Friday, February 27, 2009

Savannah with Rosco the Clown.

Thursday, February 26th.
Today Rosco the Clown was scheduled to visit Savannah's pre-kindergarten class. The teacher notified the parents that each child was to have an adult accompany them to school on Thursday. Rosco was only scheduled to be in the class for an hour and afterward the children were going to be released to go home. This is why an adult had to accompany the children.
As Tina had to work, Wilma accompanied Savannah to school. She was very thoughtful and took the camera with her. Many of the parents forgot their camera's including the teacher. Wilma assured them all that we would email all the pictures to the teacher and she was free to hand them out to every child.

As the teacher introduced Rosco, the fun was about to start.

Everyone had so much fun that Rosco ended up staying over an hour and a half!

You can bet that memories were made today that will stay with these children for a life time.

Way to go Rosco!

Another adventure in our lives. Be safe and God Bless.

Angels Birthday

Another year has come and gone for our eldest daughter, and we celebrated another birthday party for her.

We asked her what restaurant she would like to go to for her Birthday Dinner. We were ready to take the entire family our to dinner. We were surprised when she said she wanted my "Specialty Burgers".
So that is what we prepared. My special burgers grilled on the outdoor grill. Wilma made everything else that goes with the meal including the Birthday cake and a cheese cake.
Happy Birthday Angel.....and Many, Many More!
Another adventure in our lives, as always, be safe and God Bless.

Wednesday, February 25th.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Tina’s New Car!

Boy O Boy, is car shopping ever hard work! Used cars that is.

Tina liked her Buick Regal so well, that I have spent the last several evenings and most of the day Sunday looking for another Buick. Didn't matter what model, just as long as we kept the price down. We wanted to keep the total price at $5,000.00 or less.

Sunday I started really getting serious looking for a car for her. So I had 12 Buicks lined up for us to look at Monday morning. A few from the "corner rip off lot" to mostly private owners. And talking to the "so called" private owners, only half of them actually had their cars for any length of time, meaning more than a few months. You just wouldn't believe how many people are buying cars at auctions and re-selling them as their "aunt's" or "Grandma's" car! Damn, even the common guy is getting on the "car salesman bandwagon".

Then around 6:30 Sunday evening, something told me to look at Chevy's. So I got on Craigslist and searched for Chevy's. On the first page of 100 vehicles, I found a '98 Chevy Malibu, with just 46,700 miles on it, for under $5000.00!

Got to be something wrong with this car I thought....maybe a major accident or something. So I called the number listed and spoke with a gent named Sam. He told me it was his aunt's car, and she is now in her 90's. She finally decided she was too old to be driving and agreed for him to sell it for her. He listed the price and quoted "For Serious Buyers Only". So I told him I was a serious buyer and wanted to come look at it, but being late in the day maybe I should come tomorrow. He said the car is in his garage, and there are plenty of lights to look at the car if I wanted to come tonight. I said sure, see him within an hour.

I know, I know, I was sounding too anxious. But I had already lost a great Buick Century with 48,000 miles within our price range just an hour before.

I called Tina, who was ready to "hit the hay" and asked her to get dressed if she wanted to look at this car.

I ended up picking her up 5 minutes later and within 20 minutes we were looking at the Malibu.

I introduced him to Tina, he shook her hand and said he had a daughter named Tina. Ok I thought, Tina is a common name. Then as she was checking out the car I noticed Shrine Circus plates on his garage wall. I commented about them and Sam said his best friend Jim Paluzi is a Shriner and very close friend of his. I know he couldn't make up a name that fast, especially as I was a Shriner and knew Jim. Not personally mind you, but I knew of him.

I commented on the Malibu in the driveway. He said that was his car with 120,000 miles on it and still running. Why then didn't he want to sell that Malibu and keep this one? Answer: Because he already spent a large sum of money having a tow bar installed on it so he could pull it behind his Motor Home. WOW...another RV'er I thought.

After a few more questions about the car, and talking about RV'ing, I had noticed Tina was getting excited. So I took her aside and asked her what she thought. She loved it!

Within a half hour, I had given him $100.00 to hold it until tomorrow, (Monday), when we would be back to finalize the deal. it is Monday evening now, 5:15pm. Tina has a nice new to her car, plates and insurance on her new to her car, and she is back home with her kids tending to everyday life again, now that some "normalization" has returned to her life. Her next move is to set up a time with Progressive to finalize the old policy claim from her Buick. She should be receiving a small check then, and I will be seeing the Buick leave my yard as it gets towed to a junk yard somewhere.

I guess everything so far is working out pretty good. She has a newer vehicle than what she had before, and her monthly payments have been dropped by some $30.00 per month. And myself, well, I have been nominated by myself to be her loan establishment, and officially I'm more in debt! :-)

Of course Tina and I have come to an understanding on the payment plan, and together we both agree on it. So, there is no worry on my part what so ever.

