Thursday, October 29, 2009

Work Schedule has increased.

Last Tuesday after work I headed straight for the basement to start clearing it out for new carpet and paint. Through the years of not using it for any family functions, it has collected a large amount of....well....I guess I'll call it treasures.?..?.
Much of it is sitting out at the curb tonight to be taken by the trash men. A car load has been packed and taken to Salvation Army. The rest I will have to find some nooks and crannies to stuff full.

After talking with Wilma, we have agreed to have Thanksgiving dinner at our home this year. So the time limit has been set, and it WILL BE DONE!

Plus today I've been informed that I'm to work 10 hours a day until further notice! Yikes! I guess they don't realize I'm getting up in years and really not looking forward to staying at work that many hours. But I have to be thankful, especially in today's times, that I have a job. So I guess every Friday I'll just have to "cry all the way to the bank" as they say and deposit the checks to pay the bills.

So I get home around 5pm with only an hour or so of daylight left. See all the leaves on the lawn that need to be picked up, walk into the home and know the work that is ahead of me in the basement. And know that I have to hit the bed early to start the routine all over again tomorrow.

So now you will know if there aren't many entries in this blog, that I haven't abandoned it, just trying to "take care of business" and get my work schedule completed.

So until next time, be safe, especially my "snowbird friends" in their southerly journey's, and God Bless.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Still Raining and Wind Blowing

Late Thursday night the wind and rain started. I’m talking about gusts of wind in the 40MPH velocity. It rocked the MH all night Thursday night, but we were warm and dry inside.
Friday the winds and rain continued. Wilma and I took turns with the computer surfing the internet. Didn’t do much except lay around resting and enjoying our time together. Wilma put a roast in the crock pot for dinner, so all day long we smelled our dinner cooking. Mmm good.
We did take a drive to Meijer’s to kill some time. When we got back from the store we determined the wind was getting stronger and we rolled up the awning. This was a pretty good chore for us as the spring is broke in the awning and I have to get onto the picnic table to manually roll it up. The wind and rain gave us a run for our money, but we succeeded.
Friday the wind was still blowing strong. The rain stops and starts. We decided to go into Frankenmuth for a dinner. Wilma took some pictures of the fall colors on our way there. After stopping in the candy store for some sugar free candy, we headed to Zehnders for a delicious dinner. We actually beat the rush or arrived between the dinner and supper rush. We arrived around 12:30 and only stood in line for about 20 minutes before being seated. You just can’t beat their dinners. Wow!
Now as Wilma is resting on the couch with Kybee, I’m watching Michigan gets beat by Penn State. Oh well, maybe next time.
Tonight the weather forecast is for a stop in the rain and wind with a low getting down in the mid 30’s. Brrrr. Tomorrow we will be heading back home after a well rested weekend.
Sorry I can’t post any pictures as I forgot the connector cable from the camera to the computer.
Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Last RV Trip for the year

I asked and was granted to leave work today at 11am for the weekend. Wilma had all the food we will be needing already in the Motorhome when I got home around 11:20am.

Hooked up the car, loaded up my items needed, and we were on the road by 12:45. We arrived at the Outdoor Adventures Lakeside Resort around 1:30. We drove against the wind all the way here. Looking at the weather report it looks like we have a week end full of rain and wind. Oh well, we still enjoy using our Motorhome and look forward to being together all weekend.

Tomorrow we may take a trip to Frankenmuth, Michigan.  Wilma commented on the way here that last year when we came we had the same kind of weather. I told here yea, but we still had a great time.

Hopefully the wind and rain won’t take away the fall colors. Also we should have some pictures taken tomorrow.

Until next time, be safe and God bless.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Trip to the Pumpkin Patch

For the past 8 years or so, we have made it a family tradition to all gather in the Motorhome and take a trip to our favorite Pumpkin Patch.

This year however, with Haley turning 17 she elected to pass on the trip. I know she feels “it’s for kids”. And I remember being 17 and trying to “break away” from the same ol family functions.



Everyone else was excited to go “pick out their perfect pumpkin”. I am beginning to believe half the fun is a ride in the Motorhome and eating lunch while riding.

Nana prepares the sandwiches and drinks so everyone is full when we DSC_0027arrive. We also learned quickly that it curbs the apatite of the little ones while walking through the buildings filled with everything good to eat, before reaching the pumpkin patch.

