Monday, July 20, 2009

Hospice called in

Monday, July 20th.

The past three days have been a whirlwind in my mind. So many things happening to Mom at the Hospital.
Last Thursday my sister Judy and Dad had to call 911 to have Mom taken to the hospital. From the Emergency room to Intensive Care Unit, (ICU). Diagnosis...pneumonia in the left lung and a urinary tract infection.

<--Mom, taken exactly one year ago today.

As she just was released two weeks ago from the hospital from a bout with pneumonia, we had hoped that she would be able to get better and be released again. This did not turn out as we had hoped.

I was called at 4am on Saturday, July 18th and told that she was to the point now that she probably wouldn't be cured
as the pneumonia was progressing and she was getting worse. I had to break camp, break my Grand Daughters hearts and tell them that we had to go back home. After Wilma explained the situation to them, and after a short cry, they both understood and helped us pack up things for our 1 hour trip home.

Arriving home by 10am, I and Wilma headed straight for the hospital. Seeing my Dad and sister Judy were noticably upset, I was taken out of Mom's room to the hall where the Dr. explained Mom's condition.

Her left lung was lost completly to the pneumonia. Un-repairable damage. Very possible that the pneumonia will be advancing to her right lung. Urinary tract infection still full blown, and now we have a bowl obstruction that has to be attended to. After talking to him for what seemed like an hour, we got his prognosis in his opinion. Terminal. The word hit home hard.

Saturday afternoon at 4pm, we had a family meeting at Dad's home. We all had to agree on a plan that we would have to take. It was agreed to call in Hospice. Ken and I went back to the hospital to make the arrangements to have Mom transfered from the ICU to "Comfort Care". The order was given to contact Hospice. Ken and I then left the hospital after my daughter, Tina arrived to "stay with Grandma".

She called me around 9pm telling me that Grandma was being moved to room 621, and placed in the Comfort Care unit. Now only drugs to make her comfortable would be administered, all others would be discountinued.

I and Wilma arrive Sunday morning, we stay until Ken arrives around 5pm. I leave to go get something to eat and take Wilma back home. I then went back to the hospital to stay the night.

Mom's condition worsens Sunday night. She is laboring to breathe even with the oxygen mask on. Ken arrives around 9am Monday morning. I go home to get some much needed sleep and some breakfast.

Just finishing breakfast my cell phone rings, it's Hospice wanting to set up a meeting with the family for 11:30am. We set the time of the meeting, and I made the calls to the other family members to be at the meeting.

Today by 12:30pm, the necessary paperwork was sighned by Dad and I allowing Hospice to take over the application of all care for Mom.

I know it's the best for Mom, but seeing the fright in her eyes when she realized the family just returned from a "meeting", she just knew what we had done.

What followed was so far the most heart breaking thing I have ever experienced in my life. To see my father on his knees at the side of her bed while she tells him she doesn't want to die and leave him, just tore at my heart.

Each sibling had their special time with her before leaving for the day, assuring her we would be back tomorrow. Catherine, my youngest sister is staying with her all night tonight. I will most likely arrive tomorrow morning sometime, after a much need sleep for the night.

Hospice already had her medication adjusted and her pain was subsiding, as we were saying our good by's for today.

What a roller coaster of emotions I am experiencing. One minute knowing she will be with her Mom & Dad in heaven withing a week, possibly, the other minute crying like a new born baby.

Please pray for my Mother, and family, to give us the strength to endure through this trying and difficult time.
Mom and I, July 20, 2008


  1. Our thoughts are with you in these troubled times..... Kelly & AL.

  2. Your mother, and your family are on my prayer list. God Bless