Saturday, February 14, 2009

Tina had an Accident

Received a phone call this morning around 10am. Tina told us she lost control of her car on the icy snow covered 21 mile rd. and hit another car. She is off to the side of the road, the cops are there and it looks like her car is totaled.

Wilma and I both jumped in the car and headed to the scene.

Just before we arrived at the scene another car skidded in the same place Tina lost control. This guy, also driving a Buick, barely missed the cop car and came within 2 feet of hitting Tina's car which was already 30 feet off the road!

By the time we arrived, Tina's boyfriend was already there and Tina was in his car.

She slid after impact at least 300 yds., ending up on the North side of 23 mile rd. facing North. She was heading West when she lost control, so I knew she made a complete donut after impact. Her bumper was on the South side of 21 mile rd. at least 300 yards East of where her car stopped.

Both air bags deployed and I noticed that the windshield was cracked from the inside as if a persons head had hit the windshield. This was on the passenger side, and we knew she was alone, so it had to be the air bag that broke the windshield. I'm thinking the part of the dash that covers the air bag compartment hit the windshield.

The police ended up issuing her a ticket for excessive speed. She said she was only going 35 in a 45 zone. But no matter, if you can't control the direction of your vehicle the police determine it's excess speed.

While I was talking to the officer about towing the car, Tina began to feel nauseous, a little dizzy and had a bad head ache. We told the cop that her boyfriend was going to take her to the hospital as we suspected a concussion. He didn't even ask if she needed an ambulance! Was I dealing with a rookie? All he said was yep you better get her to the hospital.

Robert, Tina's friend left to take her to the hospital while Wilma and I removed most of the important papers from her car. There was a few items in the back seat belonging to one of the kids, and some items in the trunk that we removed and put in our car to take home.

Before leaving I went back to talk to the Rookie Cop about the city of Shelby Township's law on abandoned vehicles. Was I going to come back tomorrow and see a ticket on the windshield? He assured me there would be no ticket on the vehicle as long as I didn't leave it there for a week or so. I told him I would have it towed away by Monday afternoon at the very latest, and requested that he make a report to that fact to his department. He just told me that would be fine.

We then proceeded to the Hospital. She was showing signs of a concussion to us. Dizziness, head ache, nausea. In the Emergency Room that gave her some pain medication along with the standard IV. Put her through a CAT Scan.

We waited, and waited, and waited. The place was just packed with people! Damn, you would think we were at the only Hospital within 200 miles!

Then after waiting 3 hours, Robert said he would stay with her and we should go. He would call us just as soon as he hears anything. Wilma talked to Tina and even though Tina was groggy she agreed.

Wilma and I then went to a restaurant to get an early dinner, it being 4pm already. Wilma called Angel, our other daughter who took over watching all the grand kids today. We were going to stop and get them all something for supper on our way home.

Angel gave us the order of assorted choices from McDonalds, and we stopped there on our way home.

Know I know it's been a long and stressful day for both Wilma and I. But when we put in a simple order of 6 dinners, of which 4 are the same, you would think the people working behind the counter would get it right! ? !!! Nooooo. It's a good thing Wilma suggested we look in the bags and count the items. Sure enough they were going to short us 1 order of fries. Manager says..oh so sorry, my fault as he added another fry. I could of jerked his fancy little bow tie a little tighter, he pissed me off so bad. I knew then I had to get home and take a breather!

So here it is 6:30 now, the Grand Kids along with Angel have been given their dinner for the evening. Wilma and I are now home relaxing, worrying what is now in store for Tina. I have been sipping on a half glass of wine, but so far nothing. Maybe I need another half glass?

Tina just phoned us. She is on her way home. I asked what the Dr. said. She said she has a bad case of whip lash. He gave her some pain pills to take and sent her home to relax. I told her she would most likely hurt worse tomorrow than she is now. She said yea she knows. I told her we already took care of the kids supper and that her and Robert need to eat. She said they will and she feels so lucky to have so many that love her.

So, as bad as today was, it could have been much, much worse. So I thank God we still have our daughter Tina alive, and pray that He helps her with all the minor problems that Tina has yet to have to face.

This is a picture of Tina with her "new" car a few days after buying it.

Today the front bumper and grill are torn off, air bags deployed, and windshield cracked. Passenger side front door won't open, but all other doors function.

I'm afraid the insurance co. will write it off as a total loss. I pray now that she at least gets enough to pay off her loan on the car.

Another adventure in our lives, until next time, be safe and God Bless.

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