Sunday, July 5, 2009

On our way to VA.

Friday July 3rd.


Wilma was up by 6am. Got the coffee going and waited for me to join her on the deck to have our coffee.

By 7am the MH was on the street and the car was loaded on the tow dolly. Last minute items were put in the MH. We pulled out at 8am sharp.

Our first stop was at Walmart in Bedford, PA. From the map it looked like it was only going to be about a 5 to 6 hour drive. Wrong! It ended up to be 10 Long hours! Wow….way too long to drive for a day.

The Walmart area turned out to be excellent. McDonalds within walking distance, TSC store next door to McDonalds and several other stores in the strip mall adjacent to Walmart. Mountains all around us.

We had a good night sleep, quiet and temps in the high 60’s.

Saturday, July 4th.

We pulled out at 7:30am after having a coffee from McDonalds. Sleeze Sally, (My GPS) says it will be a 4 hour ride to our next Walmart in Mechanicsville, VA.

Within minutes of getting on the freeway Wilma spotted a Cracker Barrel ahead about 26 miles. So we decided we would stop and have our breakfast.

Back on the road getting close to our destination of Walmart when Sleeze said we reached our destination! NO WAY…only a Holiday Inn X-Press and another motel which I didn’t catch the name of. No Walmart in sight.

Now some info on this Walmart. I had found a web site a few days ago that allows you to download POI for Garmin and TomTom GPS. I downloaded the file and installed it on Sleeze. Everything seemed to go correctly. I was on the computer with Google Maps, looked up the location of the spot Sleeze said the Walmart was located and sure enough it was according to Google Maps. Maps even gave me the address and phone number, which I called making sure we could stay the night. Talking to the Manager, she assured me it was ok to stay and provided me with the address. It was the same address that Google maps had. So I entered it into Sleez. It also pointed to the same spot that Maps did and the file I downloaded.

Now your would think…perfect, everything corresponds. Well here is ANOTHER NO WAY!

So I guess that fine print warning that you get when you turn on those GPS’s units if for real. YOU CAN’T DEPEND ON THEM 100%.

So now I was going down a 2 lane back road in the woods. No place to turn around and not knowing where I was going.

We got lucky…there was an area about 1/4 mile away that I pulled off the road.

Looked for another Walmart and chose the next one down being 5 miles away in Richmond, VA. We left after programming sleeze and Wilma and I both hoped we would find it.

Success this time! Not only a Walmart…but a Lowes and Kroger share the same lots. Walmart is packed so I pulled in to Lowes. Being around 2pm, 80+ and tired. Wilma talks me into going into Lowes to ask the manager if we could stay. I figured I was not going to get permission, but we did! So this is where we are planning on staying the night. I only hope the traffic clears out when the stores close for the night. After all it’s a holiday, and the stores should close a little earlier.

Wilma wanted to take a nap, so I have the generator and air conditioning running as I type this entry. It’s now 4:30pm and I’m about ready to close this and take a snooze myself.

After awakening from our nap, I walked over to Walmart and bought our supper. We both talked about not staying here for the night and moving on to the next Walmart. This one here in Richmond is just too busy. So we went to Sleeze again and looked for the next Walmart. This one is located in Williamsburg, VA. Once again Sleeze was wrong and no Walmart existed where it said it was. Now I’m beginning to think the program I downloaded from the internet is bad.

We kept driving until we saw a campground sign. Pulling into the campground I inquired where the Walmart was. I was directed about 3 miles down the road. Now this one was great so we decided to stay the night.

Tomorrow we should arrive in Virginia Beach where I hope to have WiFi. We are planning on posting every day, so check back often.

Sunday, July 5

We were awake around 6am this morning so we got up and walked over to IHOP to have breakfast. I then called the Holiday Trav-L-Park to see if I could arrive early. They assured me it would be ok, so off we left.

An hour and a half later we pulled into the Holiday Trav-L-Park, checked in were assigned site 105 and are now set up. Very large site, 70X30 at least.

Wilma fixed us a lunch, we sat on the picnic table eating our sandwiches. Afterward I took a short nap and Wilma phoned her cousin in Ky. and read a book.

After getting up from my nap I tried to hook up to the internet here at the Park. No Can Do! Tengointernet is the company and after making a phone call to them it seems as their servers are down. A trouble call went out to their tech. and I am supposed to be called by phone when the system is back on line. As I’m doing this entry with with Windows Live Writer I still get a red x on my Wi-Fi icon. Now it’s starting to rain. That’s ok I guess as we were not planning on doing much this evening. Now I’m ready for the “Black Cloud” to leave me as it’s been following me for a couple days now.

Finally after dinner I checked the computer and saw we had Wi-fi. Had to sign up for a 2 week account for $21.00. My other option was daily at $5.95!

The connection is only 2MB per second at night, earlier it was 5Mb per second. I'll try in the morning and see if its faster, if not I won't be uploading any pictures as it will take all day! Pictures will wait until I get home.

Will post again tomorrow.

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  1. Sounds like quite the ADVENTURE already dad! :)
    I hope you enjoy the campground...get some rest. love you and can't wait to read the rest of your blogs.

    angel & brooke