Sunday, September 13, 2009

Perfect weather, busy day…

When I awoke this morning, I found a note from Wilma at the coffee pot. “Gone to Krogers, be right back”. Wow I thought, pretty energetic already so early in the morning to do the grocery shopping. I was on my first cup of coffee doing the Sudoko when she arrived back home. I helped bring the assortment of items in from the trunk of the car, noticing the bunch of cut yellow daisies. I asked her what was the occasion for the flowers. She said she thought we would go to Moms grave and place them there. Nice idea I thought.

Angel and Brooke arrived about 2 hours later for breakfast this morning. While eating Angel mentioned she tried to change her outdoor porch light on her mobil home. When she got to looking at the wires inside, one black one white and one bare, she got nervous and stopped before she would make a mistake. So after breakfast I went over to her home and changed out the light as she looked on. I explained each step of the replacement, hoping she would remember if she ever had to replace another one or help someone else. I’m sure she would be able to do it now that she was shown how its done.

Arriving back home, I started cleaning up the garage. Goodness sakes where did all this stuff come from?!?!? A few hours of steady work and it doesn’t look too awful bad. At least now I can see my work bench, (of course its piled high with STUFF that will be sold at the next sale.

Wilma is wanting to have another Garage Sale the first week in October. She has been going through the STUFF in the basement now for a couple weeks. My job will be to get all the “manly” STUFF, meaning my STUFF from the garage ready to sell. I guess I have convinced myself I don’t need a dozen flat head screwdrivers, 15 vise grips, the 16 foot aluminum extension ladder, and numerous other items I’ve collected. So this October its “out it goes, sell everything” Garage Sale. We are hoping to earn enough cash to re-paint and carpet the basement, making it livable again.

We then went to see Mom’s grave and place the flowers there. This had been the second time I’ve been there. The first just the day after the funeral. As I stood looking at her head stone, Wilma said she was going to leave me alone for awhile. As she walked away looking at the other head stones, the tears started flowing. I tried to hold them back but just could not. Damn I thought, here I am a man of 59 and crying for my mom! It just doesn’t seem…..manly?? So there I was by myself for an hour with the tears streaming down my face. When will this feeling stop? When will I think of her without a tear swelling up? In 12 days it will have been two months since she passed. I guess its like everyone says. No matter how hard one thinks they are, there is always a very soft place in ones heart for their mom.

So True!

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