Saturday, July 25, 2009

Day 5 of Hospice

Mom reached day 5 of Hospice care today at 12:30pm.

I arrived at the hospital yesterday afternoon around 6:15pm so that my sister Judy could leave. Before she left, she gave me a hug and broke down. She has no one at home with her, and I was glad she chose me to lean on. She would be returning at 10am the following morning with our Dad.

I was to stay with Mom through the night. Her condition was failing daily now. Her feet were still warm to the touch, her forehead was warm with a fever. Her breaths were quick and shallow. She no longer could respond verbally to us, although Hospice said she could still hear us.

Around 2am there was a noticeable rumbling sound in her chest on every breath she took in. I could just feel it in my soul she didn't have much longer.

Judy and Dad arrived at 9:30am this morning. Dad complaining he just didn't feel good. Didn't sleep very well last night at all. I took Judy aside and told her to keep a close watch on Dad and when they leave make sure he eats lunch then get him home to lay down and try to take a nap.

My brother Ken arrived at noon. Judy did what I suggested with Dad.

I had gone to the Banquet Hall to pay the deposit and give them our choice of the menu. Then to the funeral home to give them a picture of Mom that we want on the hand-outs. From there back home to clean up and go to bed. By now it was around 1pm. to get some much needed sleep.

The phone rang at 2:05pm. "Hello"...Ken said Fred?.....Yea Ken....Fred, this is the call, Mom passed away at 1:25pm, I didn't want to call until the Dr. arrived and confirmed".

The family all gathered back in Mom's room at the hospital. Dad went immediatly to Mom's side. I had to leave the room to give him his privacy, the rest followed. After about 5 minutes I went in with Wilma, then Catherine and her husband Scott.

We said what we felt we had to say. Ken signed the paperwork for the hospital authorizing NO autopsy and to release Mom to the Funeral Director.

Tomorrow we meet with the Funeral Director to finish up the last bit of details. She will be available for viewing this Tuesday, with her Mass and burial on Wednesday.

So ends my Mothers life that was filled with love and kindness even to the end. The nurses commented several times how sweet and courteous she was, always asking with a please and thank you. A life that was filled with constant pain for the past 25 years.

God rest your soul in His loving hands Mom.
We will all miss you, but we will see you again in heaven.

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