Thursday, December 31, 2009

Ready for the New Year

This morning, the last day of 2009, sitting in my favorite chair, alone, enjoying my cup of coffee, my mind is thinking what the new year will be like for Wilma and I.

First thought is I have pretty much made up my mind that I will be retiring this year. The exact month is not known as of yet. Our Union contract expires in October, and if all goes well and they sign a contract I would like to continue until the Christmas holidays. If the talks go south and it looks like trouble for the workers, I may just retire prior the end of the contract. Time will tell, but I'm pretty sure, well almost 100% I will retire in 2010.

I now have four days off from work, and I am happy the 10 hour / 7 day work weeks have come to an end! The pay checks were great, but a ticket to an early grave is not worth it. This 59 and a half year old body tells me to slow down.

This evening, Wilma, Myself, Eddie and Beth (Wilma's brother and his wife) are going to my friend, Gary's home to celebrate New Years Eve. There is a hall in his town that has a party every year. He and his wife Cheryl have gone to it the last two years and they really enjoyed themselves. So this year we (the 6 of us) are going. No need to worry about too much adult refreshments as each of the three women do not drink. So if the "boys" consume just a little too much adult refreshments, we have  plenty of designated drivers to get back home safely. I'm really not too worried about it though because at my age I value the "day after" feeling more than the party night feeling! I HATE HANGOVERS!

Another 2 inches of snow fell last night, now I believe we have a total of 3 inches on the ground total. Not bad for this time of year. I haven't even started the snow blower yet. Oh Oh...I think I may have just jinxed myself.  ;-(

To all my blog readers, Wilma and I wish a very safe, and healthy New Year to you all.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Another Family Christmas Celebration

Today we celebrated our annual Christmas Celebration with my family, meaning my father, brother, and both sisters, along with their families.

DSC_0003 We started with a reservation at 1:00pm at Michael's Kitchen. A great family restaurant with great food at a great price.





The Grandkids had a table to themselves, with the supervision of Aunt Angel.

Fed 7 for only $42.00 and two Grandkids took home a left over.





From the restaurant we all went over to my brother Ken’s home, where we were met with this wonderful desert table they had prepared.





Opapa, as my Grandkids call my father, was the first to receive a gift from my daughter Angel and her daughter Brooke.



So from the eldest to the youngest, gifts were exchanged along with much conversations, joking and laughing.



Let me introduce Hayden, around 5 weeks old now. He is the second Grandson of my Brother Ken, and the youngest addition to the family.





He is the first child to Melissa and Nick, Brother Ken’s daughter and son-in-law.

What proud parents they are!


We were only missing a few members of the family. Tina, my daughter was home with a bad sore throat and her daughter Haley who stayed home to take care of  mom.

Also my sister Judy’s son Derek. Along with his wife Veronica and daughter Marissa. He just returned home from Afganistan and is in California with his family. He will be here in Michigan in early January.

I just felt that we needed to take some family photo’s… so here are some of my family.



Starting on the left is Judy, Catherine, Dad, Me and Ken.



Dad, myself, Judy and Ken were all born in the month of May. Except for Dad of course, we were all born exactly 2 years apart. Judy being 2 years younger than me, and Ken being 4 years younger than me.  So by the end of May we were all pretty tired of birthday cake every year growing up. ;-)  Catherine came exactly 10 years after I was born but in the month of August.



Here I am with my wonderful wife Wilma.

Sometimes know as “The Flintstones”.  ;-)





Then comes Judy with her friend Steve.






Next is my Brother Ken and his wife Margie daughter Melissa and son Kenny.





Finally my Sister Catherine, her husband Scott and two sons, Austin and Nathan.





Here is Kenny with wife Jamie and son Brian. Brian is all boy and a spitten image in character to his dad, my nephew, Kenny.





Melissa with husband Nick and new son Heyden.






Angel, my daughter with her daughter Brooke.




