Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Back from the family reunion

We arrived back home after a 9 hour drive late Sunday evening. Went to Arby's to get us roast beef sandwiches for supper, as neither of us were up to fixing supper.

We had a great time while in Kentucky visiting friends and family.

We stayed in the local motel.
We both got a kick at the name of the motel. "Moon's Do Drop Inn". The reason we got a chuckle is that the "handle" Wilma uses while in the chat rooms is Moonsong, but everyone calls her Moon. So for those who chat with her...here she is in front of the sign. After settling in we headed over to Linda's house for dinner. Mark cooked his famous "Hobo Meal". Mmmm good!

Thursday we headed for Eddie's home. Eddie is Wilma's brother, blue shirt to the left of the pictures below..

Here we all are enjoying the shade in Eddies back yard. Later we enjoyed a pizza dinner.

Friday we went back to Eddies and spent the day with him & his wife Beth. We all decided we wanted to see where he was working, so we followed him in the car to "The Hunting Lodge" that is in the process of being finished into a beautiful home. His boss, Greg, will have himself one beautiful place when completed. There will be no way one will be able to tell that his home was once a hunting lodge.

Eddie taking us into the "lower level"....just to the left is the fireplace.

From there Eddie took us to some of Greg's chicken houses. Tyson is the name of the company that he sells the chickens to. It is really something the scheduling that has to be done to keep the chickens delivered to Tyson. Here are some stats about them you might find interesting.

Top photo is the outside of one of the chicken houses. Bottom photo chicks inside.

  • 26,000 eggs delivered per house that hatch within 24 hours of delivery.
  • I would estimate the chicken houses to be about the length of 2 football fields, and 40 feet wide.
  • It takes 54 days for the chickens to grow to maturity ready for the process plant. Then the cycle is repeated.
  • He is paid $.25 per chicken.
Greg now has 54 chicken houses in operation. All in different stages of growth so there is a regular delivery of eggs in and chickens out. What's amazing to me is Greg was a UPS driver just 10 years ago when he quit and had his first chicken house built. What an amazing business accomplishment.

Saturday was the family reunion picnic.

What a great time was had by all those attending.

We were a little hurried while eating as we could hear thunder in the distance. Within an hour after eating the rain came. But that didn't ruin the festivities.

We all just moved into the garage where we listened to Rodney Puckett sing and play his guitar, and afterward several sang along with the Karoke machine beginning with Heather Puckett Dunlap. The party lasted into the late hours of the evening, all enjoying themselves.

Sunday morning we went over to say good bye to Eddie and Beth, and from there we left for our trip home around 10am.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

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