Thursday, October 29, 2009

Work Schedule has increased.

Last Tuesday after work I headed straight for the basement to start clearing it out for new carpet and paint. Through the years of not using it for any family functions, it has collected a large amount of....well....I guess I'll call it treasures.?..?.
Much of it is sitting out at the curb tonight to be taken by the trash men. A car load has been packed and taken to Salvation Army. The rest I will have to find some nooks and crannies to stuff full.

After talking with Wilma, we have agreed to have Thanksgiving dinner at our home this year. So the time limit has been set, and it WILL BE DONE!

Plus today I've been informed that I'm to work 10 hours a day until further notice! Yikes! I guess they don't realize I'm getting up in years and really not looking forward to staying at work that many hours. But I have to be thankful, especially in today's times, that I have a job. So I guess every Friday I'll just have to "cry all the way to the bank" as they say and deposit the checks to pay the bills.

So I get home around 5pm with only an hour or so of daylight left. See all the leaves on the lawn that need to be picked up, walk into the home and know the work that is ahead of me in the basement. And know that I have to hit the bed early to start the routine all over again tomorrow.

So now you will know if there aren't many entries in this blog, that I haven't abandoned it, just trying to "take care of business" and get my work schedule completed.

So until next time, be safe, especially my "snowbird friends" in their southerly journey's, and God Bless.


  1. We'll soak up a few extra rays of sun for ya Fred:))

  2. Don't burn yourself out! Will wait patiently for your next Blog entry :-)

  3. Oh... don't you just hater the short days that are hear... and now the clock falls back an hour... YUK!!! Don't wear yourself out! Have fun!

    Travel Safe
    Happy Halloween