Oh NO! I didn’t get a picture of my other Grandkids, Tina’s family! I’m in big trouble now….. Ok….well….my excuse has to be this. Haley, the oldest Grandchild wasn’t present. You just can’t leave anyone out now can you ? ! ? 



So to cover myself, here they all are from a shot taken at my house on Christmas Day, along with Wilma’s brother Eddie and his wife Beth.



What a great time we all had today.

Except for missing Mom really bad Christmas evening, this has been one GREAT CHRISTMAS. How I love my family!

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas with the family was Great!

Our “out of state” company, Eddie & Beth (Eddie is Wilma’s brother) arrived at 6pm on Wednesday the 23rd. They plan on staying here until January 2nd. except for a few days to spend with Connie, (Wilma & Eddie’s sister) who lives about 5 miles north of us.

Wilma had a great meal prepared for their arrival, and we could tell they were as ready as I was to enjoy the dinner.

The following day we went to Greektown Casino in Detroit. Angel, our daughter asked if she could go with us, as her daughter Brooke was with her dad, and she was home alone. We arrived around 11:15am and we all made arrangements to meet at a given spot at 12:30pm.

We actually didn’t have to worry too much about loosing each other as we were always within eye site of each other.

Wilma asked me where I was going to start, I held up my hand and started walking. Within 4 steps I said this one, and pointed to a 2cent slot machine.

Wilma and I only allowed ourselves $40.00 each to gamble with. When that was gone….we were gone.

So I slipped the first $20 bill into the machine. Bet the max, what ever that was, and won nothing. Pushed the “replay” button and HIT! Great…hit for $207.00! WOW… I cashed out. Wilma and Angel were still within eye site and couldn’t believe it. Actually I couldn’t either, as I have never won at any Casino.

After our excitement, Angel, Wilma and I split up, each finding our special machine. Within 10 minutes on another machine I hit again! This time for around $246.00! Holy Smokes! I cashed out again and moved to another machine. Found my third machine, started playing and after about 15 minutes and loosing about $5.00 I hit again! Another $200.00 plus! I just couldn’t believe it! So I cashed out of that one. Now I’m holding 3 receipts totaling a little over $700.00.  Found another machine that I felt lucky with and lost a couple dollars. Cashed out and I was done.

We all decided to eat lunch at the Casino and I had no problem at all buying the 5 meals. What a wonderful day.

Christmas morning came, Tina and her family, and Angel and Brooke arrived around 10am.



It’s a new tradition that Eddie and myself fix the breakfast for the family  prior to opening gifts.










EveryDSC_0231one enjoyed opening their gifts, laughing, joking, and in general having a great time.




Seemed everyone liked all their gifts and there will be no returns this year.


 DSC_0226 DSC_0259DSC_0245

Later in the afternoon, Eddie and Beth left to spend a few days with Connie. Wilma and I had the house to ourselves. We both relaxed and watched a little TV before Wilma said she wanted to take a short nap.

I headed for the computer where I felt I had time to install Windows 7 and remove Vista on my desktop machine. Just about 4 hours later, using the Windows 7 Upgrade disk, I had a complete install. Actually you have to install it twice to get a “complete” install and format the C drive.

As of today I haven’t gotten around to installing every program I had prior to the Win7 install, but I’m finding out I really don’t need all of them.

So far, so good on the way the computer is running. I have heard many great reviews about Win7 and very little complaints. Most of the complaints were with the installations. But I found that not to be as difficult as I had feared.

I’ll leave you today with this wish from Wilma and myself, that each of you have a wonderful Holiday season, and a better New Year than the last.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

We are both doing fine…

We invited Dad over for dinner this evening. Wilma fixed a roast beef cooked in cream of mushroom soup. Mashed potatoes, Bushes backed beans, and bisquits. Mmm Goood!

