Friday, May 29, 2009

Camping trip cancelled

Friday, May 29, 2009

Wilma and I decided we really didn't need to "get away for the weekend".

So, this is what we decided to purchase instead of spending the money on fuel.

My Grand Daughter Brooke tells me it's called a "Chimnea". Kids are getting smarter than this ol goat, and I just bought it yesterday. You would think I would remember what it's called.
We are looking forward to many evenings on the deck enjoying a fire inside.

Until our next adventure, be safe and God Bless.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Around the Home front

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wednesday afternoon, still doing odd jobs around the home front.
Finished De-winterizing the motorhome yesterday. Found NO water leaks....thank God! I'm really beginning to be a believer that the best way to protect the water lines is by using compressed air and blowing out the water lines. This seems to get every last drop out.
Started to put back the items that stay in the motorhome all summer, such as the dish soap, laundry products and bath and shower products. These cannot stay in there for the winter so I have a check off list to follow so not to overlook any of the items.
Tomorrow we might start putting in the food we want to take for our "week end get a way".
Until next safe and God Bless.
Oh yes, I see that my ol Navy buddy Dick and his lovely wife Connie has stopped by lately. Hi guys, sure would like to get together again. We are planning a vacation to Virginia Beach in July to visit the ol stomping grounds in Norfolk and the surrounding areas. Interested?

Friday, May 22, 2009

First Day of Vacation?

Friday, May 22nd.

Notice the question mark on the article title? What that means is that this is one of those dreaded “work” vacations.

I’ve had to do it in the past. You know, when the work around the home gets to the point of almost overwhelming you? Well, it’s happened again. So I’ve decided to take next week off. As Monday is Memorial Day, and a paid holiday, it won’t count as a vacation day. I’m only using 4 vacation days and end up with a total of 9 days off. A good deal for me if I can say so myself.

First we celebrated Brooks Birthday. The family gathered at Angels home, we bought the pizza and she furnished everything else.

She received a good sum of CASH…just what a young 9 year old wanted!

Saturday, May 23rd.

I’m using a new to me program for this entry. It’s called Windows Live Writer, a free program that can be downloaded from Microsoft. It seems pretty neat and I can do some things that Blogger won’t let me do. So this is why the entries may look a little different than in the past.

Today was dedicated to working on the Motor Home. Started around 9:30am with bringing the batteries up from the basement to install in the MH. The engine battery checked out great, however, I have two “coach” deep cycle batteries and only one checked out good. So for now I just hooked up the good one, as our next trip we will have power and won’t be relying on battery power for the coach. Next job was an oil change and new filter, and a complete grease job including the drive shaft universals. That took longer than expected as I had to make a run to the local auto store to purchase the oil and filter. As I had an abundance of dead batteries, I took one of them along and dropped it off at the auto store. Oil and grease job completed, checked and all ok except the overflow tank for the radiator. Seemed too low for me as it was below the “cold” mark on the overflow tank. A half gallon of 50/50 mix and the level now stands between the cold and hot lines. Started the engine and let it idle until it was up to operating temperature. Noted that the air compressor reached it’s set pressure for the rear air bags and shut off. Great! Everything looks good so far. Now tomorrow I must keep my fingers crossed and tackle the water system. Always a little scared when I first turn on the pump and check for any “winter freeze up damage”. It's now 4:30pm and I'm going to call it a day.

It's now 8pm and we just received a phone call from Wilma’s cousin. It seems as though her new boyfriend may have had a heart attack! The guy looks like he’s fit, no extra luggage around the mid drift, like I have, and only in his 50’s. Seems he was working in his yard today pretty long and hard. The temperature in Ky. was above average in the mid 80’s. He hadn’t been drinking enough fluids and thought he may be having a little heat exhaustion, then his left arm started hurting real bad. He was taken to the local hospital and they transferred him to a larger hospital some 60 miles away from his home. Needless to say, Wilma is quite worried. We both are praying for his return to good health, and we ask for your prayers also.

More adventures to follow, until then, be safe and God Bless.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Finally, the Sidewalk is completed.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Holy Smokes what an ordeal!

It's finally completed!

And we have been given our final approval from the City!

How happy am I you may be asking? Well, the neighbor, Kevin & his wife Lois, along with Wilma and I are going out to the "Fire House" for dinner and a few "adult refreshments" to celebrate the end of this nightmare.
After dinner, we will settle up on the concrete bill. Total amount of concrete was 9 yards. I had 8 flags of sidewalk replaced, which measured 5ft. X 5ft. X 4in. thick. Now for all those who know how to do the math, you will know how much I actually used, and Kevin used the rest of the load.
One last standing ordeal I have to do yet. That is to return to Court to face the Judge and show that the sidewalk in question has been replaced.
I missed the last scheduled date of appearance which was for May 7th. The City attorney requested a 60 day extension, as they, the city, failed to remove the tree roots that is blocking the replacement of the sidewalk. This was awarded to us by the Judge and we were re-scheduled for July 7th.
I just got off the phone with the District Court and have been rescheduled to appear on June 11th. I really want to get this final episode closed once and for all.
Now I really hope the Judge will go easy on me and not fine me Court costs like the last time!
So....another adventure completed. Until next time be safe & God Bless.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

