Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Eye Dr. Appointment

I had an appointment with my Eye Dr. today at 2:30pm. I have been seeing this specialist since the middle of July, it was my 3 appointment with him.

Last July while on Vacation in Virginia, I had a problem with my left eye. Seems I was under much more stress than I thought I was just before our trip home. While I was putting the hoses away getting ready to leave Virginia Beach, I noticed a blur in my left eye. I cleaned my glasses but it did no good. I then knew immediately what had happened.

Back in my younger years, my mid 30's I was under allot of stress at home. It affected my sight in my left eye. The diagnosis then from the Eye Dr. was a ruptured blood vein in front of the optic nerve. Back in those days there was no cure except to let mother nature take its course and the blood would dissolve and sight would return. This indeed happened, it took almost a year but gradually my vision became 20/20 again.

So when it happened again in Virginia, I knew exactly what had happened. Upon returning home from our vacation trip to Virginia the Eye Dr. confirmed what I suspected and I have been under his care since. Today after my exam he asked if there was any improvement since the last appointment. Upon telling him I don't see any improvement he looked at the pictures taken of the inside of my eyes closer, and with his instruments and BRIGHT lights looked into my eyes again. He then suggested that we  proceed further to the next step. Asking him what that would be, he informed me that he would inject a medication into my eye that would relieve the swelling and in turn allow the excess blood to dissolve.

Imagine my horror when I heard that! A shot in the eye! Was he serious! Oh NO!

He assured me that I would feel no pain whatsoever. Then he said, did I notice all the elderly men and women in his waiting room? Yes I said, and he said half of them have had to have injections and they walk out of the office without any complications.

Well I didn't feel particularly convinced by that statement, but I told him I have to put my faith in him as he was the specialist, and if this is what he believes will help me then we should do it.

So next Tuesday, the 8th. at 4pm I go get my first and hopefully last shot in the eye. As he mentioned that I will have to have a driver, Wilma will be my designated driver from the Dr.'s office after the procedure.

It still gives me the creeps.... sounds like something out of a Frankenstein movie!

Then the very next day, my Dad has to have a cataract removed from his left eye.

I'm not looking forward to next week at all. And I ask for your kind thoughts and prayers that both procedures, mine and my Dad's, are totally successful.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.


  1. I will be thinking of you. I hope all will be well for you and Wilma. I had cataract operations on both eyes and had no problems. It was not even uncomfortable. Best of luck!

  2. so sorry to read about your eye problem - you can't even close your eyes as the needle approaches! Our thoughts will be with you.

  3. Thank you both for thinking of me and my Dad.
    Keep us in your prayers.