Tuesday, January 13, 2009

More Snow....Even COLDER Cold.

The weather man was forecasting yesterday that we were going to get another couple inches of snow.

I woke up this morning to another 3 inches of snow added to the 6 inches we got last Friday. It was a fine, light snow; so clearing the drive and sidewalk was easy with the Honda Snowblower of mine.

They have been forecasting a cold front to arrive today. At around noon the temperature was 35. By the time I left work at 3:30 it had dropped to 20 degrees. The wind started blowing 30 miles per hour out of the West. Man O Man was the wind cold!

The weather men are saying that it is going down to 2 below 0 tonight. Then only up to around 8 tomorrow. This cold is expected to stay with us until this Saturday before we get back up to our normal "balmy" 34 degrees. Can you see me shivering? ? ? ??

As both Angel and Tina live in Mobil homes, I warned them to leave a faucet running slowly all night to help keep their water lines from freezing. I had to crawl under Angels Mobil home last winter to un-thaw a water line to her bathtub, and believe me that is no fun at all! It got so cold last year that her neighbor saw me under Angels home and came out to ask if I could thaw out her main drain pipe as it had frozen and she has standing water in her sinks and tub! That I just couldn't do. Her son came over with a "torpedo" heater to heat the underside of his mom's mobile home. After several hours her drain started running again.

This Friday is my scheduled day off from work, and Monday is Martin Luther King day, which is a paid holiday for us. I mentioned to Wilma that I have a 4 day weekend and that we should go up to the RV Resort that we are members of and rent a cabin. She jumped at the chance. So we will be doing some R&R this weekend.

Now it's about a 3 hour drive NORTH from our home. Do ya think it will be any warmer there??? Naaaw if anything it will be colder, so we are also packing a portable electric heater just in case we may need it.

There are no plans to do anything on any given day. All we are looking forward to doing is sitting in the "hot tub" and going to donate to the local Indian Reservation Gambling Casino. The last time we were there we broke even after 3 hours of enjoying ourselves. Of course we set our limit to not more that $20.00 each. If we donate that amount then we leave.

We are planning on taking the laptop and hopefully connecting to the web to keep our blog up to date and share some pictures with you.

So we are looking forward to our Winter break this weekend, not looking forward to the cold though. And we hope where ever you are it's warmer than where we are.

Check back again and until then be safe and God Bless.

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