Thursday, December 10, 2009

Needle in the eye!


Wilma took me to the eye Dr. for my scheduled appointment this past Tuesday. 3:50pm I arrived, and by 4pm they started putting drops in my left eye to start the numbing process. A total of 4 separate drugs were used. Then into another waiting room for 45 minutes to let the drugs work.

Finally I was led to the room that the Dr. was going to perform the procedure. Oh what the heck I’ll just say it like it is. He was getting ready to stick a needle in my eye, inject some drug that relieves the eye pressure, and hopefully my sight will be improved.

After sitting in the room for what seemed like an hour, really it was only about 10 minutes he entered. Of course he tried to make conversation by asking how I was doing. I told him that seeing that I’ve never had a needle in the eye before, I was pretty darn scared and nervous.

He assured me there would be no pain what so ever. I kind of relaxed, trusting in him.

He said first would be a swab with a stronger numbing drug. Sitting upright, I was told to look up and to the right. As he placed the swab on the lower section of my eye I could feel a stinging sensation. Letting him know this he added another drop of a different drug to numb the area. There he said now you won’t feel anything. He re-applied the first swab again with more of the strong numbing drug. I felt nothing. I was by now kind of relaxing a little.

He moved back to his table of instruments…..and the NEEDLES. I kept looking away. He approached again, said to look upward and to the right. Re-assuring me there would be no pain he would wait a minute to let the drugs take full affect. He then asked how I was doing. I said fine, no pain, kind of relaxed for under the circumstance.

He then said, well if I didn’t hurt you by now I won’t hurt you. We are done. Just have to add more anti-biotic solution.

Within another 10 minutes I was walking out of the office with Wilma.

It’s amazing but I felt nothing more than what you would feel if you got an eye lash in your eye.

I asked Wilma to take a picture so I could post it here and I could get a good look myself of what my eye looked like. So here it is….DSC_0048


A blood shot eye. Looks much worse than it feels, but I don’t want to go through with this procedure ever again!


It’s Thursday evening, two days after the procedure and I still feel like there is something in my eye. But it isn’t where the shot was, it’s on the other side of my eye, the upper right side. I tell everyone I think the Doc used too long of a needle and came out the other side of my eye and that’s why I feel like there is something in my eye there. 

I know….bad joke….but it did get allot of funny looking faces from the guys at work today! A couple guys almost passed out!  ;>)) 

Dad came through his cataract surgery fine on Wednesday. I took him dinner Wednesday night and ate with him. After dinner we talked for a little while and I could tell he wanted to go to bed for the night. It was a long and stressful afternoon for him. Hopefully it was a success and he won’t have the blurry vision in that eye.

So, until our next adventure, take care and God Bless.


  1. I am sure it will be better for both you and your father in no time - you are a brave man! Take care in the next few days!
    Don and Kim

  2. Reading your post I felt I was right there getting a needle in the eye myself:((

  3. I bet both of you are glad to have that over with. Hopefully you'll get back to normal quickly. I was never sorry to have both my eyes done. I only need glasses to read now.

  4. Oh good luck with all that for you & your dad... My honey had eye surgery once and passed out cold as soon as the needle got close to him ☺☺☺ Have a wonderful day and Travel Safe