Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Back to everyday living...

We have been checking on Dad everyday since the funeral. He seems to be doing ok considering. If he is hurting he sure can hide it from his kids!

I just got back from a visit with him. He tried to contact the life insurance company to turn in a claim on a policy that he had on Mom. It was opened in 1958. He said the phone number on the papers he has is disconnected. They are not listed in the local phone book, so he asked me "Can you check on your computer?" I assured him I should be able to get some info for him with no problem and would get back with him in a few days.

It turned out that it took only 5 minutes on the web, and I had the phone number and business hours of the "new" company that bought out the original insurance company. Tomorrow I will give them a call and get the instructions for filing a claim.

Wilma is leaving tomorrow to drive back to Kentucky for her High School Class Re-union. She won't be returning until next Thursday. Angel, our daughter, and Brooke, her daughter will be going with her to visit relatives. Looks like I'll be batchlering it for a week, so it will be just me and Kybee holding down the fort until her return.

Next Friday I will be going with Dad to the bank, credit union, and the court house to find out about putting my name with his name on everything. Since Mom isn't on them any longer he has to make the provisions in case anything should happen to him. Also we would like to avoid the Probate Court system as much as possible in the future.

Gotta go for now and help pack up the car for Wilma.

Again I wish to thank all those who have been wishing our family their condolences and prayers on the passing of my Mom.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

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