Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Surgery Update

Went to see the Surgeon this afternoon. He said I was healing on time and when would I like to go back to work.

I said I feel that in 2 weeks I should be ready to go back. So he scheduled me to return to work October 13th.

I'm really beginning to like being home every day. I guess this is what retirement is like??? Must mean that I'm getting close to the big retirement date.

Tomorrow, Wilma and I are going to get the Coach ready for an out of town trip this weekend. Going to Shipshewana, Indiana. Arriving Friday afternoon and leaving Sunday late morning. We will be stopping on the way there to pick up our new "Tow Dolly". Now that I don't have the Saturn, we will need to take one of our other cars along when we use the coach. We are going to take the Buick along with us, as I feel the brand new Chevy Malibu is just too nice to pull behind a Coach. As the Buick cannot be towed with all the wheels down, we are in need of a Tow Dolly. You drive the Buick up on it and strap the front tires to it. The rear tires of the Buick stay on the road. It should work out just fine.

Another adventure, another day. Come back again, be safe and God Bless.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Jury Duty???!!!

They finally caught up to me!

I had received 3 different notices for Jury Duty in the past 6 months. The first 2 I was excused from. But when they scheduled me for September 25th. I knew I better go. Didn't want to push my luck, even though I still had this cold or flu just barely hanging on.

I arrived in the City's free "Park & Ride" lot around 7:55am. The shuttle bus was there waiting. Boarded for the bumpy ride to the Court House. I had forgotten how stiff a ride buses give you, and this was one of those small buses, built on a Van chassis.

Arriving at the Court House, we then had to go through the metal detectors. No problem there, at least we didn't have to take our shoes off like at the airports.

Next we were taken to the Jury Room. A judge came in and talked to us explaining what we could expect for the day. Then we had to watch a video on what was expected of a Juror. Boring boring and more boring!

There were at least a hundred of us in this room. It was a large room with plenty of windows to look out over the City, as we were on the 5th. floor of the City County Building. We were all getting ready for a long wait now because we couldn't go anywhere unless they allowed us to. Almost felt like we were being held prisoners.

Then an announcement came over the intercom. "Will the following jurors report to the rear of the room". About 30 numbers were called. My number was 44, they called 43 & 45, so I had to remain in the room and wait.

I had bought a Sudoku book to keep me occupied. But that lasted for about an hour. Now what??

Looking around the room several people bought their laptops and were on the "Net". I gave Wilma a phone call, asking if she could bring my laptop to me at lunch. She agreed and I waited for an announcement that we were excused to go to lunch.

Then a half hour later an announcement came that we were all excused. Our day would be considered a "half day" and would be paid $12.83. Looking at my watch, it now being 11:30am. So from 8am till 11:30am, just 3 and a half hours seemed like a full day, and I was given the ok to leave. Great! And Thank you very much!

We were told we would not be called for jury duty for 12 months. At that time we would become eligible again.

My thoughts: I really didn't mind being called for Jury duty. I just was a little "under the weather" with this cold, or what ever it is that both Wilma and I have.

But if I would have been called to be a Juror, I would have done my best, and probably enjoyed it, seeing how I have never been a Juror.

Talked to Gary, my Bud, yesterday. I will be driving the Coach over to his home tomorrow (Sunday). He is going to work on replacing the "O" Ring seal on the drivers side tag axle. While he is doing that I am going to be working on his computer. Hopefully I'll be able to get it to run better for him.

Wilma is still having a hard time getting rid of her bronchitis. She said yesterday she is sick and tired of being sick and tired! Today makes it 9 straight days she has been sick. Hopefully the anti biotic kicks in and makes her feel better. If not, she may have to go back to the Dr. and get something else more powerful.

Another adventure, another day in our lives. Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

New Windshield Installed

I was told to be at the Glass shop between 8:30am and 9:00am. I walked into their office at 8:45am. How's that for being on time!

Of course Don informed me that I wasn't allowed inside the coach while they were working, and I wasn't allowed to "give them a hand". I assured him that I would stay back out of their way as I don't know anything about glass and was confident they did. Once he and I understood each other we hit if off great.

Don, (the guy in the red shirt) was the leader, and looked like the only one that really knew what he was doing. The other two employees have much less experience. I asked Don how long he has been working with glass and he told me he started when he got out of High School in 1971.

