Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A day of Rest?

I have to tell you about our last stay a couple nights ago at Walmart on our return trip from Virginia Beach.

We first met a trucker, I had asked him (Steven), if there were any problems staying in the parking lot overnight. He said he has been there a couple nights now and no problem at all along with the other three truckers. The conversations went from one thing to another as Wilma joined in, and before you knew it we just about heard all about his interesting life. A nice guy just trying to make a living as an independent trucker, told us about his marriage, his family living in three different states, his dachshund's (the hot dog dogs) that he wants to travel with, his dental history....well you kinda get the picture. Just a lonely trucker wanting to talk to anyone who would listen, that we did for about an hour.

Feeling comfortable staying and now back at our MH, a Chevy mini van pulls up. We wave hello at the gent inside. He walks over to say hi to us, pet Kybee, and he too commences to tell us his story of how his wife of 12 years had just kicked him out of their home, and he has been living in his van now for the past 2 nights. Before we parted I wished him well, to tell his wife I said 12 years of memories are alot to erase....might be easier to try and continue to make more pleasant memories. He thanked us both, addressing Wilma as "Mam". A very polite man.

Here he is, Frankie.

That evening Wilma and I were talking, and Steven and Frankie came into our conversation. We feel so blessed at what we have together.

Later that evening we were joined by two other Motor Homes staying for the night. There was quite a gathering at the end of the Walmart parking lot.

We were up by 7am, two of the truckers were already gone, Frankie left just before we did around 7:45am.

Well today I was going to get the LP tank filled and then stop at the Ford dealer to get my "recall" taken care of. But first I had to see my eye Dr. for an 8:30am appointment.

Actually I ended up at an eye specialist at 1:30pm. Diagnosed with a leaking blood vessel at the back of my left eye causing the small blurry spot at anything I look at. I have another appointment in August at my regular eye Dr. and another appointment in September with the specialist.
Needless to say, my eyes took a beating with the dilatation, bright lights, and dye injected in the arm! So as of now, if I close my Right eye, I cannot read anything. Hopefully it will fix itself naturally, so they both say.

Wilma cooked dinner for my Mom & Dad and we joined them. A fantastic delicious roast beef with all the fixins. Even baked a loaf of fresh bread! My hon....what a woman!

So tomorrow I will take care of the MH getting the recall fixed and LP gas. Then its off to get the grand kids bikes and load them on the MH. We will be pulling out for their annual camping trip Thursday morning sometime. Won't be back until Sunday. There is WiFi at the park, but you have to go up to the activities building to be in range and it's always pretty hectic in there. So I will try to update but can't make any promises.

Until our next Adventure, be safe and God Bless.

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  1. Safe travels folks & keep a wary eye on those parking lot critters.