Even Kybee our dog was anxious to go on the trip.



After arriving at the pumpkin patch you have to walk through the “greenhouse” that is just filled with Halloween items to purchase. Every size of pumpkin and gourd known to man must be there.

Here Tina samples the  “Snake Gourd”.




Dakota is the first to find his “perfect pumpkin”. Of course he has to show all the girls that he can get the largest pumpkin of all. It seemed to put a test on his muscles to carry it. His little sister Savannah made a point to pick out the “smallest” pumpkin, finding one not much larger than a baseball.




And of course after we all tired out from walking through the pumpkin patch with the pumpkins, Pa treated everyone with Apple Cider and Donuts.



We returned home 5 hours later after another memorable day spent with the family.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Grand-daughter Haley’s 17th. Birthday

Man O Man I’m starting to feel a little on the old side. My Grand-daughter Haley turned 17 yesterday. Where is the time going?


Nana giving Haley her gift and card.

Her brother, sisters, and cousin were all pretty “lively” all evening. I guess they were anxious to get the ice cream and cake.


Here is Great Grandpa giving Haley her birthday card with cash.


We kidded with Haley on the amount of candles to place on the cake.


What was it you wished for Haley?

Our daughter Tina, Haley’s mom, had to miss the party. She was at home totally exhausted from working 12 hours and feels as though she has a cold starting.

Dad seemed to be enjoying himself. It was our first family get together without Mom. She crossed my mind several times but I didn’t let on. This was Haley’s special day and we didn’t want anything to spoil it.

Happy Birthday Haley!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Garage Sale Is OVER

Wilma and I both are thankful the garage sale is over with. Thursday the weather was ok for a garage sale. Had a few people show  up. Wilma was hoping for about twice the amount of customers.

                                            Savannah, our youngest Grand-daughter “assists” Nana with her Garage Sale.   

Friday was a wash out. Literally. We had a slow rain all day long and into the evening. Wilma had a soar back. I blamed it on sitting out in the cool weather all day the day before. So I told her to go inside the house and rest and I would run the garage sale for her. She accepted and I retrieved the laptop and moved into the Motorhome. I had a good view of the driveway and only had to leave the warmth of the Motorhome for a handful of people braving the rainy weather to purchase our “fine garage sale items”.

Today however with the sun shinning we had a successful day. Cleared out about half of what we started with. Of course we cut all the prices in half also. Better to give someone a terrific deal than to pack up the items and haul all of it the the Charities.

Now Wilma says she is going to watch the weather and if it looks like a nice day next Thursday she may open again. OH NO….Not trusting on the weathermen again! So I’ll just go along with my beautiful wife and agree with her. After that though the really good stuff will go on and the rest will go to several charities.

Until our next adventure, be safe and God Bless.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Another Garage Sale

Wilma had been working for the past two weeks setting items out in the Garage in preparation for her Garage Sale.

She decided not to advertise in the local newspaper because of the price. So we put it on Craigslist.

Yesterday was her first day, she did ok in our opinion.

Today however was a terrible rainy day. It rained all day non stop. I had her stay in the house and I watched from inside the motorhome.  I had the laptop with me in the motorhome and stepped outside only when someone walked up the drive.

Considering the weather, we did better than what I thought we would. But by no means as good as we both of us wished for. Such as life, can’t predict the weather, even the local weather men were wrong with their predictions.

Tomorrow they are calling for sunny skies. Being Saturday maybe the crowd of buyers will form a line a mile long anxiously waiting to buy our “good garage sale” merchandise.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless

Friday, October 2, 2009

Transfering from one Blog to this Blog

After a few days of experimenting I think I have it down how to transfer my Blog entries from my first Blog to this one.
As I had my pictures in several areas, they didn't want to transfer correctly according to the Blogger instructions.

So I am using Windows Live Writer and what you might say, "re-doing" all my entries. Yep its very time consuming, and I keep asking myself if its really worth it. I keep telling myself YES. All in one place is gotta be better. I have started with my earliest entries first in case you see there is a year gap on the left in the archives.

I have noticed that a few "followers" have been added to the "old" blog. It may take a little but I hope I can contact them and give them this site to link onto instead of the old one. I'm sure they would appreciate it.

Tomorrow I will be helping Wilma with getting her "garage sale" ready. Just one more week and she wants to open it. For all the work she has to do, I sure hope she makes enough to make it worth the trouble.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.