Dad was telling us that his sight is much better in the eye that the cataract was removed. He had to put on an old pair of glasses so he could see better at a distance. So now he is troubled about his other eye. He claims the Dr. is going to tell him that he will need cataract surgery in the other eye. That his eyes are now fighting to see differently. I assured him it was because he needed an eye exam to get a correct prescription. But he just has it made up in his mind that he will have to undergo another surgery.

I won’t debate the issue with him, as I don’t really know what he is seeing out of his right eye, the one he claims has to have surgery on.

So I assured him again, if he needs the surgery to remove a cataract in his right eye then have it done. Afterward he can get an eye exam and get a new pair of glasses which he will be able to see great in.

His next Dr.’s appointment is set for this Monday. Until then Dad is pretty “up tight” with worry. He is just that kind of guy.

Me, well I’m doing ok I guess. The redness has left my eye completely. However I can’t tell if my Dr. injected a drug or plain water! No change at all to my vision.

I asked Wilma if she remembered how long it took my eye to clear up when this happened 25 years ago. She thinks it took around 9 months or so before my vision returned to normal. So….this month makes 5 months now, hopefully by April my vision should be back to normal. I guess I just have to let mother nature take care of the healing.

On January 5th. I have to go back to the eye Dr. that gave me the shot in the eye. For me this is only going to be a check up to make sure there is no hidden infection of any kind. Then I’ll hear his prognosis. I’ll then thank him for everything he has done and leave for good. I won’t be back.

I’m still working 10 hours a day, 7 days a week. All the guys at work are starting to show the strain of the working. I thought it was just me because of my young age of 59! Nope, even the guys in their early 40’s are starting to complain of needing a day off.

In the meantime Wilma is holding down the fort. Getting ready for the busy Holiday, keeping the housework done, taking the grandkids to school everyday, and a hundred other things. We are both counting the days until December 23rd when I will have 4 days in a row off, and can get some much needed rest and enjoy the holiday with friends and family.

Speaking of needing rest……I’m in need of some Zzzz’s now!

Until next time, be safe and God Bless

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Needle in the eye!


Wilma took me to the eye Dr. for my scheduled appointment this past Tuesday. 3:50pm I arrived, and by 4pm they started putting drops in my left eye to start the numbing process. A total of 4 separate drugs were used. Then into another waiting room for 45 minutes to let the drugs work.

Finally I was led to the room that the Dr. was going to perform the procedure. Oh what the heck I’ll just say it like it is. He was getting ready to stick a needle in my eye, inject some drug that relieves the eye pressure, and hopefully my sight will be improved.

After sitting in the room for what seemed like an hour, really it was only about 10 minutes he entered. Of course he tried to make conversation by asking how I was doing. I told him that seeing that I’ve never had a needle in the eye before, I was pretty darn scared and nervous.

He assured me there would be no pain what so ever. I kind of relaxed, trusting in him.

He said first would be a swab with a stronger numbing drug. Sitting upright, I was told to look up and to the right. As he placed the swab on the lower section of my eye I could feel a stinging sensation. Letting him know this he added another drop of a different drug to numb the area. There he said now you won’t feel anything. He re-applied the first swab again with more of the strong numbing drug. I felt nothing. I was by now kind of relaxing a little.

He moved back to his table of instruments…..and the NEEDLES. I kept looking away. He approached again, said to look upward and to the right. Re-assuring me there would be no pain he would wait a minute to let the drugs take full affect. He then asked how I was doing. I said fine, no pain, kind of relaxed for under the circumstance.

He then said, well if I didn’t hurt you by now I won’t hurt you. We are done. Just have to add more anti-biotic solution.

Within another 10 minutes I was walking out of the office with Wilma.

It’s amazing but I felt nothing more than what you would feel if you got an eye lash in your eye.

I asked Wilma to take a picture so I could post it here and I could get a good look myself of what my eye looked like. So here it is….DSC_0048


A blood shot eye. Looks much worse than it feels, but I don’t want to go through with this procedure ever again!


