Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Gary....My Best Buddy

Gary, seen at the picture to the left, has sent me a couple emails the last few weeks that have raised some concern.

There seemed to be a problem in Tennessee, where his parents live, and he was going down there with one of his brothers.

I knew his father had some health issues, and figured they were going down to visit with them.

Being too busy in life I guess, at least that's my excuse, I never got a chance to give him a phone call after he arrived back home.

Then last week I got another email. This one sounding a little panicky. He and Al, his brother, were going back to Tenn. again. Said "Mom was in hospital". Cheryl, Gary's wife was staying back at home, not making the trip.

I have known Gary since 5th. grade, some 49 years now, and I've always been treated like a family member by them. Knowing Gary's mother, she hasn't had any serious problems health wise that I'm aware of. So needless to say I was a little concerned. Wilma kept telling me to give Cheryl a call. I was afraid of what I might hear, so I put it off another couple days.

I finally gave Cheryl a phone call to hear what was going on. She filled me in on what's been happening with Gary's parents for the last month or so. Sounded pretty serious, hence the reason Gary & Al went back to Tenn.

I talked to Gary last night, seems his Mom & Dad are now going to be living with them. Dad has some health issues that his Mom just can't handle by herself any longer.

My hat goes off to "My Bud". Being the eldest sibling, and being retired, he has taken on the responsibility of handling his mother and fathers affairs. Cheryl, God Bless Her, is accepting the fact that her "in-laws" now will be residing in her home.

You just have to believe this is going to be a life changing experience for Gary & Cheryl. Just goes to show you, that you never know when something in life will change all your plans that you have made. Another real life reminder that we all just have to take each day as it comes and thank God for what we have.

God Bless you my Bud....I'm always here for ya, as you know I am.

Hopefully this weekend Wilma and I will be going over for a visit. Usually when the four of us get together there is always jokes and laughs being shared. It's my wish and hope we are able to make them laugh, at least for that split minute, they won't be thinking of any problems they share.

Until our next adventure, be safe and God Bless.

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