Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Trailer site cleaned up.

Tina made mention this evening that she had to have the "old lot" where her mobile home was all cleaned up by May 1st or she won't get her deposit returned. This was around 4:30pm.

I told her lets go, we have at least a couple evenings to take down the metal storage shed, the fiberglass steps, and pick up all the patio blocks, even the broken ones.

I had planned on taking my "saws all" and cutting the metal shed into pieces that the trash man can pick up easily. But that didn't seem to work, so I got out the "screw gun" and started removing the bazillion screws.

Got the screws holding the roof on all out. I was just stepping back to think what my next plan of attack would be when the neighbors from both sides came out and asked me if I could use a hand. Wow! Great! Yes I sure could.

They both helped me remove the roof, fold it in half and carry it to the street for the trash man. Next we attacked the walls. My plan was to unscrew a section at a time. But the neighbor said he had done this before and why not just push it over, flatten it out, fold it in half and be done with it. Sounded great to me, so that's what we did! Within a half hour the shed was laying in manageable pieces at the curb. The steps were cut up and out at the curb. And Tina, who was also helping made a run to the party store for some liquid refreshments. Kind of as a great big "thank you" for the help from the neighbors. And I have to say it hit the spot.

We stood around talking and enjoying our liquid refreshment before I thanked each of them with a hand shake and smile.

I have to believe it was God himself that sent these two guys to my aid.

Back home Wilma fixed us all (Tina, the 4 grand kids, myself and her) a fantastic baked pork chop dinner. Mmm Good!

Needless to say the pork chops didn't stand a chance with all those hungry mouths to feed.

Sorry I didn't think to take the camera and take a few shots of the before and after. My concern was getting the job done. Guess I'm going to have to slow down a little.

Yet another great "Adventure" in our lives.

Sooo, take care and God Bless.

Come back again.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Lawnmowers Ready for the Summer.

This morning started out with sunny blue skies. Temps in the mid 60's. Perfect I thought for getting the lawn mower out of storage and ready for the summer cutting.

Angel mentioned a couple days ago that her lawn mower won't start. I told her it had the same problem that Tina's mower had. They have a plastic carburetor and for some reason only last a few years, well, maybe 5, maybe 7 don't know for sure but not really long enough. I paid to have Tina's fixed years ago at a price that I won't spend again, seeing how the mower only lasted another 3 years after the new carb. was put on. With this knowledge I told Angel to trash the mower. It's age makes it not worth fixing.

So after I oiled up the linkages and put fresh gas in my Toro...pulled the cord a couple times and it fired up. GREAT! This will be Angels new mower now. I'm sure she will appreciate using a quality mower, and I know she will take good care of it.

Tina on the other hand had acquired a small electric mower. Wow what a neat little mover! No gas, just sharpen the blade. Perfect for her. HOWEVER....it won't cut the thick turf at Angels home. I say this because Angel asked Tina if she could borrow it to cut her lawn prior to getting my Toro. She said it seemed to light and wouldn't cut the thick grass.

So when I took the Toro over to Angels, I brought back Tina's electric mower. Now you have to picture what took place next. And Don't Laugh Too Hard.

As I am the proud owner of a "luxury 1997 Saturn Wagon" the size of this car won't allow anything to be put in it except groceries. So I had to keep the hatch back open as I transported these lawn mowers. Taking the Toro over to Angels was no problem at all. BUT bringing back the little light weight electric mower was. As I was getting ready to pull out of their side street, onto a 5 lane 50 mile per hour highway....the darn mower decided to "jump" out of the car! Darn....there it sat in the middle of the highway! Lucky for me that being Sunday Morning there was no traffic at the moment. Slamming on the brakes I ran back and put it back in the Saturn. This time making sure it was in as far as it could go. Made it back home without any problems, just a bent wheel that I was able to straighten as good as new.

Now in all my years of driving I have only had one other piece of furniture decide to jump onto the highway. I figured I had learned my lesson on that one long ago. But NO...I had to repeat it again. Dang it I hate it when that happens!

Anyway, as Tina will be moving into the same Mobil Home Park as Angel is in, the lawn is much nicer than the park Tina moved from. So I'm figuring the electric mower won't work for her either. Guess I'll be in the market for a new gas mower for Tina.

Give to one you have to be fair and give to the other. Don't mind as I'm still working and can afford it for her.

At 1:30pm Wilma, I and Dakota were to have lunch with my side of the family. Catherine and Scott were in town and wanted to get together before she left for her home "up north". We all met at Dimitri's family restaurant on 23 mile rd. and Hayes. We had a great lunch "get together" and Dakota enjoyed his time with Austin and Nathan, his second cousins.

We ended the day lounging around the home. Another great "Adventure" in our lives.

Come back again, be safe and God Bless.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

A New Mobil Home Park

Today Wilma and I went to see where Tina's Mobil Home is located at the new park. Just about a couple blocks away from her sisters place and probably only 3 miles from our home.

When we arrived there I got out of the car to do my "sidewalk inspection". I noticed 2 windows were still open that were forgotten when Tina moved out. So off we went back home to get the step ladder, as there is no steps or porch installed yet at the trailer. Arriving back at the trailer with the step ladder, I was able to unlock the door and enter the trailer. Closed the windows and left.