It’s Thursday evening, two days after the procedure and I still feel like there is something in my eye. But it isn’t where the shot was, it’s on the other side of my eye, the upper right side. I tell everyone I think the Doc used too long of a needle and came out the other side of my eye and that’s why I feel like there is something in my eye there. 

I know….bad joke….but it did get allot of funny looking faces from the guys at work today! A couple guys almost passed out!  ;>)) 

Dad came through his cataract surgery fine on Wednesday. I took him dinner Wednesday night and ate with him. After dinner we talked for a little while and I could tell he wanted to go to bed for the night. It was a long and stressful afternoon for him. Hopefully it was a success and he won’t have the blurry vision in that eye.

So, until our next adventure, take care and God Bless.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Eye Dr. Appointment

I had an appointment with my Eye Dr. today at 2:30pm. I have been seeing this specialist since the middle of July, it was my 3 appointment with him.

Last July while on Vacation in Virginia, I had a problem with my left eye. Seems I was under much more stress than I thought I was just before our trip home. While I was putting the hoses away getting ready to leave Virginia Beach, I noticed a blur in my left eye. I cleaned my glasses but it did no good. I then knew immediately what had happened.

Back in my younger years, my mid 30's I was under allot of stress at home. It affected my sight in my left eye. The diagnosis then from the Eye Dr. was a ruptured blood vein in front of the optic nerve. Back in those days there was no cure except to let mother nature take its course and the blood would dissolve and sight would return. This indeed happened, it took almost a year but gradually my vision became 20/20 again.

So when it happened again in Virginia, I knew exactly what had happened. Upon returning home from our vacation trip to Virginia the Eye Dr. confirmed what I suspected and I have been under his care since. Today after my exam he asked if there was any improvement since the last appointment. Upon telling him I don't see any improvement he looked at the pictures taken of the inside of my eyes closer, and with his instruments and BRIGHT lights looked into my eyes again. He then suggested that we  proceed further to the next step. Asking him what that would be, he informed me that he would inject a medication into my eye that would relieve the swelling and in turn allow the excess blood to dissolve.

Imagine my horror when I heard that! A shot in the eye! Was he serious! Oh NO!

He assured me that I would feel no pain whatsoever. Then he said, did I notice all the elderly men and women in his waiting room? Yes I said, and he said half of them have had to have injections and they walk out of the office without any complications.

Well I didn't feel particularly convinced by that statement, but I told him I have to put my faith in him as he was the specialist, and if this is what he believes will help me then we should do it.

So next Tuesday, the 8th. at 4pm I go get my first and hopefully last shot in the eye. As he mentioned that I will have to have a driver, Wilma will be my designated driver from the Dr.'s office after the procedure.

It still gives me the creeps.... sounds like something out of a Frankenstein movie!

Then the very next day, my Dad has to have a cataract removed from his left eye.

I'm not looking forward to next week at all. And I ask for your kind thoughts and prayers that both procedures, mine and my Dad's, are totally successful.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving & the day after.

Our family Thanksgiving dinner celebration was a huge success. Everyone complemented us on how nice the “basement” looked. Actually it’s hard to refer it as a basement now. I think I much prefer calling it “The Great Room” seeing as it is the largest room in our home.

Sorry the glass “ice bucket” was in the way, but here I am under intense pressure to carve the first of two Turkeys. Judy, my sister in the background making the gravy. 

One turkey was cooked in the oven in the kitchen, while the other was cooked in the 18qt. electric roaster. The one in the oven was inside one of those “cooking bags” and we thought would not take as long before it was done. However the electric roaster surprised us and it actually cooked the turkey quicker and the bird had a much better “browning” layer on the outside. So I much prefer the electric roaster over our old method in the oven.

Here are a few pictures to introduce you  to my family.

My Dad. The first holiday without Mom. Even though she wasn’t here we felt her presence. She always enjoyed the Thanksgiving dinners with her family.


