Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Mom is now with God.

This morning at 6am the sky was dark with rain clouds, and there was a slight sprinkle as I sat on our deck having my first cup of coffee and thinking what today will be like. I prayed the rain would hold off until the end of the day. My prayer was answered. It's 8:30pm and still no rain.

The funeral for my Mom is now over. Her tired body is now in its final resting place, her soul in heaven with God the Father.

I just returned home from my last check on Dad for the day. He seems to be doing ok, but I'm going to be checking on him every day, just as my sister Judy is.

Dad was almost overwhelmed at how many friends and family came to the funeral home during the 5 hour visitation yesterday evening. His words..."the flowers, look at all the flowers, and the people, look at all the people". I guess he didn't expect any flowers as it was requested in the obituary in the local paper that in lieu of flowers one may contribute to the St. Jude Hospital for Children, or the St. John Hospice.

It was truly beautiful and touching seeing everyone that had known of my Mom. She was a loved lady by many in her 81 years of life here on Earth, and I feel blessed she was my Mom.

The Funeral Mass, and words spoken at the Cemetery were also touching and beautiful.

Now for the next few days, maybe weeks, I will be helping Dad get a handle on all the loose ends that have to be taken care of.

I also wish to extend my thanks to those who read my Blog, that have sent me and my family their well wishes and prayers. You also have touched my heart in such a wonderful way. I feel you are now part of my family. Thank you all and God Bless you.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Day 5 of Hospice

Mom reached day 5 of Hospice care today at 12:30pm.

I arrived at the hospital yesterday afternoon around 6:15pm so that my sister Judy could leave. Before she left, she gave me a hug and broke down. She has no one at home with her, and I was glad she chose me to lean on. She would be returning at 10am the following morning with our Dad.

I was to stay with Mom through the night. Her condition was failing daily now. Her feet were still warm to the touch, her forehead was warm with a fever. Her breaths were quick and shallow. She no longer could respond verbally to us, although Hospice said she could still hear us.

Around 2am there was a noticeable rumbling sound in her chest on every breath she took in. I could just feel it in my soul she didn't have much longer.

Judy and Dad arrived at 9:30am this morning. Dad complaining he just didn't feel good. Didn't sleep very well last night at all. I took Judy aside and told her to keep a close watch on Dad and when they leave make sure he eats lunch then get him home to lay down and try to take a nap.

My brother Ken arrived at noon. Judy did what I suggested with Dad.

I had gone to the Banquet Hall to pay the deposit and give them our choice of the menu. Then to the funeral home to give them a picture of Mom that we want on the hand-outs. From there back home to clean up and go to bed. By now it was around 1pm. to get some much needed sleep.

The phone rang at 2:05pm. "Hello"...Ken said Fred?.....Yea Ken....Fred, this is the call, Mom passed away at 1:25pm, I didn't want to call until the Dr. arrived and confirmed".

The family all gathered back in Mom's room at the hospital. Dad went immediatly to Mom's side. I had to leave the room to give him his privacy, the rest followed. After about 5 minutes I went in with Wilma, then Catherine and her husband Scott.

We said what we felt we had to say. Ken signed the paperwork for the hospital authorizing NO autopsy and to release Mom to the Funeral Director.

Tomorrow we meet with the Funeral Director to finish up the last bit of details. She will be available for viewing this Tuesday, with her Mass and burial on Wednesday.

So ends my Mothers life that was filled with love and kindness even to the end. The nurses commented several times how sweet and courteous she was, always asking with a please and thank you. A life that was filled with constant pain for the past 25 years.

God rest your soul in His loving hands Mom.
We will all miss you, but we will see you again in heaven.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hospice care day 3

Thursday, the week is just flying by. Mom is still under Hospice care.

The two medications she is receiving are Adavan, (tranquilizer, to make her relax) and Dilotin (spelling may be wrong, for pain).

I don't know how much Adavan she was taking while she was at home but I do know how much of the narcotic Dilotin for pain she was taking.

At home she was taking a pill form of Dilotin, 4 milligrams every 3 hours. When Hospice took over her care, her dose was increased to 4 milligrams per hour via IV. That day she said she had "NO pain at all, it's wonderful, I'm in heaven" with a smile on her face. I felt good in a way because she has been in constant pain for over 40 years.