It took all three of the employees to remove the old windshield and about an hour worth of work. Another hour was spent installing the new windshield.

So the job started at 9am and was completed by 11am. Don told me of a restaurant down the street if I wanted to go have lunch. That I would not be able to move the Coach for at least 2 hours to let the adhesive set up. I told him that's what I'd do and off I walked to have lunch. Returned back at the glass shop around 12:15pm and sat in the Coach doing Sudoku.

I phoned PGA Boat & RV Repair and made an appointment to see them about the damage on the rear of the coach. Told them I'd see them sometime after 2pm. They agreed to look at the damage and get the insurance claim processed. I had to let them know that I would need the coach until late October at the earliest. No problem they said, just let them know 2 weeks before bringing the coach in so they can get the parts ordered.

So at 1pm I walked into the glass shop office to see if it was ok to leave. Don gave me the ok, and I had to sign a couple insurance papers for them before I left. Around 1:45pm I arrived at PGA. Signed a paper giving them the permission to do the repair and they told me they would wait for my call in October. So at around 2:15pm I was headed back home.

Got allot done today, now tomorrow I'm going to check on moving my IRA into safer investments. If that's possible in today's times.

Wilma went to the Doctors today to find out exactly what is wrong. She has really been a sick lady these last few days and it seems to be getting worse.

She arrived back home about a half hour after I got home. Diagnosis: Bronchitis almost pneumonia. She received an antibiotic shot at the Doctor's office and 2 prescriptions. One a cough medicine and the other an antibiotic.

So the day ends with more adventures, be safe and God Bless

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Compressor now operational on Coach

Last week I had an appointment at an auto glass company to replace the drivers side windshield. When I pulled the Motorhome out of the yard, I noticed the rear was low to the ground. I figured the air compressor just needed some time to pump up the air bags on the rear axle and tag axle.

Well, a half mile down the road I had to return home. The air compressor wasn't running. The coach can still be driven without the air compressor, but only to get the coach to a repair facility, and you can only go about 25 miles an hour. Without air in the air bags it rides like you are connected straight to the axle without any type of springs or shocks. A very rough ride!

So with my minor expertise, meaning none, I tried to trouble shoot what was wrong. I determined that the solenoid that controls the operation of the compressor had failed. I had jumped out the compressor and verified that it was still operational.

Got on the phone and ordered a new solenoid, costs around $65.00. Won't get it until Wednesday of next week, meaning this past Wednesday. It arrived and I installed it with no results. The compressor still won't run. Well by Friday morning I had found the problem. Under the hood, drivers side is a large relay and solenoid. One of the many things connected to it was a 30 amp fuse block. The fuse looked like it got overheated, but my meter checked it out as still good. I used a pliers to pull the fuse out, and sure enough, the fuse holder was pretty melted inside. So off to the auto parts store to purchase a new one. After getting it installed with a new fuse the compressor ran. Dang it I just purchased a solenoid and new pressure switch that wasn't needed. Oh well, now I have a spare if needed.

Anyway I called the auto glass shop to reschedule. My new appointment is set for Tuesday morning at 9am. The girl I was talking to said I could drop the vehicle off at 8:30 and when its done they will call me to come pick it up. I informed her that I would stay and wait for the job to be completed. That's when she didn't know what to say and had to keep putting me on hold so she could talk to her boss if it was ok for me to stay and wait for the job to be completed. After putting me on hold two different times, she and her boss realized I was not going to change my mind, and she informed me to bring plenty of reading material because it's a long job. I told her I would and I understand its a big job and would take some time. But I didn't want to bring it in at 9am and the work wouldn't begin for a couple hours, that I expect them to start working on it right away. So we shall see what kind of a company this glass shop is and what kind of service I receive will depend on if I report them to the Progressive Insurance Co. or not.

The day before yesterday, meaning Thursday, Wilma came down with a dandy of a cold. Probably caught from one of the grandkids that they brought from school. It has really hit her hard and she is really miserable. Last night I went to the drug store and bought a vaporizer and some Coricidon cold pills that she can take with high blood pressure meds. I slept in the living room on the couch trying to keep my distance so I won't catch the cold. But this morning I'm feeling the symptoms. Dang it I hate colds. I really hope the vaporizer helped her last night and she might be feeling a little better today.

