Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Frankenmuth, MI

A trip to Frankenmuth, MI was planned for Sunday, Oct. 26th. The weather forecast was for scattered rain possibly mixed with snow. Seemed to me to be the perfect match for a wonderful time.

On our way there the skies looked threatening, but we didn't get into any rain until we exited I-75 at Frankenmuth. Oh well, just a sprinkle, it will be ok.

We headed for Bronners. After all it's said to be the Largest Christmas Store in the World!

Of course we had to get a picture of Santa.

It started to rain a little harder just as we exited the car to take the picture. By the time we got back to the car, just a few hundred feet away, we were both pretty soaked.

Drove over to the store and it was closed. Didn't open until noon and it was just 10:30am. So we headed for the downtown area to check out all the other stores. Found a parking spot kind of close to the stores, at least I thought it was, but under a steady rain it seemed farther away than expected. So we were soaked again. Went into a couple stores and back to the car.

Knowing that we wanted to walk around the town, I suggested that we head back to the exit of I-75 where we both noticed a new Meijer's for the purchase of 2 umbrellas. Wilma commented that the sun will probably come out after I buy the umbrellas. I was going to get them anyway.

Sure enough, exiting the store with $20.00 worth of umbrellas the sun was shinning. Wilma and I had a chuckle out of it. I mentioned that everyone owed me big time for the purchase of the umbrellas because now its going to be sunny the rest of the day.

Getting hungry now, so we decided to head for town and get a "Famous Chicken Dinner". We decided to choose Zehnders Restaurant. The chicken dinner was pretty good, but not as good as the Amish down in Shipshewana, IN. We both had so much food we had to ask for containers to take home. Mmm...lunch for tomorrow.

After dinner we headed back to Bronners to walk through the worlds largest Christmas store.

Now being here in the past, I remembered how easy it is to get lost because of its size. So entering this time I made note of which entrance we came in at. The West entrance. So as long as I don't forget that we will be ok.

After several hours of walking and looking we found a couple items to purchase. Don't want to get too carried away in this store, as the prices are quite high. I didn't notice many costumers with filled baskets of items, so I believe the prices were keeping everyone from buying. But it was fun looking and getting in the spirit of the season.

We left Bronners and headed South on I-75 going home. Wilma tilted back the seat and closed her eyes, taking a little cat nap. After all, it's an hour and a half to get home.

All in all we had a wonderful time. Enjoyed the changing colors of the trees, the town of Frankenmuth, chicken dinner, and fun "tourist traps" to walk through.

Another great adventure in our lives. Come back again. Until then, be safe and God Bless.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Family Gourd Day

Today our family got together to celebrate "Family Gourd Day".

Don't know if that's what you would call it or not, but it's what I'm going to call it.

This time of year the family jumps into the Coach and we all go to the Pumpkin Patch for everyone to pick out a pumpkin. But this year, with not being employed for the last 6 weeks, and the Coach in the repair shop getting some body work done, Wilma came up with another plan.

When we went to Shipshewana, Indiana last weekend, she purchased a number of weird looking gourds. She then had the plan of putting a number on the bottom of each of them. Have the grand kids pull a number out of a cup and what ever number they picked would be their gourd to keep.

I didn't think it would be much fun for the grand kids. But as the day progressed it was just perfect. And best of didn't cost us an arm and a leg for those over priced pumpkins!

It turned out to be a perfect day! Weather sunny and in the mid 70's. Pizza for lunch with Apple Cider, donuts, Carmel apples, and pop corn popped right off the cob!

What a wonderful time we all had. Another great adventure in our lives.

Come back again, until then be safe and God Bless.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Shipshewana, Indiana Trip

We left Friday morning around 10am. Our first destination was Howe, Indiana to pick up our new Tow Dolly. The exact same dolly purchased locally around our home would cost $600.00 more.

So we decided it was time to go visit the Amish, and pick up the Tow Dolly.

Wilma drove the Buick behind the Coach down to Howe, Indiana. It took the guys a total of an hour and a half to show me how to secure the car onto the dolly. But the most time it took was to get me a plug that worked so the Dolly would have brake and turn signal lights. Wow what an ordeal!

Anyway water under the bridge so to speak. So off to Shipshewana Campground, about 19 miles to the East. We arrived around 4pm and checked in. Set up the Coach and went to have some dinner.

We both knew where we wanted to eat as we have eaten there before. The food is great! We both highly recommend anyone traveling around this area to stop here and have dinner.

After dinner, we went back to the Coach, did some web surfing and went to bed early.

Saturday, October 4
Wilma was up with the sunrise. So quiet she was I didn't even know she left the coach to take some morning pictures. WOW what pictures she captured!

It was a really cool morning, around 34 as there was ice on the windshield of the car and the grass. But the day turned out just beautiful, with temps in the high 60's and sunny. We both had a wonderful time going in several stores to look around. Stopping at an Amish farm to buy a white pumpkin and some odd shaped gourds. And just driving around the countryside taking in the beauty of the area.

Sunday, October 5
We slept in until 9:30am. Did that ever feel good. The heater was keeping the bedroom warm but the rest of the coach was just a might cold! Again it got down in the low 30's and the temperature in the coach was around 60! Brrrrr...
We both decided to try another restaurant for breakfast. As this was Sunday, almost all places of business is closed. The Amish are very strict about what they do on Sunday.
We found a restaurant/hotel/indoor water park open and had a great breakfast. All you can eat for only $7.99 adults.
After breakfast we went back to the coach to clean up inside and get ready for the trip back home. We pulled out around 1:15pm. Stopping once to check on the Tow Dolly and to take Kybee for a walk, we arrived back home safe and sound around 5pm. Pulling the Tow Dolly I never went over 60mph. Just a little nervous I guess. I told Wilma I could tell we were pulling much more weight than when we pulled the small Saturn. And I could tell we used more gas pulling the Buick as well.

Another great adventure in our lives. Come back again, be safe and God Bless.