Ken, my brother and his wife Margie.
The pictures on the wall are of my parents on the right and a hand painting of Wilma’s parents.


Judy (far left) my sister talking to my youngest sister Catherine, with Catherine’s husband Scott.


My two daughters, Angel (left) and Tina with Carol a friend of the family.


After a wonderful and moving prayer was said by Scott, the grandkids started the serving line as “Great Grandpa” looked on.

Our Great Room was perfect for this occasion, as the adults were seated together at one long table on one side of the room and the younger kids were at their own table on the other side of the room.  The kids had plenty of room afterward to play together with the toys they brought.

Brooke had the great suggestion of everyone, one at a time, say what they are thankful for. This was a great idea and everyone expressed their feelings on what they were thankful for. A serious moment for each of us to express ourselves. My Dad was last. He expressed how he was thankful for his 4 children, 5 grandkids, and 8 great grandkids. Then he added….”and I’m thankful I’m NOT a Turkey!” This bought on laughter and the family was back to having a great time.

Soon with the help of all, the Great Room was cleaned and the dishes done. All the family left and Wilma and I sat outside on the deck with a fire burning in our Chimnea.We reflected on the day and both felt great that we had accomplished all the work we did in preparation for today.

From Wilma and I to all of our readers, we extend our wishes that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

For those who have loved ones who are no longer with you hear on Earth, click on this link  Then sit back, relax, enjoy the music along with the readings. It's pretty moving.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Paint and new carpet in Basement

Finally it’s done! WOW what a job. Wilma and I have been working just about every day to complete this project. We still have some finishing touches to do before Thanksgiving, but you can see the difference from the before and after pictures.



















Next comes moving in the furniture, tables and chairs and we will be ready for our Thanksgiving Celebration.

It’s been really tough finishing this project. With Wilma tending to the grandkids and her daily chores, plus I’m still working 7 days a week 10 hours a day at work. Looking forward to this Thursday, Thanksgiving day as I will have 4 straight days off from work.

Both of my daughters, Angel and Tina, need new tires on their cars, so Dad has offered to pay for them.  As they are both watching their budget very closely, and my overtime has come in handy at the perfect time. See how God works his ways? Wonderful isn’t it.

Got to get to bed, tomorrow is another 10 hour work day at work and then another 3 hours in the basement.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Paint and new Carpet for Basement

Wilma and I have been working really steady and hard getting the basement ready for new carpet, which is supposed to be installed this Wednesday. We have talked about it and tomorrow Wilma is going to call Empire Today and re-schedule the carpet installation for Friday.
We are planning on having my entire family and Wilma’s entire family over for Thanksgiving Dinner. It will be the first holiday without Mom, and she always wanted everyone together for Thanksgiving. So I’m sure she will be there in thought and Spirit.
I am really starting to feel my age, since I was put on 10 hour days 7 days a week at work until further notice. Then come home grab a bite to eat and head for the basement. Wow, my days are now 15 hours long of steady work. As you can probably tell, Wilma and I both will be so happy when the basement is finished. Of course I don’t think I would make the dead line without Wilma’s help. She has been a real trooper, going way back to getting all the items out of the basement for the Garage Sale, running to Home Depot to purchase the paint and supplies, and helping me with the paint job. AND…she is doing all this on top of her daily chores!

Looking at the stairway area to the left, and what’s left of “Grandma’s Refrigerator”, that will be removed prior to the carpet installation.
The two colors of paint sample are on the wall that we picked from.


Standing in the same place as the photo above, but turning to the right is the other half of the basement. You can see where Wilma applied the paint samples to get a feel for color change in different light.
Also that is our “fake” fireplace.


Standing in the corner of the picture above and looking toward the are that the first picture was taken from.
Not a large basement, as our home is a Colonial, but it serves us very well, and has for the past 31 years.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Work Schedule has increased.