Planning on going over to Angels house today and take a look at the lawn mower. Seems like she has water mixed in with the gas. Hopefully I'll be able to clear that up so she can cut the grass.

So.........next Tuesday I'm scheduled to get the drivers side windshield replace. Next Thursday I have to report for Jury Duty. And now possibly a butt kicker cold coming on.

More adventurers in our lives....until next time, be safe and God Bless.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Post Op. Doctor Visit

Yesterday at 1:30pm I had my first check up following my surgery. The Dr. seems to think I'm progressing well and I am to schedule another appointment in two weeks. I was given the green light to do things around the house, but nothing too strenuous. So today I cut my grass. Thank God I have a self propelled mower or I would not have been able to do it.

Talking with other men who have undergone this type of surgery, I'm told most of them were off work for 6 weeks. Tomorrow it will be 2 weeks from the date of the surgery. I'm kind of enjoying my time off from work. Now if the Workmen's Comp checks start arriving on Friday, I'll be all set.

Sold the Saturn today! The first guy that came out to look at it was the one that got it. I say that because he first looked at it last Friday. He seemed interested but you never know until you have the money in hand. Anyway he called yesterday evening and told me he would be over this morning to pay for it and pick it up. I had to tell him that I have 5 other potential buyers interested, so he has until 4pm. If I don't have the money in hand by then, I will go ahead and notify the others to come look at the car and the first one with a deposit will be the buyer. He assured me that he would be here to pick up the car by noon. Which is just what happened. At 11:30am he along with his parents drove up, paid for, and drove away with the car.

I kind of hated to see the Saturn go, it was a great car and we all have many memories of the places it has taken us. But time goes by and things change, so away it goes.

Today I'm also waiting for parts I ordered for the Motor Home. For some reason the air compressor that pumps up the rear air bags quit working. As soon as the new parts come in I'm planning on installing them and hopefully the compressor will operate normally. Until it does the Coach cannot be driven over 25 miles an hour. I still have to get the drivers side windshield replaced, and damage to the rear corner that has already been approved by the insurance company. Wilma and I would like to go visit the Omish in Indiana next month, so I really need to get my Coach running again.

That's about it, so until next time, be safe and God Bless.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Surgery is DONE!

Wow what an experience I don't want to do again for the rest of my life.

It started last Thursday morning. Checked into the Hospital around 6am for pre-surgery exams. Meaning just an EKG. I guess I passed that with flying colors as the tech said all the squiggly lines were in the right places.

Next came the surgery prep. Of course having to get a hernia repaired a shave was in order. Now I'm going to tell you that I'm no different from any other guy, AND GUYS DON'T LIKE TO BE SHAVED IN THAT AREA BY ANYONE! But I endured, holding back my embarrassment. But I'd give a dollar for the thoughts that went through the head of the tech that did my prep.

Next came the Dr. that would give me my anesthesia. Nice lady, very informative. And from some remarks by the floor nurse she was the best Dr. on staff for giving the anesthesia. My surgeon, Dr. Hanks, didn't show but his assistant, who's name I can't remember, did and he explained what to expect during recovery.

Several drugs were administered via the IV and when I was wheeled out of my prep room I only remember the gal pushing me that it was early in the morning and forgive her if her driving was a little reckless if she bumps the wall. I remember telling her that I wasn't in any shape to help her as I was getting a little dizzy. Boom...that was all folks! Don't remember anything until I was brought back to meet Wilma about 4 and a half hours later.

The surgeon told Wilma that it was more difficult that what he first expected, and that was why it was a 1 and a half hour surgery instead of 45 minutes. Also he had to make an incision, (which is about 7 inches long....ouch!) instead of just the 3 or so small holes from laparoscopic surgery.

Home now, Thursday afternoon....really sore, moving with pain and moving very slowly. Especially when trying to sit up in bed, which took the help of Wilma. Friday afternoon comes, still in pain so continue taking the pain meds. Saturday morning still in pain! WOW! Taking pain meds and can't get all the "plumbing" to start working. By Saturday evening around 7:30pm, I tell Wilma that she should take me back to the hospital. Of course she was telling me all day Saturday I should return to the hospital, but I just put it off.

