Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Really bad internet connections

Our connection to the internet has been worse than bad. Most of the time you can't get connected. And slow...we are talking slower than turtles. I called last night after posting and complained quite firmly, telling them if they can't provide me a decent connection then disconnect me and refund my money.
Now we will see. We go from 11Mbps down to 1Mbps. At home with our wireless connection I get 54Mbps.

So if I keep getting the service I will keep posting, but if you see an end of the posting you know what happened.

It's early morning and I'm making the coffee while Wilma is sleeping in. Sun is shinning and its HUMID! Looks like a perfect day for the beach.

Check back tonight for updates....unless they disconnect me from the service they have a hard time providing.

Just got in the MH for the evening. We were riding around the campground on a golf cart enjoying the sites of this very large campground. They have a live band playing every night until 11pm. in one section. Another section has a mini outdoor movie playing each night.

Today we spent in the pool, one of four pools that are in the campground. It felt great as it was in the high 80's today. Didn't take anything getting used to the temperature of the water.

As we lounged along the side of the pool we met a great couple who lives in Virginia, Frank and Tammy. He was originally from New York, she from Michigan. We all hit it off pretty good, and we just got back from sitting around their campfire.

So far we still have internet connection. I'm wondering now if the tech I talked to yesterday even put in my request to cancel my order. Oh well, if its available to update the blog and do a little emailing and surfing I'm happy.

Until then be safe and God Bless.

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