Last Tuesday after work I headed straight for the basement to start clearing it out for new carpet and paint. Through the years of not using it for any family functions, it has collected a large amount of....well....I guess I'll call it treasures.?..?.
Much of it is sitting out at the curb tonight to be taken by the trash men. A car load has been packed and taken to Salvation Army. The rest I will have to find some nooks and crannies to stuff full.

After talking with Wilma, we have agreed to have Thanksgiving dinner at our home this year. So the time limit has been set, and it WILL BE DONE!

Plus today I've been informed that I'm to work 10 hours a day until further notice! Yikes! I guess they don't realize I'm getting up in years and really not looking forward to staying at work that many hours. But I have to be thankful, especially in today's times, that I have a job. So I guess every Friday I'll just have to "cry all the way to the bank" as they say and deposit the checks to pay the bills.

So I get home around 5pm with only an hour or so of daylight left. See all the leaves on the lawn that need to be picked up, walk into the home and know the work that is ahead of me in the basement. And know that I have to hit the bed early to start the routine all over again tomorrow.

So now you will know if there aren't many entries in this blog, that I haven't abandoned it, just trying to "take care of business" and get my work schedule completed.

So until next time, be safe, especially my "snowbird friends" in their southerly journey's, and God Bless.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Still Raining and Wind Blowing

Late Thursday night the wind and rain started. I’m talking about gusts of wind in the 40MPH velocity. It rocked the MH all night Thursday night, but we were warm and dry inside.
Friday the winds and rain continued. Wilma and I took turns with the computer surfing the internet. Didn’t do much except lay around resting and enjoying our time together. Wilma put a roast in the crock pot for dinner, so all day long we smelled our dinner cooking. Mmm good.
We did take a drive to Meijer’s to kill some time. When we got back from the store we determined the wind was getting stronger and we rolled up the awning. This was a pretty good chore for us as the spring is broke in the awning and I have to get onto the picnic table to manually roll it up. The wind and rain gave us a run for our money, but we succeeded.
Friday the wind was still blowing strong. The rain stops and starts. We decided to go into Frankenmuth for a dinner. Wilma took some pictures of the fall colors on our way there. After stopping in the candy store for some sugar free candy, we headed to Zehnders for a delicious dinner. We actually beat the rush or arrived between the dinner and supper rush. We arrived around 12:30 and only stood in line for about 20 minutes before being seated. You just can’t beat their dinners. Wow!
Now as Wilma is resting on the couch with Kybee, I’m watching Michigan gets beat by Penn State. Oh well, maybe next time.
Tonight the weather forecast is for a stop in the rain and wind with a low getting down in the mid 30’s. Brrrr. Tomorrow we will be heading back home after a well rested weekend.
Sorry I can’t post any pictures as I forgot the connector cable from the camera to the computer.
Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Last RV Trip for the year

I asked and was granted to leave work today at 11am for the weekend. Wilma had all the food we will be needing already in the Motorhome when I got home around 11:20am.

Hooked up the car, loaded up my items needed, and we were on the road by 12:45. We arrived at the Outdoor Adventures Lakeside Resort around 1:30. We drove against the wind all the way here. Looking at the weather report it looks like we have a week end full of rain and wind. Oh well, we still enjoy using our Motorhome and look forward to being together all weekend.

Tomorrow we may take a trip to Frankenmuth, Michigan.  Wilma commented on the way here that last year when we came we had the same kind of weather. I told here yea, but we still had a great time.

Hopefully the wind and rain won’t take away the fall colors. Also we should have some pictures taken tomorrow.

Until next time, be safe and God bless.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Trip to the Pumpkin Patch

For the past 8 years or so, we have made it a family tradition to all gather in the Motorhome and take a trip to our favorite Pumpkin Patch.

This year however, with Haley turning 17 she elected to pass on the trip. I know she feels “it’s for kids”. And I remember being 17 and trying to “break away” from the same ol family functions.