This afternoon I was at her bedside from noon until 6:30pm when my sister came in to be with mom. Her Dilotin is now at a rate of 8 Milligrams per hour. She is being injected with 3 milligrams of Adavan every 6 hours and as much as needed between to keep her comfortable, meaning so she is not thrashing around.

She cannot talk, only tries and the only phrases we could understand at different times were, "O Lord" "I'm Sorry" "Help Me".

I knew that she was feeling pain because when she was home when the pain medication would wear off and the pain would start, she would always say "O Lord the pain". I mentioned this to the nurse so she could take action. I'm expecting by tomorrow her Dilotin will be increased again.

Funeral arrangements were taken care of yesterday. I went with my Dad and Sister Judy to get him through the decision making process. We weren't sure how he would re-act. But he did pretty well under the circumstances.

I don't understand how Hospice knows when a person is not feeling pain. I guess from all the years of experience. I pray they are correct in what they say, because it would be driving me crazy if I knew she was laying there in alot of pain but unable to respond because of the meds.

I put my faith in the Lord to guide them.

Don't know what tomorrow will bring except I am going to be staying with her through the entire night tomorrow night.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Hospice called in

Monday, July 20th.

The past three days have been a whirlwind in my mind. So many things happening to Mom at the Hospital.
Last Thursday my sister Judy and Dad had to call 911 to have Mom taken to the hospital. From the Emergency room to Intensive Care Unit, (ICU). Diagnosis...pneumonia in the left lung and a urinary tract infection.

<--Mom, taken exactly one year ago today.

As she just was released two weeks ago from the hospital from a bout with pneumonia, we had hoped that she would be able to get better and be released again. This did not turn out as we had hoped.

I was called at 4am on Saturday, July 18th and told that she was to the point now that she probably wouldn't be cured
as the pneumonia was progressing and she was getting worse. I had to break camp, break my Grand Daughters hearts and tell them that we had to go back home. After Wilma explained the situation to them, and after a short cry, they both understood and helped us pack up things for our 1 hour trip home.

Arriving home by 10am, I and Wilma headed straight for the hospital. Seeing my Dad and sister Judy were noticably upset, I was taken out of Mom's room to the hall where the Dr. explained Mom's condition.

Her left lung was lost completly to the pneumonia. Un-repairable damage. Very possible that the pneumonia will be advancing to her right lung. Urinary tract infection still full blown, and now we have a bowl obstruction that has to be attended to. After talking to him for what seemed like an hour, we got his prognosis in his opinion. Terminal. The word hit home hard.

Saturday afternoon at 4pm, we had a family meeting at Dad's home. We all had to agree on a plan that we would have to take. It was agreed to call in Hospice. Ken and I went back to the hospital to make the arrangements to have Mom transfered from the ICU to "Comfort Care". The order was given to contact Hospice. Ken and I then left the hospital after my daughter, Tina arrived to "stay with Grandma".

She called me around 9pm telling me that Grandma was being moved to room 621, and placed in the Comfort Care unit. Now only drugs to make her comfortable would be administered, all others would be discountinued.

I and Wilma arrive Sunday morning, we stay until Ken arrives around 5pm. I leave to go get something to eat and take Wilma back home. I then went back to the hospital to stay the night.

Mom's condition worsens Sunday night. She is laboring to breathe even with the oxygen mask on. Ken arrives around 9am Monday morning. I go home to get some much needed sleep and some breakfast.

Just finishing breakfast my cell phone rings, it's Hospice wanting to set up a meeting with the family for 11:30am. We set the time of the meeting, and I made the calls to the other family members to be at the meeting.

Today by 12:30pm, the necessary paperwork was sighned by Dad and I allowing Hospice to take over the application of all care for Mom.

I know it's the best for Mom, but seeing the fright in her eyes when she realized the family just returned from a "meeting", she just knew what we had done.

What followed was so far the most heart breaking thing I have ever experienced in my life. To see my father on his knees at the side of her bed while she tells him she doesn't want to die and leave him, just tore at my heart.

