Monday, January 26, 2009

Still Cold and Mom’s 81st. Birthday

The weatherman says it's going down to 0 degrees again tonight. You would think that a person would start to get used to the cold temperatures but not me, no, I still freeze my doopa off every time I step out of the house. Especially at 5:20am every morning I have to go to work.

Just called Mom on the phone and asked what she was doing this Saturday evening for dinner.

Don't know what we are doing but remember we go to church Saturday evening. I said yes I know, so what time do you get home from church? 6pm was the answer.

OK then I would like to take you and Dad out to dinner for your birthday. Oh...that would be nice. Where are you taking us? I'm going to make it a surprise and not tell you except that you have been there before and loved it, and that it's a "special restaurant".

She says to Dad....he is going to take us to a special restaurant. Dad says "I hope it isn't one of those dark lit, bar type restaurants! No Mom, I said, tell him he has been to this place with us before and he liked it also.

Oh, now I'm getting excited she says. I said that was my plan, to make it special for you. So I'll see you Saturday evening, and after 15 minutes of chit chat I said good by and hung up.

You just got to love "Old folks" ( Dad is going to be 82 in May, and Mom is turning 81 this Friday). So cautious where they are going to be taken for dinner, instead of just going with the flow, relaxing and enjoying themselves. Oh well, I sure hope I don't get like that in my "Golden Years", but Wilma already is telling me I'm getting more and more like my Dad every year. Lord help me! :~)

Of course I have to give credit where credit is due. Wilma first suggested that I buy her some roses and just take her out to a restaurant without Dad. Just a Mother & Son date.

That would be nice, but thinking it over for a day I just have to take both of them out together. I asked Wilma if she would also go, ( I know she can't pass up those crab legs! ), which she said ok she would go if I was going to take both Mom & Dad.

So...that's all that's planned for this week, other than going to work every day but Sunday. I guess from the shape of the economy, and the latest news of more people loosing their jobs, I'm very fortunate and blessed that I'm still able to work.

Until another adventure, be safe and God Bless, and STAY WARM!

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