Friday, September 18, 2009

Trying out Windows Live Writer..

Wilma has decided she really wants to have another garage sale to clear out our “stuff”.
Map picture
I have to work tomorrow, so when I get home I will be hauling out the tables to the garage. Don’t think the 5 tables we have is going to be enough to hold all the stuff she wants to sell. Plus I am going to add some “manly” stuff to the sale.
At the right is a map of the city I live in. I just don’t want to put my address here on a blog, not knowing who is reading this.
Plus I am trying out Windows Live Writer as several of the bloggers I follow are doing. Rick gave us all some great instructions on how to use it a few days ago. You can Click On Ricks Blog Here. If Rick keeps up that style of blog we will have to re name him “The Canadian Geek on Tour”!  :-)
It worked real well for Al on his blog last night. You can click on his blog, The Bayfield Bunch here.  Job well done Al! I only can hope I can write blogs as great as yours. Seems every time I read your blog it brings a smile to my face, sometimes a good ol fashioned belly roll laugh. Keep it up Al your great.
Looking at the Map above you will notice Selfridge Air Force Base. I’m just a few miles from the base. I just have to add another picture that was taken at the last air show this past August.

Kind of makes it look like I was riding in another plane taking this picture of the Thunderbirds, doesn’t it?

Really its the wonders of Picasa! Meaning you can do wonders with your photos using Picasa.

The Jones family

Can’t forget the great time we had last month going to Kentucky for Wilma’s family reunion.
Just a sampling of a few of the family members.

Looking back to last month, Wilma and I really had a busy and fun summer month. The rest of this month we will be focusing on the Garage sale. Next month we have our final for the year camping trip set.

Sorry this blog post isn’t too interesting, it actually is my training blog using Live Writer. I think as I keep using it I might get a little better at it. Hopefully I will anyway.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless
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  1. Hi, enjoyed reading your blog. Thanks for the mention, too! Live Writer, like most new software, takes a bit of time to get used to. I'm still working out some kinks but I'm convinced it will be very worthwhile.