No Cement Today!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

You just can't imagine how frustrated Wilma and I are at this time.
Yesterday it was talked about between Dale, (our cement guy) and us about his plans for today. He told us he would be here at 7:30am. The Cement truck will be here by 8am. Wilma told him that she has grand kids to take to school at different times in the morning, and that she wouldn't be able to wait hours for the delivery of the cement.
Dale assured us that the cement would arrive between 7:45 and 8am. Fine we said, the driver can submit the bill to Wilma and she will write him a check for the full amount.
I mentioned to him that they are calling for rain around 5pm. He assured me that the cement would be ok as he was going to have a "stiff" mix. Meaning a mix with firm concrete, not much water added so the set up time would be quicker.
All was agreed upon and the last words from him was, see you in the morning.
Fast forward now to this morning at 8am. I get a phone call from Wilma. "Didn't Dale say he would be here before 8am? And isn't the cement truck supposed to be here before 8am? Yes I assured her, what are you saying...another "no show" from Dale? Yes, he isn't here and I have to get Brooke off to school now! I told her to leave and I would call Dale.
Phone call to Dale.....Dale...where the hell are you? I uh, got a call this morning from my brother in law, and he said it was supposed to be raining by 8am, so I called off the pour today.
Dale, it's 8:05 and the sun is shinning! I told you last night what the weather is going to be today. We had another understanding you broke!
(Now I'm smoking mad!)
Dale...didn't you even think of calling Wilma and telling her you called off the pour today, so she wouldn't be pacing the floors waiting for you and the cement delivery? She is really trying to accommodate you between taking the grand kids to school. This is really pissing me off Dale! This is now the third time you told us something and went back on your word!
He stuttered a little and said I guess I could of poured today huh? Well I'll get my help together and we should be there by noon.
Forget it Dale! That's going to be too late with storms moving in by 5pm. Even I know that! You are going to have to do the pour either Thursday afternoon when the storms will be gone, or Friday morning.
Well ok. I'll see you then Dale said. That's when I hung up.
Damn it, I'm usually an easy going guy, but this guy really got me hot this morning when I heard he stood me up again for no good reason at all. And to make things worse, this time he affected my family, my wife and grand kids, not just me and the neighbor.
Now I understand why this guy is un-employed! If I owned a business and an employee did this to me he would be long gone and forgotten about.
Well I feel I got this off my chest, and now it's time for a glass of red wine.....well....maybe 2 glasses of red wine!
Another adventure, until next time, be safe and God Bless.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Form Inspection Good, Pour tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My contractor told a white lie yesterday. Said he was ready for the forms to be inspected Monday morning. Well, he wasn’t ready at all Monday, and the inspector drove past the house and my neighbors home without stopping.

So now when he called this morning for the form inspection, the inspector made him wait. Dale was ready for the inspection by 10am. The inspector didn’t show until around 1pm. Too late in the day to order a load of concrete. Needless to say, Dale was a little upset. Oh well, you know the saying, “don’t upset the inspector”.

Received a phone call from Dale around 3:30pm informing me that the cement will be ordered first thing in the morning. I cautioned him that there are storms that are scheduled for our area around 4pm. He said that he is going to order the mix on the dry side so that it will hold up to any rain.

I guess we will see. Because I told him I have to have a “Final” inspection, and it can’t have marks in the cement from rain. He assured me it would be ok. So I guess I’ll just have to take his word for it.

Another adventure, and I’ll be happy when this one is done!

So until next time, be safe and God Bless.

Friday, May 8, 2009

The Sidewalk Work Begins

Friday, May 8, 2009

The Sidewalk Work Begins. This morning around 9am Dale showed up with his brother-in-law to start removing the remaining bad sections of sidewalk. They have a Ford 150 with a utility trailer. They are busting up the cement with a sledge. labor intensive is that! I mentioned to him that there are enough neighbors in this sub division to keep them both busy all summer. He said that would be great, and that he might look into renting a Bob Cat and small truck in the future. I then told him the other neighbor needs some sidewalk replaced but she is waiting to see his final work before she takes his bid for her job, if he is interested.

I have to do the Walmart thing to order a new pair of sunglasses. So I'm gone for part of the day today.

2pm. Friday

I’m back from Walmart, CVS, and a haircut. Been gone 3 hours and no Dale. I guess he thinks he can do more in a day than what is possible.

It took the pharmacy at Walmart an hour to tell me they cannot charge me one deductable for my prescription, as there is a 3 month supply on the prescription. What? Medco only charges one deductable! So an hour was wasted there.

3:30pm. Dale arrives!

Dale arrives with his 2X4’s and the yard of sand. Gave me the bill for the sand, $18.00. I gave him $20.00 & keep the change. He then asked me if my neighbor would be willing to advance him some of the labor payment so he has money to haul away his broken concrete. I had to tell him he would have to talk to him about that as I can’t speak for him.

