Monday, August 17, 2009

Bank Business with Dad

Dad and I had made plans to double check on his bank accounts, and the Social Security Administration.

At 8:15am I was at his home ready to do our adventure. First stop, the SSA. As he already reported my mothers death to them, he didn't think they made the corrections on their records. The reason? He had another check deposited on August 3rd in her name, and she passed away July 25th.

As I figured, they have the records correct and being a death late in the month prior, the computers had the checks already printed and getting ready for the mail. He was informed that the SSA would be in touch with the bank and between them they will return the August check.

One stop done, four others to tend to. One worry taken away, four more to tend to.

By Noon our banking inquires were complete. He now understands, along with myself, the rules of each establishment and all is good. Four more worries removed from him.

We then stopped at a restaurant and had lunch, before I took him home.

Dad returned to my home at 5pm as he was invited for dinner this evening. Wilma made a delicious meat loaf dinner...mmmm goood. Dad really enjoyed himself this evening along with the delicious meal.

So, back to work tomorrow. Nothing exciting other than the everyday living, and an Eye Dr. appointment this Wednesday.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

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