Each sibling had their special time with her before leaving for the day, assuring her we would be back tomorrow. Catherine, my youngest sister is staying with her all night tonight. I will most likely arrive tomorrow morning sometime, after a much need sleep for the night.

Hospice already had her medication adjusted and her pain was subsiding, as we were saying our good by's for today.

What a roller coaster of emotions I am experiencing. One minute knowing she will be with her Mom & Dad in heaven withing a week, possibly, the other minute crying like a new born baby.

Please pray for my Mother, and family, to give us the strength to endure through this trying and difficult time.
Mom and I, July 20, 2008

Good News and Bad News

July 18, 2009
We had planned on our annual camping trip with our two 9 year old Grand daughters. Becka has been packed for a month waiting for this weekend's camping trip, and Brooke talked about everything they were going to do everytime I saw her for the last 3 weeks.

Thursday morning we left and were at the campground by 11am. We had a wonderful 2 days filled with an assortment of things to do. Swimming at the lake, trolley car ride, bike rides, playground, fishing, and even got to have the Ice Cream Cones. Mmm Good...

Meanwhile I was being kept updated on Mom's condition. Tuesday evening Wilma and I took over a delicious roast beef dinner to have with Mom & Dad. They both enjoyed it along with our company eating with them. Wednesday morning I received a call from Dad at 6am. Mom not doing well, might have to call 911.

All day Wednesday I spent at Dad's house with my sister taking care of Mom, in contact with her Dr.'s. By the end of the day I informed Judy, my sister, and Dad that I was getting concerned with the raspy breaths she is having. Sounded like Pneumonia setting in again. If she wasn't better by Thursday morning I would call 911.

Thursday morning came and I left with the two grand daughters on their camping trip. My heart torn in two. I needed to be with Mom, but I also had promised those to grand daughters about camping and they were both looking forward to it for so long.

My brother Ken, and Judy were going to keep me updated via cell phone.

Saturday morning at 4am the call came. Ken informed me that Mom was not doing well at all being in ICU and the Dr.s needed permission to, whats the word, put the breathing machine with the tube down her throat forcing her to breath.

It was Moms last will and testament saying she did not want any form of artificial machines to keep alive. Dad could not make the decision alone so he called Ken. Ken wanted my opinion as I am the eldest child. I asked him what his thoughts were. He wanted to honor her last will. I agreed so he was to let Dad know how we both felt before making a decision. I told Ken that I would be on my way home at day break.

Dad made the decision. No help from machines, no resuscitation.

Arriving at the hospital by 11am, Wilma and I saw she was not struggling for breath but was being assisted with an oxygen mask to help her breath. Ken did give permission for that only.

Dad and Judy had to leave when they saw Wilma and I arrive. Dad is completely wore out. He just can't stand to see his wife under such pain.

Speaking with the head nurse in charge of Mom for at least an hour, she started giving us answers to the hard questions we had. Explaining exactly what the Dr. did when I arrived only in a more understandable way.

Ken asked to have a family meeting at 4pm. We all needed to know each others wishes. After telling Judy, Catherine, my younger sister, Ken and Dad of what all the nurse had told me just 2 hours prior, we all came to the agreement that Hospice needed to be called.

Being the eldest, I looked over at Dad. Dad, I said, is it your wish to allow Hospice to make Mom comfortable? He looked me straight in the eye, (which he very seldom does) and said yes I think it's time.

This is what we all had to hear from him. We are all in agreement. No pressure on anyone to make a decision. But it had to be made. It's so hard but I have to keep telling myself its for her not me. She is in such pain, and now with the loss of her left lung she is laboring to breath, I have to keep telling myself is for your mom's sake, not yours.

The tears are rolling out of my eyes, I can't see to type now. I will write again soon.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A day of Rest?

I have to tell you about our last stay a couple nights ago at Walmart on our return trip from Virginia Beach.

We first met a trucker, I had asked him (Steven), if there were any problems staying in the parking lot overnight. He said he has been there a couple nights now and no problem at all along with the other three truckers. The conversations went from one thing to another as Wilma joined in, and before you knew it we just about heard all about his interesting life. A nice guy just trying to make a living as an independent trucker, told us about his marriage, his family living in three different states, his dachshund's (the hot dog dogs) that he wants to travel with, his dental history....well you kinda get the picture. Just a lonely trucker wanting to talk to anyone who would listen, that we did for about an hour.