Later after Dale left, Wilma & I were leaving to get my brother and his wife a carry out for dinner. My neighbor pulled up and I went over to tell him Dale will be calling him. I told him what was on Dale’s mind, Kevin, my neighbor, said he will front him some of the labor to cover the cost of hauling away the concrete. Great I said, that will make Dale happy.

7:30pm. Back home from dinner.

We had a great chicken dinner with my brother and his wife Margie. Back home now ready to relax for the evening, maybe watch some TV.

I’m writing this blog entry on a new program I downloaded called Windows Live Writer. It looks pretty easy to use and hopefully it will do what it’s supposed to do as far as updating my Blog.

Tomorrow morning Dale said he wants to rent a “Jack Hammer” to remove Kevin’s bad sidewalk. I wish him luck as there are 14 flags which are 5ft. X 5ft.

We, meaning Wilma and I are going “Flower shopping”.

So until our next adventure, be safe and God Bless.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Getting an un-easy feeling

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Wednesday evening Dale, the concrete man, phoned and said that Steven had turned the sidewalk replacement over to him. That he was going to be at my home at 9am Thursday morning to remove the sidewalk that needs to be replaced and put up the forms. That I should call Thursday morning for the inspector to come out first thing Friday morning so he (Dale) could start to pour the concrete.
Well, this morning came and passed. I told Wilma to call me at work when Dale arrives. No call from her until she was frantic.
The "blight officer" from the city came out to take pictures. (The same shots that are on the last blog posting). Wilma asked what was going on and he informed her that I was to be in court today! Wow! What! No Way!!!! I haven't been sent any notice from the courts to appear, I have purchased my permit, and work is in progress.
He didn't seem to care much, telling Wilma that if I cannot appear maybe she should appear. She informed him we haven't been sent any notice to appear in court. His answer...well I have been and I advise you to be there.
By this time Wilma was furious! She demanded what he expects us to do as the work is in progress! His answer....well I guess I can ask the judge to give you leniency and ask for a 30 day extension.
So, after she phoned me almost in tears from talking with this damn fool, I now fret of having the police at my door with a warrant for my arrest! Am I in contempt of court?
Darn it anyway,...I considered myself to be an honest, law abiding citizen. How can this be happening to me!
Needless to say I was pretty hot by the time I arrived home from work and still NO Dale and nothing more done on the sidewalk. Now I'm looking like a fool in my neighbors eyes because yesterday after talking to Dale and hearing his schedule, I phoned my neighbor and informed him.
I just had to call Dale. Asked him what's going on. "My truck broke down today, but it's fixed now". I guess I should of called and let you know.
Well yea that would of been nice. And also I'm glad I didn't do as you ordered me to do about calling the inspector! Would of made me look like a damn fool if he arrived first thing tomorrow morning and your not ready! One thing I have learned in my 59 years is you don't screw around with the inspectors! How pissed do you think he would of been?
I told him I expect him first thing in the morning, as I will be here waiting!
There is no doubt that he understands how pissed off I am about this. And if he isn't hear by 9am tomorrow morning he is done! I'll find someone else to do the job.
Darn it all anyway....this sidewalk thing is getting on my last nerve! And will I ever be glad and rest easier when it's all over and done with!
Maybe tomorrow I'll have more pictures to post and another update.....that is if I'm not arrested! Think I'll be able to sleep tonight????? NO WAY!
Hope your day went better than mine, and until next time, be safe and God Bless.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sidewalk Replacement Begins

Sunday, May 3, 2009

This afternoon the beginning of the sidewalk replacement began. Steve, the son of one of my close friends, was originally hired to replace 3 flags of sidewalk for me. He called Friday and said he would start the removal Sunday. Today was that day! He also brought along a friend of his that has been in the cement business for over 25 years to help him.

I introduced them to my neighbor who also needs some sidewalk replacement. As it turns out my neighbor needs about 15 flags replaced. Talking to Steve, he said we should be just a little shy of a full load, and if we ordered a full load the price per yard would be less.
So... as you can see from the picture below it looks like I have another 5 flags that can be added to make a full load between the two of us.

We have agreed on a labor price per flag, and we will each pay for our amount of concrete. He has around 15 flags and I now have 8 flags.
Tomorrow morning I will be calling our Cities "forestry" dept. to have the tree roots ground out from where the new concrete will be laid. After the roots are ground out, I will call Steve to have the forms put in place. Meanwhile my neighbor will be getting his permit from the city to have his sections replaced. Steve said when he comes out to put in our forms, he would then remove the rest of the sections of sidewalk that need to be removed from my sidewalk and my neighbors.
After the forms are in place I call the inspector requesting a "form inspection". After approval then the cement is poured. After it sets up, the forms are removed and I call for the final inspection. If all goes well, and the final inspection passes, both the neighbor and myself will be refunded the $100.00 bond that each of us had to put up along with the $35.00 permit fee.
I'll tell ya, I sure will be glad when this is all over and done with. If you are a regular reader, you may remember that this all started last Summer.

Another adventure, until next time, be safe and God Bless.