Thursday, December 4, 2008

Good News and Hopefully Not Bad News

It seems that sometime last weekend, I must have been exposed to someone who had strep throat. Sunday evening I started with a sore throat, figuring it was nothing but another virus that's going around. Monday after returning home from work around 4pm I was really beginning to feel pretty bad. Went to bed shivering at 6:30pm. Tuesday morning at 10:30am I was in to see the Dr. He told me that I was his 5th. patient this morning with strep throat plus he had seen 3 patients with mono. All between 8am and 10:30am!

Thursday evening I still have the sore throat but not as bad. Taking the drugs prescribed, and if its not gone by Monday I guess I'll be seeing the Dr. again.

Last evening around 11:30pm the phone woke us up. It was Connie, Wilma's sister, calling with some potentially bad news. She said that she went to the Dr.'s because of a painful soar on her tongue. He suspects it may be Cancer and made the appointment with an Oral Surgeon for today at 11:30am. Wilma, after dropping the Grand kids off at school, went over to Connie's home to take her to the Dr.'s office. When she returned she said the Dr. felt that it may be Cancer and he took a biopsy to have it checked. Connie ended up with 5 stitches in her tongue. The Dr. also told her that it had been caught early if it was Cancer. So now the agony of waiting for 7 days for the biopsy report. Folks, our family is in need of your prayers.

Now for some GOOD news.

Eddie, Wilma's brother, called this evening. Wilma gave him all the news about their sister Connie. Eddie then told her that they, Eddie & his wife Beth, are planning on visiting us all here for Christmas! That really made Wilma feel sooooo happy! It will be really nice to see them all together for the Christmas holiday.

I received an email from Veronica this evening, she is married to my sister Judy's son Derek. She sent 6 more pictures of their beautiful baby girl Merissa.

Isn't she just a beautiful baby! Darn right she is! Really seems weird to me to be calling her my "Great Niece" Kind of makes me sound like an old coot!

I do know this though, my sister Judy is one proud Grandma. You can see her face just light up when she talks about her little Grand baby.

Well as you can see, we have had one very busy week. Many adventures with more to come!

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

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