Now...Saturday evening 7:30pm in the emergency room. Time ticking, waiting, waiting. Seeing allot of "Residents" which in my book means STUDENTS! What a bunch of dumb questions were asked. By midnight I told Wilma to go home and go to bed and I'll call her when I'm ready, oops, when they will release me. Well after a long night, I was finally released around 3pm Sunday!

Now, today, Monday afternoon, I'm still not fully sure everything will work perfectly. But I'm armed with the right drugs to give it a jump start if needed. I DO NOT WANT TO GO BACK TO THE HOSPITAL TO FIX ANY PLUMBING PROBLEMS AGAIN! I'll do it at home myself thank you very much....

So another great adventure in our family shared with you. Aren't you happy to know all this?

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

Monday, September 1, 2008

The Puckett/Anglin Family Re-Union

Thursday, August 28

We left last Thursday afternoon around 1pm on our way to the Puckett/Anglin Family Re-Union in Dixon, KY.

After about a 6 hour drive we decided to stop for the night, get a room, and continue the next morning. Pushing the "OnStar" button in the new car and asking for directions to a Holiday Inn Express, found no accommodations within a 50 mile radius. So we just kept looking at the road signs for a place to stop.

A few Exits farther we found a Holiday Inn Express! We were in New Castle, Indiana about half way to our destination, so we decided to see if they could accommodate us. Sure enough...and we had a room for the night. (We found out later that the hotel was bought out by another chain but they still hadn't removed the Holiday Inn Express sign).

You can see where I headed!

Brooke wanted to go swimming so off they went to the pool.

The next morning we ate breakfast at the hotel and headed for our destination.

Friday, August 29
We arrived in Dixon, stopping at the grave yard to pay our respects and add some colorful flowers, then to the local gas station/hotel to check in. Unloaded our belongings and headed to Linda's home for a visit and to have a cook-out with her.
Well, as the evening progressed Linda ended up with a large amount of family staying for supper. So Wilma took the hamburger and mixed our famous recipe to stretch the amount needed. Along with that and a package of hot dogs, there was more than enough to feed everyone.
Following dinner, getting later in the evening, it was time for the bugs to come out. We all said our good byes and headed back to the hotel for a good night sleep.
Saturday, August 30
We all were to meet at cousin Rodney Pucketts' house for the family re-union. He has a very nice home, and we all gathered in the back yard under shade trees. The kids also enjoyed Rodney's 3 horses, trying to feed them bread. The horses all kept their distance from the kids as there was an electric fence surrounding the area the horses were allowed to roam. One of the kids happened to touch the wire fence and got a shock. Poor little guy, Rodney's little 2 year old grandson let out a yell getting every one's attention! He was ok after awhile, but all the other kids took note and were just a little bit more careful not to touch the wire fence.
The Family re-union was a tremendous success! I got a chuckle hearing from some of the Puckett family saying, "Who is that person? I don't know who they are!" I said to them that I have the excuse not knowing because I married into the family,...but they were supposed to know everyone! Got a laugh from many of the "married into the family members".
The weather was perfect, high 80's maybe low 90's, with tolerable humidity. Just enough to make you want to stay in the shade. The food was "Country Good!" A large choice of items to eat and Mmm Good! The desert table was to die for, and I almost thought I was going to have a sugar attack after sampling all the deserts. No one went away with an empty stomach.

What a wonderful Family Re-Union. Enjoyed by all who attended!

Sunday, August 31
We were invited to Eddie & Beth's home for breakfast. With that invite we made sure we weren't late! Eddie makes the best breakfast in the country! Shortly after Wilma and I finished eating, Angel and Brooke arrived from Fay's home where they stayed the night.
We were entertained by the hummingbirds and Eddie's dog, Buster. Before long it was 1pm our time, which meant we had to leave for the non-stop trip home. Our good by's said, a few tears shed, and we left hoping to see them again real soon.
Our trip home was quite nice, no problems and the traffic was on the light side, so we made good time. Stopping for dinner and 3 "stretch breaks" we still made it home in 10 hours. Our car averaged 31 miles per gallon at 70 MPH with the air on! Great.....I think I'll keep that 2009 Malibu for a long long time.
Hopefully the next time we get to go "South" again we will be able to stay a little longer. We knew it was going to be a quick trip, and it was better than not going at all. We are all happy we went, and we all enjoyed ourselves.
Till next time, be good and God Bless.