Thursday, July 9, 2009

Another day at the Beach

I returned the golf cart by 11am. We sure will miss having it. Yesterday evening after listening to the live band Wilma, Kybee and myself rode around the campground. I think we were on every road here in this huge campground. It sure was fun.

Did I tell you about the Naval Air Station here in Virginia Beach? Yep they are here and they don't want anybody in the limits of the city to forget they are here. They start flying around 9am and don't stop until 10pm. EVERY DAY we have been here. I'll put money on a bet that this campground is in a direct flight path, because every jet seems to go over OUR Motorhome. Well maybe not but it sure sounds like it.

Last evening they were especially loud. I'm no pilot but I have heard of after burners. And last evening they all had deployed their after burners over the campground. Loud isn't saying it just right. How about.... all the windows closed, the TV volumn up all the way, sitting under the speakers of the TV, and the jet roar would block out the sound of the TV. You could actually feel the walls of the MH vibrating as they flew over.

Not complaining a bit here, being a sailor in the day, I'm quite proud of our Naval Pilots.

So after I turned in the golf cart, we packed and headed for the beach. We only planned on being there a few hours. But the weather was perfect and we were there on the beach more like 4 hours.

I did go in the Atlantic, enjoying the large waves, even did a "body surf". Exactly 39 years ago while in the Navy, was the first time I had the experiences of swimming in the ocean. It all came back to me, and a smile was on my face all the time I was in the water. What fun!

Now, back on the sand....I realize I burn easy, so I not only had 1 umbrella to sit under, I had 2 umbrella's to sit under. Plenty of shade, a cooler with cold water, Wilma and I were in heaven. We had it all. And tonight some 4 hours after leaving the beach, taking my shower I noticed I indeed "have it all". Ohhhh did I get sun burnt. Now how did that happen? I stayed in the shade of the umbrella's except for the 10 minutes that I was in the water. Oh well, I'll live. It looks worse than it feels, maybe I'll be lucky and the heat of the sunburn won't keep me awake tonight.

At 4pm Wilma and I wanted another sea food dinner. So over to Fish Bones for an "all you can eat" dinner. Wow, another great meal two nights in a row.

We talked about what we are going to do tomorrow. Wilma would like to spend the day at the pool. I think I will stay under the trees in the shade. :>)

Until tomorrow, be safe and God Bless.

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