Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Computers, Good – Bad - Ugly

The past several days, 3 days to be exact, I have been trying to get our Laptop and Wilma’s computer whipped into shape.
I have always been a little nuts about all the viruses, spam, etc going around. So I have always had an ear open when people like Kim Komando, and Chris Guld of Geeks on Tour mention anything about  “free” spyware, add-ware, and antivirus software we should have on our computers.
Well the laptop is a 7 year old Compaq XP system. Wilma’s desktop is a Compaq XP and only 4 years old. And mine….well I won’t go there just yet….don’t need to give myself a jinx.
The laptop became slower in its boot up. I mean REALLY slow. I would only turn it on once a week and then wait. I’d go make the coffee, get in the newspaper, drink a few cups of coffee, fix a breakfast, talk with Wilma about what we were going to do that day, and maybe, just maybe if its just past the hour mark, the computer was done booting up.
Something just has to be done! So I have been slowly removing all the “extra protection” that was installed on it through the years. Now it takes about 10 minutes. Not bad considering Windows defender has to do its scan. The only “safety” program I’m running on it now is Avast anti virus, Window Defender and PC Tools Spy Dr. I may end up just having the Spy Dr. run when I want it to instead of every time the computer is booted up.
Now for Wilma’s computer. This is bad, real bad.
For the last several weeks her computer has been slowing down for her, no mater what she is doing on it. Mostly games, Facebook, emails, things like that. She also had the free stuff recommended to have. SpyBot, Adaware,Spy Dr., Windows Defender, and Avast anti virus. When she mentioned it to me a few weeks ago, I have been keeping an eye on the router lights. Her lights are almost constantly blinking. Pausing for about 10 seconds and on again for 30 seconds. Never stopping. Her computer won’t go into sleep mode at night with this activity all the time.
Here I go to try to help clean it up. I’m guessing there is some type of spammer thingy on it that just keeps shooting out spam. The anti virus shows clean. Downloaded Avira, disabled Avast and ran Avira’s scan. Nothing, its clean. Drats! 
Sooo…I commenced to download, upload, sidewaysload, install, uninstall, repeat it stall….you name it and I tried it. Nothing, every program I tried to find the little bug failed. So now Wilma is slowly uninstalling the games she downloaded.
So far, not so good. She doesn’t want me to do a complete re-cover yet as it takes too long and she wants her computer every evening.  OK Hon….Sunday might be the day. I’ll just get out of bed a little earlier than usual and commence to do the complete re-cover thing. Being the age of the computer I can only guess how many cazillian updates windows will have to download on the “new” install.
Kinda makes me wonder…., if there is a virus on the computer, why didn’t Avast catch it? If there is spyware on it, why didn’t spybot and all the other programs catch it. Windows just doesn’t give me that “warm fuzzy feeling” on their security and such when I do my banking, purchasing, and taxes on a Windows based computer. What’s a fella to do?
Until next time, be safe and God Bless.
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  1. I feel your pain!!! We have 4 computers and 2 of them do the same thing. They are pretty old so we bought 2 new ones and the boot-up goes lickety split. Good luck!!