Friday, November 21, 2008

Getting way too cold to soon!

Wow it's been awhile since I've last written, so here is kind of a boring update on what's been going on in our life.

On November 1st. we were invited to a Surprise Birthday Party for Debbie F. a close friend of ours given by her husband Joe. And I have to say, Joe did a great job at keeping it from his wife Debbie. When she entered the hall she was totally surprised, and everyone had a great time. Happy 50th. Debbie!

On November 4th, after voting, Wilma and I went to PGA Collision to pick up the Coach. A fine job they did on the repair of the rear corner post and bent bumper. Can't even tell anything was damaged.

I asked for and received a week off of work next week. I plan on doing things around the house prior to Thanksgiving. One of the big jobs I have is getting up the rest of the leaves. It's been below freezing for the last week, so the leaves in the gutters are frozen and can't be removed. Man O Man its getting way too cold too soon this winter. They say it will be up to 40 by this Sunday, I sure hope so because I need to get over to Mom & Dad's house to clean their gutters also. I really don't want my 81 year old Dad on the roof doing it himself. Even though he feels that he is perfectly capable of doing it.

Now we are getting ready for Thanksgiving. Again this year we are hosting the dinner for the family at the Lodge I belong to. Boy does that ever make it nice. Plenty of room, big screen TV for those who want to watch the Santa Parade and Football. Nicely furnished kitchen. What more can we ask for? We are expecting around 24 mouths to feed. Each family member is bringing a few items for the dinner. Mom & Dad pay for the Turkey and will be bringing the Pies. I don't have the list that Wilma is keeping track of but she assures me it looks like everything is covered. Wilma & I should be arriving around 8am to start cooking and setting up the seating arrangements.

Yesterday, Thursday the 20th. Rebecca came home from school and told her mom, Tina, that she was almost killed today. She was visibly shaken and Tina asked what had happened. She said the school bus stopped on a railroad track when the arm came down on it. The bells were ringing and red lights flashing. She said she could see the train getting closer and closer. The bus driver tried 4 times to move the bus but couldn't. (Didn't know if the driver was trying to back up or go forward) But finally on the fifth try the driver was able to drive off the tracks before the train reached them. The bus driver told the kids that it was no big deal and not tell their parents. A boy sitting next to Rebecca told her that he was going to tell his parents because he was really scared, Rebecca told him she was going to tell her mom also.

Tina has contacted the school and put in a formal complaint with the transportation department. And from what Tina has told us, the woman she talked to sounded like there was others who called to complain also.

Now I don't like to see anyone loose a job, especially in the very hard times Michigan is having now, but I believe this particular bus driver must be dismissed. There is NO excuse for getting a school bus caught on the tracks at a railroad crossing. Thank God no one was hurt, other then the trauma those kids got seeing the train close down on them. We will wait and see what the school does. I'm sure other parents probably feel the same as this Grandpa does.

So.....that's about it. Until next time, have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday, be safe and God Bless.

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