Feeling comfortable staying and now back at our MH, a Chevy mini van pulls up. We wave hello at the gent inside. He walks over to say hi to us, pet Kybee, and he too commences to tell us his story of how his wife of 12 years had just kicked him out of their home, and he has been living in his van now for the past 2 nights. Before we parted I wished him well, to tell his wife I said 12 years of memories are alot to erase....might be easier to try and continue to make more pleasant memories. He thanked us both, addressing Wilma as "Mam". A very polite man.

Here he is, Frankie.

That evening Wilma and I were talking, and Steven and Frankie came into our conversation. We feel so blessed at what we have together.

Later that evening we were joined by two other Motor Homes staying for the night. There was quite a gathering at the end of the Walmart parking lot.

We were up by 7am, two of the truckers were already gone, Frankie left just before we did around 7:45am.

Well today I was going to get the LP tank filled and then stop at the Ford dealer to get my "recall" taken care of. But first I had to see my eye Dr. for an 8:30am appointment.

Actually I ended up at an eye specialist at 1:30pm. Diagnosed with a leaking blood vessel at the back of my left eye causing the small blurry spot at anything I look at. I have another appointment in August at my regular eye Dr. and another appointment in September with the specialist.
Needless to say, my eyes took a beating with the dilatation, bright lights, and dye injected in the arm! So as of now, if I close my Right eye, I cannot read anything. Hopefully it will fix itself naturally, so they both say.

Wilma cooked dinner for my Mom & Dad and we joined them. A fantastic delicious roast beef with all the fixins. Even baked a loaf of fresh bread! My hon....what a woman!

So tomorrow I will take care of the MH getting the recall fixed and LP gas. Then its off to get the grand kids bikes and load them on the MH. We will be pulling out for their annual camping trip Thursday morning sometime. Won't be back until Sunday. There is WiFi at the park, but you have to go up to the activities building to be in range and it's always pretty hectic in there. So I will try to update but can't make any promises.

Until our next Adventure, be safe and God Bless.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Made it home.

I've been working on the hundreds of pictures we took, uploaded a fraction of them.

But it's really late, I'm totally wore out, so I'll post tomorrow the adventures of our trip on the road home.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Getting ready to leave Virginia Beach

Wilma wanted to pick up some last minute gifts, so this morning after breakfast we headed out to Walgreen's. I am not into souvenirs but Walgreen's sure beats out the shops along the beach.

We were going to lay around the pool today, but my sunburn tells me to stay away from the pool and sun. So instead we are planning on our trip back home under the awning in the shade. Had "Sleeze Sally" find us the fastest way AVOIDING toll roads. I just can't see paying close to $95.00 on our return trip like I did coming here. The PA turnpike being the worst. (I guess I didn't do my homework prior to leaving home!)

Looks like we only add about 50 miles to the trip. That is about 7 extra gallons of fuel....what, around $18.00 more in fuel costs VS. the tolls. You just know what I'm going to do don't ya!

Called a Crackle Barrel along the route where I figure we will be at the end of the driving day. Asked the manager if he would allow us to stay in his parking lot overnight. "No problem at all, but we cannot be held responsible" was his answer. So it looks like we will be staying at his place tomorrow night and getting a fresh breakfast from Crackle Barrel in the morning.

We know there won't be Internet available for the travel home, so this will be the last post until I get home on Monday or Tuesday the latest. That's when all the pictures will be posted also.

So Wilma and I ask that you keep us in your prayers for a safe trip home. We thank you.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Another day at the Beach

I returned the golf cart by 11am. We sure will miss having it. Yesterday evening after listening to the live band Wilma, Kybee and myself rode around the campground. I think we were on every road here in this huge campground. It sure was fun.

Did I tell you about the Naval Air Station here in Virginia Beach? Yep they are here and they don't want anybody in the limits of the city to forget they are here. They start flying around 9am and don't stop until 10pm. EVERY DAY we have been here. I'll put money on a bet that this campground is in a direct flight path, because every jet seems to go over OUR Motorhome. Well maybe not but it sure sounds like it.

