Saturday, August 22, 2009

Tomorrow the Air Show

Got a call from my Daughter Angel today while I was at work. She was amazed at the number of Motorhomes in the Walmart parking lot watching the air show from Selfridge Air Base just a couple miles south. The planes fly directly over the parking lot and she said you can see everything! Click here for the link to the web site of the air show.

So tomorrow we are going to take our Motorhome to Walmart and plan on spending the better part of the day watching the air show.
Angel said she would like to come along with us to watch it again. I made a call to Tina inviting her and the kids also. She is going to meet us there after church.

So the plan is that we arrive at Walmarts around 10am. Wilma and I will go into Walmart to purchase our hot dogs, etc. for lunch for the "gang". We should have our shopping done by the time Tina arrives and just around 11:30am the air show starts.

We have been to it in the past by going on the air base. You have to walk a mile to get out to the area of the runway from the parking lot in above ankle high field grass. Set up your lawn chair and commence to get sun burned unless your lucky to have unbrella's, which we do. But the drawback is your at their vendors mercy for purchasing any food as the only thing that is allowed through the gates is plastic water bottles.

So we are looking forward to a wonderful day with all the family, sitting in Walmarts parking lot, enjoying our Motorhome and getting a great view of the air show.

Now lets keep our fingers crossed for some great weather with NO rain.

Until next time be safe and God Bless.

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  1. Hope you have a great day for the air show. I love air shows & went regularly to London & Hamilton here in southern Ontario, Canada but they stopped the shows about a decade ago due to high insurance costs. Too bad because I miss them. Have a hot dog for me:))