Sunday, December 21, 2008

Snow, Wind, & Wilma’s Heart

Friday morning the snow started falling. Kept falling all day and by the evening around our home we had 12 to 14 inches. BLA I hate winter! After working 9 hours at work I came home to work another hour with the snow blower clearing the drive and walks.

Then around 7:30pm the snow plow came through and cleared the street. Depositing another foot of snow across the drive. So on went the winter coat and out to get the snow blower to clear the drive again. Got back in the house around 8pm. Now after a 14 hour work day I thought it was time for a rest, so on the computer I went to get my email. By 9:30 I was in bed for the night.

Saturday was just cold, had to work 8 hours, I say had to because the extra on the pay check helps pay the Christmas bills. The weather man on TV was predicting that high winds will be here tomorrow with 20 to 40 below 0 wind chill! Yikes!!! Then add the blowing snow and yep you guessed right, more snow blowing what was just done the day before. Did I tell you I HATE WINTER!!??!

At 4 am Sunday, Wilma taps me on the hand to awake me, telling me her heart has been racing for the past 20 minutes. Up out of bed I jump, to take her pulse. I really had a hard time finding it! The reason I had a hard time finding her heart beat is because it wasn't racing, it was irregular. It would beat a couple times, then stop, then beat once, and stop again, then beat four or five times and stop again. WOW....get dressed we are going to the Hospital. The wind blowing the snow, temps in the low 20's and streets slippery, but we made it in record time. Of course I went through a red light after stopping, looking, and then proceeding through.

Arrived at the Hospital Emergency Room around 4:45am. They took Wilma right in.

Chest X-Ray, Blood samples taken, IV inserted, EKG taken, 4 Baby Aspirin given which she had to chew up before swallowing, orders from the male nurse taking care of her. Within a half hour a young Dr. entered asking Wilma questions about her condition, any pain, what meds she was on....the usual Dr. stuff. She wrote down all the different prescriptions Wilma has been taking, and informed us she would be checking on the blood work and monitoring the machine Wilma is hooked up to, and would return with further diagnosis as soon as possible.

Within another 45 minutes she was back explaining what the symptoms were to us in more detail, re-assuring us there is no need for alarm at this time. I was impressed with her for her professionalism.

Then within another half hour, she entered with a more senior Dr. who introduced himself as the Senior consultant Dr. on staff. A scare went through me like never before. I was expecting some really bad news here, but he went on to say everything looks ok for now and that Wilma should follow up with her personal Dr. and maybe a cardiologist. Both Dr.'s felt it was fine to be discharged and leave the hospital.

WOW What a relief!

We were out of the hospital and in a restaurant by 9am. Both relieved that it wasn't serious but both knowing she has to check with her Dr. very soon.

Arriving home I told her that I would wrap the gifts today that she was worried about. And she just needs to put the labels on them. I wanted her to take it easy today, and she didn't argue.

All the gifts were wrapped by 2pm. We watched a little TV before we both fell asleep for a well deserved nap.

It's 6pm now as I write this Blog, the wind is still blowing hard outside and the temperature is down to 5 above 0 Degrees F. Brrrrr...the furnace is working overtime keeping us warm. And I feel great the gifts are done, and Wilma is feeling better.

Another adventure in our lives....until the next adventure, be safe and God Bless.

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