Last evening they were especially loud. I'm no pilot but I have heard of after burners. And last evening they all had deployed their after burners over the campground. Loud isn't saying it just right. How about.... all the windows closed, the TV volumn up all the way, sitting under the speakers of the TV, and the jet roar would block out the sound of the TV. You could actually feel the walls of the MH vibrating as they flew over.

Not complaining a bit here, being a sailor in the day, I'm quite proud of our Naval Pilots.

So after I turned in the golf cart, we packed and headed for the beach. We only planned on being there a few hours. But the weather was perfect and we were there on the beach more like 4 hours.

I did go in the Atlantic, enjoying the large waves, even did a "body surf". Exactly 39 years ago while in the Navy, was the first time I had the experiences of swimming in the ocean. It all came back to me, and a smile was on my face all the time I was in the water. What fun!

Now, back on the sand....I realize I burn easy, so I not only had 1 umbrella to sit under, I had 2 umbrella's to sit under. Plenty of shade, a cooler with cold water, Wilma and I were in heaven. We had it all. And tonight some 4 hours after leaving the beach, taking my shower I noticed I indeed "have it all". Ohhhh did I get sun burnt. Now how did that happen? I stayed in the shade of the umbrella's except for the 10 minutes that I was in the water. Oh well, I'll live. It looks worse than it feels, maybe I'll be lucky and the heat of the sunburn won't keep me awake tonight.

At 4pm Wilma and I wanted another sea food dinner. So over to Fish Bones for an "all you can eat" dinner. Wow, another great meal two nights in a row.

We talked about what we are going to do tomorrow. Wilma would like to spend the day at the pool. I think I will stay under the trees in the shade. :>)

Until tomorrow, be safe and God Bless.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Phone call from the internet tech.

This morning just after our coffee the phone rang. It was the tech support from the internet provider here at the campground.

We discussed several things about the slow connection. He walked me through several set ups on the laptop to make sure it wasn't my equipment. It wasn't. He checked his end and all seemed right. I told him how I'm not happy with this for what I had to pay. He said he would put a credit on my charge card and if I agreed to keep the service until this Saturday I would only have to pay $4.95. I agreed to that amount and will just deal with this super slow connection. I really wish it was faster so I could upload the pictures, but that will have to wait until I get home.

So at least I'll be able to update what's going on with us until this Saturday when our trip home begins.

We decided to take a trip into Norfolk, VA to see if we could find our old apartments that we lived in just after our marriage.

Sleeze Sally got us to the intersection and we found them.
Took a few photo's and then I went in to the office. Just wanted to let the person working there know who we were as we were taking pictures and really didn't need to have the police show up. We had a nice little chat with the manager, she said she saw pictures of what the complex looked like 39 years ago, and that it is much nicer now. I had to agree with her.

It was really neat to walk on the same sidewalk, stand on the same porch to our apartment as we did 39 years ago this month. Wow!

We then headed over to Virginia Beach to get a bite to eat. Wanting to find a nice restaurant on the beach was our goal.

We did find one, Laverne's Seafood Restaurant, and had a great dinner/lunch.

We arrived back at the MH and I remembered I had to get Kybee (our Pug dog) his food at Pet Smart. So back I go....16 miles round trip to get him his brand of dog food. Did he gobble up a large bowl of food. Guess he missed HIS brand of food.

Just received a phone call from my sister. Mom is still in the hospital and won't be released until her blood pressure stabilizes. Last Sunday she was rushed to the hospital with what was diagnosed as congestive heart failure. Medication helped her out and 2 out of 3 doctors gave the ok to go home. The third Dr. has to approve before she can be released.

Wilma just told me that there is a Caribbean Band playing at the pool. So I'm off to listen to the live band here at the campground.

Having fun and enjoying life.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Really bad internet connections

Our connection to the internet has been worse than bad. Most of the time you can't get connected. And slow...we are talking slower than turtles. I called last night after posting and complained quite firmly, telling them if they can't provide me a decent connection then disconnect me and refund my money.
Now we will see. We go from 11Mbps down to 1Mbps. At home with our wireless connection I get 54Mbps.

