emergency room. Time ticking, waiting, waiting. Seeing allot of "Residents" which in my book means STUDENTS! What a bunch of dumb questions were asked. By midnight I told Wilma to go home and go to bed and I'll call her when I'm ready, oops, when they will release me. Well after a long night, I was finally released around 3pm Sunday!

Now, today, Monday afternoon, I'm still not fully sure everything will work perfectly. But I'm armed with the right drugs to give it a jump start if needed. I DO NOT WANT TO GO BACK TO THE HOSPITAL TO FIX ANY PLUMBING PROBLEMS AGAIN! I'll do it at home myself thank you very much....

So another great adventure in our family shared with you. Aren't you happy to know all this?

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

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