Sunday, November 8, 2009

Paint and new Carpet for Basement

Wilma and I have been working really steady and hard getting the basement ready for new carpet, which is supposed to be installed this Wednesday. We have talked about it and tomorrow Wilma is going to call Empire Today and re-schedule the carpet installation for Friday.
We are planning on having my entire family and Wilma’s entire family over for Thanksgiving Dinner. It will be the first holiday without Mom, and she always wanted everyone together for Thanksgiving. So I’m sure she will be there in thought and Spirit.
I am really starting to feel my age, since I was put on 10 hour days 7 days a week at work until further notice. Then come home grab a bite to eat and head for the basement. Wow, my days are now 15 hours long of steady work. As you can probably tell, Wilma and I both will be so happy when the basement is finished. Of course I don’t think I would make the dead line without Wilma’s help. She has been a real trooper, going way back to getting all the items out of the basement for the Garage Sale, running to Home Depot to purchase the paint and supplies, and helping me with the paint job. AND…she is doing all this on top of her daily chores!

Looking at the stairway area to the left, and what’s left of “Grandma’s Refrigerator”, that will be removed prior to the carpet installation.
The two colors of paint sample are on the wall that we picked from.


Standing in the same place as the photo above, but turning to the right is the other half of the basement. You can see where Wilma applied the paint samples to get a feel for color change in different light.
Also that is our “fake” fireplace.


Standing in the corner of the picture above and looking toward the are that the first picture was taken from.
Not a large basement, as our home is a Colonial, but it serves us very well, and has for the past 31 years.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

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