So if I keep getting the service I will keep posting, but if you see an end of the posting you know what happened.

It's early morning and I'm making the coffee while Wilma is sleeping in. Sun is shinning and its HUMID! Looks like a perfect day for the beach.

Check back tonight for updates....unless they disconnect me from the service they have a hard time providing.

Just got in the MH for the evening. We were riding around the campground on a golf cart enjoying the sites of this very large campground. They have a live band playing every night until 11pm. in one section. Another section has a mini outdoor movie playing each night.

Today we spent in the pool, one of four pools that are in the campground. It felt great as it was in the high 80's today. Didn't take anything getting used to the temperature of the water.

As we lounged along the side of the pool we met a great couple who lives in Virginia, Frank and Tammy. He was originally from New York, she from Michigan. We all hit it off pretty good, and we just got back from sitting around their campfire.

So far we still have internet connection. I'm wondering now if the tech I talked to yesterday even put in my request to cancel my order. Oh well, if its available to update the blog and do a little emailing and surfing I'm happy.

Until then be safe and God Bless.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Aquarium and Beach Day

Woke up this morning to a drizzle so we decided to go to the Virginia Beach Aquarium.

We took the shuttle that picks us up at the end of our camping section, and it dropped us off at the Aquarium. After standing in line for 45 minutes we paid our admission of $8.00 each we were admitted.

Not wanting to sound too down on this adventure, but we have been in other Aquariums in different cities and this had to be the worst! The building was laid out like a corn maze at Halloween. Several times we felt as though we were lost and didn't know which way to go to see the next tank.

We were out and had our fill of the Aquarium within an hour. I would not recommend anyone paying for this, you will be very disappointed.

We arrived back at the MH, and for some reason I was just "out of it". Didn't feel like myself and Wilma suggested I go take another nap. Well that nap lasted 2 hours. I usually only take power naps of only a half hour or so.

We then got in the car and took a drive to the beach.

Walked up and down the boardwalk, started to walk out onto the pier but found that there was a charge just to walk out on it, which we passed on.

We decided to find a restaurant to eat tonight. After a short drive we found an Applebees. Ordered a salad and water. An hour goes by and still no food. And the restaurant was 75% empty. Wondering what's going on, the waitress blamed it on the computer. We told her to place our order in a carry out bag. Then trying to pay was another 15 minute wait. Seems the computer failed again. The manager talks to us apologetic, gives us a $10.00 discount to Applebees. As we walked out Wilma notices it's only valid at VA. Applebees.

One great thing that happened today is we got our golf cart that Angel, our daughter recommended. We took a spin around the campground today and enjoyed it alot.

That's it for tonight.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

On our way to VA.

Friday July 3rd.


Wilma was up by 6am. Got the coffee going and waited for me to join her on the deck to have our coffee.

By 7am the MH was on the street and the car was loaded on the tow dolly. Last minute items were put in the MH. We pulled out at 8am sharp.

Our first stop was at Walmart in Bedford, PA. From the map it looked like it was only going to be about a 5 to 6 hour drive. Wrong! It ended up to be 10 Long hours! Wow….way too long to drive for a day.

The Walmart area turned out to be excellent. McDonalds within walking distance, TSC store next door to McDonalds and several other stores in the strip mall adjacent to Walmart. Mountains all around us.

We had a good night sleep, quiet and temps in the high 60’s.

Saturday, July 4th.

We pulled out at 7:30am after having a coffee from McDonalds. Sleeze Sally, (My GPS) says it will be a 4 hour ride to our next Walmart in Mechanicsville, VA.

Within minutes of getting on the freeway Wilma spotted a Cracker Barrel ahead about 26 miles. So we decided we would stop and have our breakfast.

Back on the road getting close to our destination of Walmart when Sleeze said we reached our destination! NO WAY…only a Holiday Inn X-Press and another motel which I didn’t catch the name of. No Walmart in sight.