Everyone else was excited to go “pick out their perfect pumpkin”. I am beginning to believe half the fun is a ride in the Motorhome and eating lunch while riding.

Nana prepares the sandwiches and drinks so everyone is full when we DSC_0027arrive. We also learned quickly that it curbs the apatite of the little ones while walking through the buildings filled with everything good to eat, before reaching the pumpkin patch.

Even Kybee our dog was anxious to go on the trip.



After arriving at the pumpkin patch you have to walk through the “greenhouse” that is just filled with Halloween items to purchase. Every size of pumpkin and gourd known to man must be there.

Here Tina samples the  “Snake Gourd”.




Dakota is the first to find his “perfect pumpkin”. Of course he has to show all the girls that he can get the largest pumpkin of all. It seemed to put a test on his muscles to carry it. His little sister Savannah made a point to pick out the “smallest” pumpkin, finding one not much larger than a baseball.




And of course after we all tired out from walking through the pumpkin patch with the pumpkins, Pa treated everyone with Apple Cider and Donuts.



We returned home 5 hours later after another memorable day spent with the family.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Grand-daughter Haley’s 17th. Birthday

Man O Man I’m starting to feel a little on the old side. My Grand-daughter Haley turned 17 yesterday. Where is the time going?


Nana giving Haley her gift and card.

Her brother, sisters, and cousin were all pretty “lively” all evening. I guess they were anxious to get the ice cream and cake.


Here is Great Grandpa giving Haley her birthday card with cash.


We kidded with Haley on the amount of candles to place on the cake.


What was it you wished for Haley?

Our daughter Tina, Haley’s mom, had to miss the party. She was at home totally exhausted from working 12 hours and feels as though she has a cold starting.

Dad seemed to be enjoying himself. It was our first family get together without Mom. She crossed my mind several times but I didn’t let on. This was Haley’s special day and we didn’t want anything to spoil it.

Happy Birthday Haley!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Garage Sale Is OVER

Wilma and I both are thankful the garage sale is over with. Thursday the weather was ok for a garage sale. Had a few people show  up. Wilma was hoping for about twice the amount of customers.

                                            Savannah, our youngest Grand-daughter “assists” Nana with her Garage Sale.   

Friday was a wash out. Literally. We had a slow rain all day long and into the evening. Wilma had a soar back. I blamed it on sitting out in the cool weather all day the day before. So I told her to go inside the house and rest and I would run the garage sale for her. She accepted and I retrieved the laptop and moved into the Motorhome. I had a good view of the driveway and only had to leave the warmth of the Motorhome for a handful of people braving the rainy weather to purchase our “fine garage sale items”.

Today however with the sun shinning we had a successful day. Cleared out about half of what we started with. Of course we cut all the prices in half also. Better to give someone a terrific deal than to pack up the items and haul all of it the the Charities.

Now Wilma says she is going to watch the weather and if it looks like a nice day next Thursday she may open again. OH NO….Not trusting on the weathermen again! So I’ll just go along with my beautiful wife and agree with her. After that though the really good stuff will go on and the rest will go to several charities.

Until our next adventure, be safe and God Bless.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Another Garage Sale

Wilma had been working for the past two weeks setting items out in the Garage in preparation for her Garage Sale.

She decided not to advertise in the local newspaper because of the price. So we put it on Craigslist.

Yesterday was her first day, she did ok in our opinion.

Today however was a terrible rainy day. It rained all day non stop. I had her stay in the house and I watched from inside the motorhome.  I had the laptop with me in the motorhome and stepped outside only when someone walked up the drive.

Considering the weather, we did better than what I thought we would. But by no means as good as we both of us wished for. Such as life, can’t predict the weather, even the local weather men were wrong with their predictions.

Tomorrow they are calling for sunny skies. Being Saturday maybe the crowd of buyers will form a line a mile long anxiously waiting to buy our “good garage sale” merchandise.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless