Friday, January 30, 2009

Dinner with Joe & Diane

Joe phoned last night asking if we would like to get together for dinner.

I said sure, where would you like to go? Joe named a few restaurants, and we both decided on Dimetre's Rendezvous, (not sure of the spelling). So the plan was to meet there at 5pm this evening.

As Wilma and I pulled out of our driveway, on our way to the restaurant, she made a comment that Joe has not seen our new car yet. I realized that it was just too full of salt from the roads so I stopped at a car wash. Yep that did the's looking like a new car again. It doesn't take much road salt on a dark blue car to make it look really bad.

We arrived about 15 minutes early. While pulling into the parking lot of the restaurant, I told Wilma to keep a look out for Joe's Chevy Van or Diane's Buick Century. Neither vehicle was there yet so we sat in the warm car waiting.

In 10 minutes Joe pulls up in a (new to him) 2006 Chevy Denali. A white vehicle, and he didn't think to get a car wash, to show it off to us. But that's ok, it is a beautiful vehicle. He said it has all the options that Chevy could put on it. So for a couple minutes we both examined each others new vehicles. Then we all went inside to eat as we were all pretty hungry.

Our meals were delicious, the bill was not bad for the quality of food we received, and after we paid our bills we remained to chat for almost a half hour.

We did notice that the restaurant wasn't filling up like it usually does this time of day, and that there wasn't a line of patrons waiting for a table. Another sign that times are getting bad and people are cutting back saving their cash.

Tomorrow evening we are taking Mom & Dad out to Red Lobster for Mom's 81st. birthday.

I called her this morning around 9am to wish her a happy birthday, as today is her actual birthday. I then proceeded to tell her we where going to take them to Red Lobster for dinner tomorrow. Did she ever get excited, she just loves shrimp. The local "family style" restaurants that they usually go to just have the pre-frozen sea food. You know the type of food I'm talking about. It's the type that if you close your eyes you really can't tell what your eating because of the heavy coating of batter.

So tomorrow evening around 6pm, Mom & Dad should be returning home from Church, and Wilma and I will be waiting to take them out to Red Lobster. I think we all are looking forward to it except Dad. He isn't a big fan of sea food, but I told him they must have other choices on the menu. Now let's hope I'm right!

Until our next adventure, be safe and God Bless.

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