Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hospice care day 3

Thursday, the week is just flying by. Mom is still under Hospice care.

The two medications she is receiving are Adavan, (tranquilizer, to make her relax) and Dilotin (spelling may be wrong, for pain).

I don't know how much Adavan she was taking while she was at home but I do know how much of the narcotic Dilotin for pain she was taking.

At home she was taking a pill form of Dilotin, 4 milligrams every 3 hours. When Hospice took over her care, her dose was increased to 4 milligrams per hour via IV. That day she said she had "NO pain at all, it's wonderful, I'm in heaven" with a smile on her face. I felt good in a way because she has been in constant pain for over 40 years.

This afternoon I was at her bedside from noon until 6:30pm when my sister came in to be with mom. Her Dilotin is now at a rate of 8 Milligrams per hour. She is being injected with 3 milligrams of Adavan every 6 hours and as much as needed between to keep her comfortable, meaning so she is not thrashing around.

She cannot talk, only tries and the only phrases we could understand at different times were, "O Lord" "I'm Sorry" "Help Me".

I knew that she was feeling pain because when she was home when the pain medication would wear off and the pain would start, she would always say "O Lord the pain". I mentioned this to the nurse so she could take action. I'm expecting by tomorrow her Dilotin will be increased again.

Funeral arrangements were taken care of yesterday. I went with my Dad and Sister Judy to get him through the decision making process. We weren't sure how he would re-act. But he did pretty well under the circumstances.

I don't understand how Hospice knows when a person is not feeling pain. I guess from all the years of experience. I pray they are correct in what they say, because it would be driving me crazy if I knew she was laying there in alot of pain but unable to respond because of the meds.

I put my faith in the Lord to guide them.

Don't know what tomorrow will bring except I am going to be staying with her through the entire night tomorrow night.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

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  1. I am hoping for peace and comfort for your Mom in this hard time. My step father was in Hospice a few years ago, and I know they help in ways that are hard for us to do ourselves.

    You are both in my thoughts.