And so ends another wonderful day in our Adventures.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Tina had an Accident

Received a phone call this morning around 10am. Tina told us she lost control of her car on the icy snow covered 21 mile rd. and hit another car. She is off to the side of the road, the cops are there and it looks like her car is totaled.

Wilma and I both jumped in the car and headed to the scene.

Just before we arrived at the scene another car skidded in the same place Tina lost control. This guy, also driving a Buick, barely missed the cop car and came within 2 feet of hitting Tina's car which was already 30 feet off the road!

By the time we arrived, Tina's boyfriend was already there and Tina was in his car.

She slid after impact at least 300 yds., ending up on the North side of 23 mile rd. facing North. She was heading West when she lost control, so I knew she made a complete donut after impact. Her bumper was on the South side of 21 mile rd. at least 300 yards East of where her car stopped.

Both air bags deployed and I noticed that the windshield was cracked from the inside as if a persons head had hit the windshield. This was on the passenger side, and we knew she was alone, so it had to be the air bag that broke the windshield. I'm thinking the part of the dash that covers the air bag compartment hit the windshield.

The police ended up issuing her a ticket for excessive speed. She said she was only going 35 in a 45 zone. But no matter, if you can't control the direction of your vehicle the police determine it's excess speed.

While I was talking to the officer about towing the car, Tina began to feel nauseous, a little dizzy and had a bad head ache. We told the cop that her boyfriend was going to take her to the hospital as we suspected a concussion. He didn't even ask if she needed an ambulance! Was I dealing with a rookie? All he said was yep you better get her to the hospital.

Robert, Tina's friend left to take her to the hospital while Wilma and I removed most of the important papers from her car. There was a few items in the back seat belonging to one of the kids, and some items in the trunk that we removed and put in our car to take home.

Before leaving I went back to talk to the Rookie Cop about the city of Shelby Township's law on abandoned vehicles. Was I going to come back tomorrow and see a ticket on the windshield? He assured me there would be no ticket on the vehicle as long as I didn't leave it there for a week or so. I told him I would have it towed away by Monday afternoon at the very latest, and requested that he make a report to that fact to his department. He just told me that would be fine.

We then proceeded to the Hospital. She was showing signs of a concussion to us. Dizziness, head ache, nausea. In the Emergency Room that gave her some pain medication along with the standard IV. Put her through a CAT Scan.

We waited, and waited, and waited. The place was just packed with people! Damn, you would think we were at the only Hospital within 200 miles!

Then after waiting 3 hours, Robert said he would stay with her and we should go. He would call us just as soon as he hears anything. Wilma talked to Tina and even though Tina was groggy she agreed.

Wilma and I then went to a restaurant to get an early dinner, it being 4pm already. Wilma called Angel, our other daughter who took over watching all the grand kids today. We were going to stop and get them all something for supper on our way home.

Angel gave us the order of assorted choices from McDonalds, and we stopped there on our way home.

Know I know it's been a long and stressful day for both Wilma and I. But when we put in a simple order of 6 dinners, of which 4 are the same, you would think the people working behind the counter would get it right! ? !!! Nooooo. It's a good thing Wilma suggested we look in the bags and count the items. Sure enough they were going to short us 1 order of fries. Manager says..oh so sorry, my fault as he added another fry. I could of jerked his fancy little bow tie a little tighter, he pissed me off so bad. I knew then I had to get home and take a breather!

So here it is 6:30 now, the Grand Kids along with Angel have been given their dinner for the evening. Wilma and I are now home relaxing, worrying what is now in store for Tina. I have been sipping on a half glass of wine, but so far nothing. Maybe I need another half glass?

Tina just phoned us. She is on her way home. I asked what the Dr. said. She said she has a bad case of whip lash. He gave her some pain pills to take and sent her home to relax. I told her she would most likely hurt worse tomorrow than she is now. She said yea she knows. I told her we already took care of the kids supper and that her and Robert need to eat. She said they will and she feels so lucky to have so many that love her.

So, as bad as today was, it could have been much, much worse. So I thank God we still have our daughter Tina alive, and pray that He helps her with all the minor problems that Tina has yet to have to face.

This is a picture of Tina with her "new" car a few days after buying it.

Today the front bumper and grill are torn off, air bags deployed, and windshield cracked. Passenger side front door won't open, but all other doors function.

I'm afraid the insurance co. will write it off as a total loss. I pray now that she at least gets enough to pay off her loan on the car.

Another adventure in our lives, until next time, be safe and God Bless.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Gary....My Best Buddy

Gary, seen at the picture to the left, has sent me a couple emails the last few weeks that have raised some concern.

There seemed to be a problem in Tennessee, where his parents live, and he was going down there with one of his brothers.

I knew his father had some health issues, and figured they were going down to visit with them.

Being too busy in life I guess, at least that's my excuse, I never got a chance to give him a phone call after he arrived back home.

