Saturday, June 27, 2009

Big Storm Hits...No Power for Days!

Thursday afternoon around 2pm a storm went through. Our city was hit worst in the county. We were told we had winds of 70 miles per hour. And that is fast enough to do this:

Across the street from my home, one of many downed trees and power lines.
This is taken across the street from my home. It took out the electric power in a 2 mile square area. Behind my home, another tree fell taking out 3 blocks of residential power.
So here we sat Thursday evening with no power. Seeing that it might take some time to restore our power, I got out my heavy duty extension cords and hooked to the generator in the motorhome. Later that evening I not only had my fridge and freezer on gen. power, but also my next door neighbor and neighbor who lives behind me.

Friday came and went with NO help from the City or DTE (our electrical power co.).

Saturday morning came and the neighbors are getting anxious. So they decided to try to take matters into their own hands.

My neighbors taking matters into their own hands.
Call the Mayor, let her hear the chain saw running, and inform her the neighbors are taking matters into their own hands seeing how we are getting no where with the city or DTE.

That's all it took. Mayor Barb arrived within a half hour. Many phone calls that she made produced results. An hour after her calls workers started arriving.

Mayor Barb Dempsey talking the neighbors.
Now that's what I call POLITICAL PULL! Six hours later the tree is gone, new poles installed, wires strung but still no power.

Our City workers removing the tree.
While this crew worked on these downed wires, another crew was working on the downed wires across the street that supplied electricity to my home.
I joked with my which side of the street gets power first? Your side as more work to do, and the Mayor watching closely, while my side just has branches to be removed, wires replaced and maybe a new transformer.
He didn't want to take the bet, but my side won and we had power restored 52 hours after the storm.
The crew pulled off as their work was completed across the street. Hopefully DTE will return tomorrow to restore power to the new lines.

Thank You Mayor Barb Dempsey for all your help.
We really needed it.

Tonight I am hopeful that a restful night sleep will be had by Wilma and I. You just don't realize how much you miss your utilities until you don't have them.
And I'm also thankful for my Motor Home! Saved 3 families a large grocery bill.

Until our next Adventure, be safe and God Bless.

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  1. It does pay to be prepared.
    When I lived in Michigan late spring storms seemed to be a regular thing. We were down one time for 7 days.