Now some info on this Walmart. I had found a web site a few days ago that allows you to download POI for Garmin and TomTom GPS. I downloaded the file and installed it on Sleeze. Everything seemed to go correctly. I was on the computer with Google Maps, looked up the location of the spot Sleeze said the Walmart was located and sure enough it was according to Google Maps. Maps even gave me the address and phone number, which I called making sure we could stay the night. Talking to the Manager, she assured me it was ok to stay and provided me with the address. It was the same address that Google maps had. So I entered it into Sleez. It also pointed to the same spot that Maps did and the file I downloaded.

Now your would think…perfect, everything corresponds. Well here is ANOTHER NO WAY!

So I guess that fine print warning that you get when you turn on those GPS’s units if for real. YOU CAN’T DEPEND ON THEM 100%.

So now I was going down a 2 lane back road in the woods. No place to turn around and not knowing where I was going.

We got lucky…there was an area about 1/4 mile away that I pulled off the road.

Looked for another Walmart and chose the next one down being 5 miles away in Richmond, VA. We left after programming sleeze and Wilma and I both hoped we would find it.

Success this time! Not only a Walmart…but a Lowes and Kroger share the same lots. Walmart is packed so I pulled in to Lowes. Being around 2pm, 80+ and tired. Wilma talks me into going into Lowes to ask the manager if we could stay. I figured I was not going to get permission, but we did! So this is where we are planning on staying the night. I only hope the traffic clears out when the stores close for the night. After all it’s a holiday, and the stores should close a little earlier.

Wilma wanted to take a nap, so I have the generator and air conditioning running as I type this entry. It’s now 4:30pm and I’m about ready to close this and take a snooze myself.

After awakening from our nap, I walked over to Walmart and bought our supper. We both talked about not staying here for the night and moving on to the next Walmart. This one here in Richmond is just too busy. So we went to Sleeze again and looked for the next Walmart. This one is located in Williamsburg, VA. Once again Sleeze was wrong and no Walmart existed where it said it was. Now I’m beginning to think the program I downloaded from the internet is bad.

We kept driving until we saw a campground sign. Pulling into the campground I inquired where the Walmart was. I was directed about 3 miles down the road. Now this one was great so we decided to stay the night.

Tomorrow we should arrive in Virginia Beach where I hope to have WiFi. We are planning on posting every day, so check back often.

Sunday, July 5

We were awake around 6am this morning so we got up and walked over to IHOP to have breakfast. I then called the Holiday Trav-L-Park to see if I could arrive early. They assured me it would be ok, so off we left.

An hour and a half later we pulled into the Holiday Trav-L-Park, checked in were assigned site 105 and are now set up. Very large site, 70X30 at least.

Wilma fixed us a lunch, we sat on the picnic table eating our sandwiches. Afterward I took a short nap and Wilma phoned her cousin in Ky. and read a book.

After getting up from my nap I tried to hook up to the internet here at the Park. No Can Do! Tengointernet is the company and after making a phone call to them it seems as their servers are down. A trouble call went out to their tech. and I am supposed to be called by phone when the system is back on line. As I’m doing this entry with with Windows Live Writer I still get a red x on my Wi-Fi icon. Now it’s starting to rain. That’s ok I guess as we were not planning on doing much this evening. Now I’m ready for the “Black Cloud” to leave me as it’s been following me for a couple days now.

Finally after dinner I checked the computer and saw we had Wi-fi. Had to sign up for a 2 week account for $21.00. My other option was daily at $5.95!

The connection is only 2MB per second at night, earlier it was 5Mb per second. I'll try in the morning and see if its faster, if not I won't be uploading any pictures as it will take all day! Pictures will wait until I get home.

Will post again tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Ready for a Vacation

Wilma and I are busy around the home packing the motorhome with supplies, getting ready to leave for our Virginia Beach, VA vacation.

Just finished cutting the grass, hopefully it won't be too long by the time we return.

We don't check in until Sunday at 1pm, but we are so anxious we are leaving sometime Friday morning.

Two nights boondocking is in store for us. Hopefully we will get lucky and find Walmarts that allow overnight stops. The Walmart just 4 miles from our home can't allow it because of city ordinances.

So if anyone knows if Walmarts that are in Ohio, NE West Virginia, and Virginia allow overnight stays, let me know. It would be appreciated.

I'm pretty sure I won't be able to post while on the road, but Sunday evening I should be ready for something to post.

Until then, be safe and God Bless