Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas with the family was Great!

Our “out of state” company, Eddie & Beth (Eddie is Wilma’s brother) arrived at 6pm on Wednesday the 23rd. They plan on staying here until January 2nd. except for a few days to spend with Connie, (Wilma & Eddie’s sister) who lives about 5 miles north of us.

Wilma had a great meal prepared for their arrival, and we could tell they were as ready as I was to enjoy the dinner.

The following day we went to Greektown Casino in Detroit. Angel, our daughter asked if she could go with us, as her daughter Brooke was with her dad, and she was home alone. We arrived around 11:15am and we all made arrangements to meet at a given spot at 12:30pm.

We actually didn’t have to worry too much about loosing each other as we were always within eye site of each other.

Wilma asked me where I was going to start, I held up my hand and started walking. Within 4 steps I said this one, and pointed to a 2cent slot machine.

Wilma and I only allowed ourselves $40.00 each to gamble with. When that was gone….we were gone.

So I slipped the first $20 bill into the machine. Bet the max, what ever that was, and won nothing. Pushed the “replay” button and HIT! Great…hit for $207.00! WOW… I cashed out. Wilma and Angel were still within eye site and couldn’t believe it. Actually I couldn’t either, as I have never won at any Casino.

After our excitement, Angel, Wilma and I split up, each finding our special machine. Within 10 minutes on another machine I hit again! This time for around $246.00! Holy Smokes! I cashed out again and moved to another machine. Found my third machine, started playing and after about 15 minutes and loosing about $5.00 I hit again! Another $200.00 plus! I just couldn’t believe it! So I cashed out of that one. Now I’m holding 3 receipts totaling a little over $700.00.  Found another machine that I felt lucky with and lost a couple dollars. Cashed out and I was done.

We all decided to eat lunch at the Casino and I had no problem at all buying the 5 meals. What a wonderful day.

Christmas morning came, Tina and her family, and Angel and Brooke arrived around 10am.



It’s a new tradition that Eddie and myself fix the breakfast for the family  prior to opening gifts.










EveryDSC_0231one enjoyed opening their gifts, laughing, joking, and in general having a great time.




Seemed everyone liked all their gifts and there will be no returns this year.


 DSC_0226 DSC_0259DSC_0245

Later in the afternoon, Eddie and Beth left to spend a few days with Connie. Wilma and I had the house to ourselves. We both relaxed and watched a little TV before Wilma said she wanted to take a short nap.

I headed for the computer where I felt I had time to install Windows 7 and remove Vista on my desktop machine. Just about 4 hours later, using the Windows 7 Upgrade disk, I had a complete install. Actually you have to install it twice to get a “complete” install and format the C drive.

As of today I haven’t gotten around to installing every program I had prior to the Win7 install, but I’m finding out I really don’t need all of them.

So far, so good on the way the computer is running. I have heard many great reviews about Win7 and very little complaints. Most of the complaints were with the installations. But I found that not to be as difficult as I had feared.

I’ll leave you today with this wish from Wilma and myself, that each of you have a wonderful Holiday season, and a better New Year than the last.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

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  1. Sounds like a GREAT day and wow did you ever clean up at the casino... I have heard a lot of great things about Windows 7 too... I'll be interested in yours when you get into it more. Have FUN and Travel Safely!
    Happy New Year