This park is going to be so much better for Tina and her kids. A much better maintained park and she is on a col-de-sac. So that will eliminate allot of traffic.

The workers have to re-attach the sewer pluming, electrical, natural gas, and water yet. The also have to install new skirting and a new porch. I'm guessing at least a week's worth of work yet.

I also noticed that the walkway from the drive to the porch area has been removed. My guess is that they do that because of the alignment to the new porch, as no two mobile homes are exactly alike.

Took Wilma out to dinner tonight. Went to our favorite Chinese restaurant. Mmm good! We both had a great dinner and conversation. We both also needed some "alone" time.

Changing subjects...

Have we had great weather the last few days. All the trees are in full bloom. Wilma could have told us all that without looking outside as her allergies are really acting up. Dakota's eyes are also bothering him allot with bouts of itching. As the season passes so will these symptoms hopefully.

Not much else going on. So check back again for more "adventures" in our lives.

Until then be safe and God Bless.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

After a hard day.

Tina's family has completed the move to our home until her Mobil home is relocated, about 4 weeks.

Our first full day (Monday), Wilma and I did the "kid" sitting as Tina had to work in the evening.

It was fun but we both realize now why "Grandparents" don't have small children.

Wow were we pooped by the end of the day, as you can see by the picture above.

But we both can say for sure we love them all! Wouldn't trade them for the world! Even the little PUG dog, Kybee. They all gave me a few chuckles...what a riot!

Tina called the moving company today, (Tuesday) and they told her they would probably start to move her mobile home this Thursday.

More adventurers in our lives!

Come back again soon, until then God Bless and be safe.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Moving Day for Tina

For the past 4 days, Tina has been working her tail off packing up her household items in boxes. Tomorrow morning I will be picking up the U-Haul truck and we are moving all her household items to my garage for storage.

No...she isn't moving into my garage! ha ha ha....

She received an offer from the Mobile home park that Angel lives in, (which is closer to our home and a much cleaner and nicer park) that they will move her mobile home from her old park to their new park, free of charge. They will also put on NEW skirting and a new porch free of charge! Plus her lot rent will be going DOWN! WOW WHAT A DEAL!

The inconvenience she will have to endure is that they have to be out of their home for a length of time as they move it from one park to another. That length of time is set for a maximum of 4 weeks.

So she is moving in with us for this transition period. Our home will go from having just me and Wilma to having 5 additional people and 2 dogs. Thank goodness for our 4 bedroom home!

Clint, Wilma's nephew has offered to help with the move tomorrow. Wow what a life safer. I owe him big time as I'm not getting any younger you know, and this moving stuff puts a real strain on my body.

So just another adventure in our lives. Please check back again for more adventures.

Until then, be safe and God Bless.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Rebecca’s 8th. Birthday

What a party for our little granddaughter Rebecca!

They all arrived around 6:30, and Rebecca couldn't wait to open her gifts. She even brought along a friend by the name of Savannah to share with her excitement.

So we had quite a house full. Tina, and her friend Woody, Haley, Dakota, Rebecca, Savannah, Brooke, Wilma and I and Rebecca's friend Savannah.

After the opening of gifts we all headed for the kitchen for a dish of cake and ice cream. But not before we all sang our Happy Birthday song to Rebecca. She made her wish and blew hard to get all the candles out. Way to go Rebecca!

We had a great idea to let the kids eat their cake and ice cream outside as it was around 70. This way the adults could sit around the table and chat while we ate our cake and ice cream.

I'm really proud of Wilma. She made the cake today, applied the frosting and never once took a sample! She rewarded herself with a bowl of strawberries and sugar free Angel food cake. She really enjoyed that! That's my woman that I love so much!

Another great day and wonderful memories for us all.

Come back soon for more of our Adventurers.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

After a week of work.

I just put in 6 straight days of "working for the man". Have to say it wasn't as bad as I had anticipated, but I did think of retirement each and every day!

A number of days I asked myself, "What the heck am I doing living in this state?" I didn't even see the sun until Friday! Grey overcast days, temps in the mid 40's to mid 50's. Today was the best day of the week and it got all the way up to 59 Degrees! WOW! Even the sun shined all day.

We are both back in our regular routine. Wilma's ankle is giving her problems. Probably a re-occurring strain from a bad one she got while we were in Wyoming a few years ago. Yesterday when I got home from work she could hardly walk. Today it is getting better as she has been on it for half the day wearing her brace.

Angel had 2 evenings of classes at the college this past week, so I got to play checkers with Brooke. It is getting harder to beat her, she is really improving from when we first started playing together. Angel and Wilma both told me she really looks forward to the evenings she can play checkers with her Pa. Kind of makes me feel pretty special.

Tomorrow after supper the whole family will be coming over to our house to celebrate Rebecca's 8th. birthday. Cake and ice cream for everyone! Will have some pictures to post along with a blog entry tomorrow evening afterward, or maybe Tuesday evening for sure. So come back again to see how all are doing.

Until then be safe and God Bless.