Sunday, December 27, 2009

Another Family Christmas Celebration

Today we celebrated our annual Christmas Celebration with my family, meaning my father, brother, and both sisters, along with their families.

DSC_0003 We started with a reservation at 1:00pm at Michael's Kitchen. A great family restaurant with great food at a great price.





The Grandkids had a table to themselves, with the supervision of Aunt Angel.

Fed 7 for only $42.00 and two Grandkids took home a left over.





From the restaurant we all went over to my brother Ken’s home, where we were met with this wonderful desert table they had prepared.





Opapa, as my Grandkids call my father, was the first to receive a gift from my daughter Angel and her daughter Brooke.



So from the eldest to the youngest, gifts were exchanged along with much conversations, joking and laughing.



Let me introduce Hayden, around 5 weeks old now. He is the second Grandson of my Brother Ken, and the youngest addition to the family.





He is the first child to Melissa and Nick, Brother Ken’s daughter and son-in-law.

What proud parents they are!


We were only missing a few members of the family. Tina, my daughter was home with a bad sore throat and her daughter Haley who stayed home to take care of  mom.

Also my sister Judy’s son Derek. Along with his wife Veronica and daughter Marissa. He just returned home from Afganistan and is in California with his family. He will be here in Michigan in early January.

I just felt that we needed to take some family photo’s… so here are some of my family.



Starting on the left is Judy, Catherine, Dad, Me and Ken.



Dad, myself, Judy and Ken were all born in the month of May. Except for Dad of course, we were all born exactly 2 years apart. Judy being 2 years younger than me, and Ken being 4 years younger than me.  So by the end of May we were all pretty tired of birthday cake every year growing up. ;-)  Catherine came exactly 10 years after I was born but in the month of August.



Here I am with my wonderful wife Wilma.

Sometimes know as “The Flintstones”.  ;-)





Then comes Judy with her friend Steve.






Next is my Brother Ken and his wife Margie daughter Melissa and son Kenny.





Finally my Sister Catherine, her husband Scott and two sons, Austin and Nathan.





Here is Kenny with wife Jamie and son Brian. Brian is all boy and a spitten image in character to his dad, my nephew, Kenny.





Melissa with husband Nick and new son Heyden.






Angel, my daughter with her daughter Brooke.




Oh NO! I didn’t get a picture of my other Grandkids, Tina’s family! I’m in big trouble now….. Ok….well….my excuse has to be this. Haley, the oldest Grandchild wasn’t present. You just can’t leave anyone out now can you ? ! ? 



So to cover myself, here they all are from a shot taken at my house on Christmas Day, along with Wilma’s brother Eddie and his wife Beth.



What a great time we all had today.

Except for missing Mom really bad Christmas evening, this has been one GREAT CHRISTMAS. How I love my family!

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

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  1. How wonderful to spend time at Christmas with your family... Yours is a beautiful family and it looked like fun was had by one & all... Have a super week and travel safe!

    Wishing you & your family the most joyful and Happy New Year...