Monday, July 6, 2009

Aquarium and Beach Day

Woke up this morning to a drizzle so we decided to go to the Virginia Beach Aquarium.

We took the shuttle that picks us up at the end of our camping section, and it dropped us off at the Aquarium. After standing in line for 45 minutes we paid our admission of $8.00 each we were admitted.

Not wanting to sound too down on this adventure, but we have been in other Aquariums in different cities and this had to be the worst! The building was laid out like a corn maze at Halloween. Several times we felt as though we were lost and didn't know which way to go to see the next tank.

We were out and had our fill of the Aquarium within an hour. I would not recommend anyone paying for this, you will be very disappointed.

We arrived back at the MH, and for some reason I was just "out of it". Didn't feel like myself and Wilma suggested I go take another nap. Well that nap lasted 2 hours. I usually only take power naps of only a half hour or so.

We then got in the car and took a drive to the beach.

Walked up and down the boardwalk, started to walk out onto the pier but found that there was a charge just to walk out on it, which we passed on.

We decided to find a restaurant to eat tonight. After a short drive we found an Applebees. Ordered a salad and water. An hour goes by and still no food. And the restaurant was 75% empty. Wondering what's going on, the waitress blamed it on the computer. We told her to place our order in a carry out bag. Then trying to pay was another 15 minute wait. Seems the computer failed again. The manager talks to us apologetic, gives us a $10.00 discount to Applebees. As we walked out Wilma notices it's only valid at VA. Applebees.

One great thing that happened today is we got our golf cart that Angel, our daughter recommended. We took a spin around the campground today and enjoyed it alot.

That's it for tonight.

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