Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Holiday is over.

It's Sunday evening, 8pm, and we just said good by to our dear and closest friends, Gary & Cheryl, who came by for an afternoon visit. They arrived around 12:30pm and Wilma had finger food for us all to enjoy. We filled our plates more than once while we played Euchre, laughed until our sides hurt, and just enjoyed each others company.

It has been a very busy Christmas holiday season for us. Wilma and I both have enjoyed every day of it. Our time spent with family and friends make us feel so blessed.

The only cloud that put a damper on things for me was that I picked up another Flu/Virus/Cold ? AGAIN! This one makes the 4th one since my hospital stay last September. I never remember having this many colds in a season. Guess I will have to start doing what the Dr. and Wilma recommends.....getting a flu shot every year. I'm also taking vitamin's to help build up my immune system. I keep telling Wilma that it's my body telling me to get down south where it's warm! Right now we are having a heat wave, it's all the way up to 36 with a fine mist of rain falling. Should be really fun getting to work in the early morning as the temps are going to drop into the low 20's tonight.

Oh yes, almost forgot, last night Wilma picked up a vicious Virus in her computer. What a mess as it took over most of her operating system and not allowing the AVG Virus program to run.

I just don't get it. We are connected to a Wi-Fi Router which has it's own built in firewall. We have AVG anti-virus program on her machine and Avast anti-virus program on my machine. Both machines are scanned once a week with a Spy-ware and Ad-ware programs. So I have done just about all I'm aware of to do to keep our machines safe. Yet this has happened.

This morning I started her machine and did a full "recover" that HP has on their computers. She ended up loosing all of her bookmarks in her web browser Firefox, all her documents, pictures and music. It's almost like starting over again when the computer was new. I didn't put the AVG anti-virus back on her machine, but did install the Avast anti-virus protection.

This is the second attack on her machine in a month. I sure hope it will be the last, as I know she gets so frustrated on loosing some of her information that she wanted to keep.

Needless to say, I'm going to teach her how to do a "Back Up" of her computer at least once a week.

Like all the computer "geeks" say.... do your back up's because it's not IF your going to need them, but WHEN you are going to need them.

So, this ends another adventure of ours. Check in again later, until then be safe and God Bless.

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