Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Phone call from the internet tech.

This morning just after our coffee the phone rang. It was the tech support from the internet provider here at the campground.

We discussed several things about the slow connection. He walked me through several set ups on the laptop to make sure it wasn't my equipment. It wasn't. He checked his end and all seemed right. I told him how I'm not happy with this for what I had to pay. He said he would put a credit on my charge card and if I agreed to keep the service until this Saturday I would only have to pay $4.95. I agreed to that amount and will just deal with this super slow connection. I really wish it was faster so I could upload the pictures, but that will have to wait until I get home.

So at least I'll be able to update what's going on with us until this Saturday when our trip home begins.

We decided to take a trip into Norfolk, VA to see if we could find our old apartments that we lived in just after our marriage.

Sleeze Sally got us to the intersection and we found them.
Took a few photo's and then I went in to the office. Just wanted to let the person working there know who we were as we were taking pictures and really didn't need to have the police show up. We had a nice little chat with the manager, she said she saw pictures of what the complex looked like 39 years ago, and that it is much nicer now. I had to agree with her.

It was really neat to walk on the same sidewalk, stand on the same porch to our apartment as we did 39 years ago this month. Wow!

We then headed over to Virginia Beach to get a bite to eat. Wanting to find a nice restaurant on the beach was our goal.

We did find one, Laverne's Seafood Restaurant, and had a great dinner/lunch.

We arrived back at the MH and I remembered I had to get Kybee (our Pug dog) his food at Pet Smart. So back I go....16 miles round trip to get him his brand of dog food. Did he gobble up a large bowl of food. Guess he missed HIS brand of food.

Just received a phone call from my sister. Mom is still in the hospital and won't be released until her blood pressure stabilizes. Last Sunday she was rushed to the hospital with what was diagnosed as congestive heart failure. Medication helped her out and 2 out of 3 doctors gave the ok to go home. The third Dr. has to approve before she can be released.

Wilma just told me that there is a Caribbean Band playing at the pool. So I'm off to listen to the live band here at the campground.

Having fun and enjoying life.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

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