Then last week I got another email. This one sounding a little panicky. He and Al, his brother, were going back to Tenn. again. Said "Mom was in hospital". Cheryl, Gary's wife was staying back at home, not making the trip.

I have known Gary since 5th. grade, some 49 years now, and I've always been treated like a family member by them. Knowing Gary's mother, she hasn't had any serious problems health wise that I'm aware of. So needless to say I was a little concerned. Wilma kept telling me to give Cheryl a call. I was afraid of what I might hear, so I put it off another couple days.

I finally gave Cheryl a phone call to hear what was going on. She filled me in on what's been happening with Gary's parents for the last month or so. Sounded pretty serious, hence the reason Gary & Al went back to Tenn.

I talked to Gary last night, seems his Mom & Dad are now going to be living with them. Dad has some health issues that his Mom just can't handle by herself any longer.

My hat goes off to "My Bud". Being the eldest sibling, and being retired, he has taken on the responsibility of handling his mother and fathers affairs. Cheryl, God Bless Her, is accepting the fact that her "in-laws" now will be residing in her home.

You just have to believe this is going to be a life changing experience for Gary & Cheryl. Just goes to show you, that you never know when something in life will change all your plans that you have made. Another real life reminder that we all just have to take each day as it comes and thank God for what we have.

God Bless you my Bud....I'm always here for ya, as you know I am.

Hopefully this weekend Wilma and I will be going over for a visit. Usually when the four of us get together there is always jokes and laughs being shared. It's my wish and hope we are able to make them laugh, at least for that split minute, they won't be thinking of any problems they share.

Until our next adventure, be safe and God Bless.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Mom’s Birthday Dinner

Mom called around 4:00pm letting us know that my sister, Catherine, was in town visiting and planned on staying with them until Sunday afternoon, and that if we wanted to go out to dinner sooner it was fine with them.

We arrived around 5:15 and Mom read her birthday card we bought her. Commenting that she loves the Dove chocolate candies that Wilma had added with her card. Catherine declined to go with us to Red Lobster, wishing us a good time at dinner.

I wanted to make the evening as nice as possible for Mom & Dad, so when we all got in the car I tuned the satellite radio to the channel playing all the 1940's music. They both thought that was really nice, as it was my plan that they can reminisce with "their" music playing.

I also wanted to fascinate them with OnStar's direction assistance. So before I pulled out of their driveway I pushed the OnStar button. Talking to the lady from OnStar really "blew them away", especially as the lady addressed me as Mr. H..... pronouncing my last name perfectly.

Mom just couldn't understand how at every turn the radio would stop and a voice would come over the radio telling us which way to turn! "How does he know where we are?" was a question we heard often. Dad on the other hand commented "that has got to be allot of money for that service". I had to assure him that it came free with the car for a year, which it is.

This is just a sample of things that keeps reminding me that my generation has seen such major changes in our lifetime compared to our parents.

Back to dinner...

We arrived at Red Lobster around 5:55pm. We were told there would be a 45 minute wait. There was quite a crowd waiting and someone was nice enough to offer a seat to Mom, as she has to walk with one of those "walkers" to help her get around.

By 6:45 we were seated. I knew Mom liked the shrimp cocktail, so that was the first item ordered. Mom being a shrimp lover didn't know what to order from the menu, so Wilma helped her decide by reading the menu to her and suggesting what she would like. That really helped Mom, so the order of 3 different preparations of shrimp was ordered for her. Dad ordered a plate with 2 different types of shrimp, even after I suggested he order the steak plate, he declined and ordered the shrimp. Wilma and I ordered our favorite, the Admirals Combination. As Wilma has to be careful what sea food she can eat, (she is allergic to iodine), we traded my crab legs for her shrimp scampi.

All during the meal, Mom kept commenting how much she was enjoying her shrimp. She kept offering some of the shrimp cocktail to Dad and I but we both declined so she could enjoy it all to herself.

Toward the end she couldn't eat all her shrimp dinner, so a take out box was requested. Dad said there was enough shrimp for her lunch tomorrow. I asked, "Do you think it will last until lunch tomorrow, or will she wake up in the middle of the night, heat it up in the microwave and eat it for a midnight snack?" That got allot of laughs from everyone, especially Mom. Probably because it crossed her mind!

All the way home Mom kept saying how much she enjoyed herself this evening. Once she asked me if I knew how to get home from the Restaurant because she didn't hear the man instructing us through the radio. So the conversations went from how good the meal was to how bad at directions she has always been. I told her that I inherited that trait from her because after 30 years I still get lost in my own neighborhood! More laughs!

It was a memorable evening for all of us, and I'm sure Wilma and I won't ever forget how much she enjoyed herself that evening.

How very easy it is to please her, my Mom. Happy 81st Birthday Mom, and I wish you many many more!

Until our next adventure, be safe and God Bless.