Sunday, February 1, 2009

Mom’s Birthday Dinner

Mom called around 4:00pm letting us know that my sister, Catherine, was in town visiting and planned on staying with them until Sunday afternoon, and that if we wanted to go out to dinner sooner it was fine with them.

We arrived around 5:15 and Mom read her birthday card we bought her. Commenting that she loves the Dove chocolate candies that Wilma had added with her card. Catherine declined to go with us to Red Lobster, wishing us a good time at dinner.

I wanted to make the evening as nice as possible for Mom & Dad, so when we all got in the car I tuned the satellite radio to the channel playing all the 1940's music. They both thought that was really nice, as it was my plan that they can reminisce with "their" music playing.

I also wanted to fascinate them with OnStar's direction assistance. So before I pulled out of their driveway I pushed the OnStar button. Talking to the lady from OnStar really "blew them away", especially as the lady addressed me as Mr. H..... pronouncing my last name perfectly.

Mom just couldn't understand how at every turn the radio would stop and a voice would come over the radio telling us which way to turn! "How does he know where we are?" was a question we heard often. Dad on the other hand commented "that has got to be allot of money for that service". I had to assure him that it came free with the car for a year, which it is.

This is just a sample of things that keeps reminding me that my generation has seen such major changes in our lifetime compared to our parents.

Back to dinner...

We arrived at Red Lobster around 5:55pm. We were told there would be a 45 minute wait. There was quite a crowd waiting and someone was nice enough to offer a seat to Mom, as she has to walk with one of those "walkers" to help her get around.

By 6:45 we were seated. I knew Mom liked the shrimp cocktail, so that was the first item ordered. Mom being a shrimp lover didn't know what to order from the menu, so Wilma helped her decide by reading the menu to her and suggesting what she would like. That really helped Mom, so the order of 3 different preparations of shrimp was ordered for her. Dad ordered a plate with 2 different types of shrimp, even after I suggested he order the steak plate, he declined and ordered the shrimp. Wilma and I ordered our favorite, the Admirals Combination. As Wilma has to be careful what sea food she can eat, (she is allergic to iodine), we traded my crab legs for her shrimp scampi.

All during the meal, Mom kept commenting how much she was enjoying her shrimp. She kept offering some of the shrimp cocktail to Dad and I but we both declined so she could enjoy it all to herself.

Toward the end she couldn't eat all her shrimp dinner, so a take out box was requested. Dad said there was enough shrimp for her lunch tomorrow. I asked, "Do you think it will last until lunch tomorrow, or will she wake up in the middle of the night, heat it up in the microwave and eat it for a midnight snack?" That got allot of laughs from everyone, especially Mom. Probably because it crossed her mind!

All the way home Mom kept saying how much she enjoyed herself this evening. Once she asked me if I knew how to get home from the Restaurant because she didn't hear the man instructing us through the radio. So the conversations went from how good the meal was to how bad at directions she has always been. I told her that I inherited that trait from her because after 30 years I still get lost in my own neighborhood! More laughs!

It was a memorable evening for all of us, and I'm sure Wilma and I won't ever forget how much she enjoyed herself that evening.

How very easy it is to please her, my Mom. Happy 81st Birthday Mom, and I wish you many many more!

Until our next adventure, be safe and God Bless.

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