Sunday, January 31, 2010

My brother Ken & Sister Catherine

Friday evening Ken had invited us out to dinner and made the statement that they wanted to come over to our home afterward. Wilma and I just knew something was up. Some news of some kind, hopefully good news.

We enjoyed our dinner with Ken and Margie, great conversations, great food. Ken mentioned that they are in the process of joining another church. This did not surprise me.

A little history might be in need here.

Mom born Catholic, Dad born Lutheran, both agreed prior to their marriage that the children would be raised Catholic. Mom did a great job of getting us kids to church every Sunday. At the age of 18 she announced that she had fulfilled her promise to God and now at the age of 18 we were on our own as to what church and what religion we wanted to attend.

After I met Wilma, who was raised a Baptist, was introduced to a Baptist congregation. I was moved by the service, which opened my curiosity to other religions. Our life progressed, moving to several churches, but not feeling 100% ready to join any of them. We consider ourselves Christian, just have not found our “home church” if you will.

Ken has always been what I would consider a “stronger, more dedicated” Christian than I. Probably because he works as maintenance for a Catholic Church. He has met several Priest’s and got to see the inner workings of the faith. Quite different than what the ordinary parishioner would see.

He became very interested in the Bible, reading it, studying it on a daily basis. He found a version that made it very easy to interpret and was telling us about it. It rose my curiosity, as I just could never interpret the words true meaning. I guess I must of made a comment to him at the time that I would be interested in this copy of the Holy Bible.

So back to Friday evening. Ken and Margie, after dinner are at our home. We sit in the living room and continue our conversations from the restaurant. Then he tells me to sit next to Wilma on the couch, he has something for us. He hands us a Christmas wrapped gift. Wilma takes it, stating that it is quite heavy for its size. Opening it we find a book. This book is the Bible Ken had been talking about. Its name is “The Macarthur Study Bible”   New American Standard Bible.

I have not sat down with it as of yet, but plan on learning from it. What better gift can one receive? Hopefully God will enlighten me through these pages. I have hope and faith He will, just by seeing how my brother Ken has changed through the years. Especially with the trying times he and his family have endured. Thank you Ken for this wonderful gift!

Saturday afternoon.

I arrive at Catherine’s home to take her to the Cemetery. She has never been to Moms grave site, and being it’s Mom’s Birthday, she thought it would be nice if Mom’s eldest and youngest make a visit. I felt privileged to be the one to take her to see Mom’s resting place. Both of us at different times had tears. Mine came when Cath looked at the marker and said, “Happy Birthday Mom, I miss you”. I had to turn, not wanting her to see me with a tear. I had to be strong for her.

IMG_0014 Our visit went well. On leaving the Cemetery I made sure, showing Cath how easy it was to find Mom. This way she won’t have a difficult time when she goes on her own.

From the Cemetery we returned to her home to introduce her to Picasa, a Google photo program.

She commented that she doesn’t know much about computers and that their internet connection is slow.

Within a minute of seeing how it was having trouble getting on the internet, I told her we have to do some maintenance first to get her computer working correctly. An hour or so went by as I did my “magic”. After using my software to find all the “junk” slowing her computer, which it found over 1200 items, and cleaning those out, her IE7 seemed to connect up to the internet a little better, but no where acceptable for me. So the first thing I did was download Firefox and install it.

She was totally amazed at the speed now. I expressed my feelings about the internet explorer that comes with windows. Don’t use it! Use Firefox, a much more secure and quicker browser. She agreed.

Downloaded and installed Picasa and gave her a much too quick introduction to the program. It was getting late and getting close to her time to pick up the kids from the sitter.

I told her I will return to explain it more and set up her Gmail better. We kid each other that she is now a student and looks forward to my classes. I keep telling her I’m no Geek, there is way too much that I don’t know, but she informed me that “Yes Fred…you are a geek!” We both had a laugh at that.

But I do look forward to helping her, so she can enjoy “putering” as much as I do.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.


  1. Catherine is very fortunate to have someone to help her with her computer.
    All I knew was how to type when I got one, so it is a learning experience all the time.
    How did you clean out the "junk"? If it isn't a trade secret, I sure would like to know.
    I never know what I can delete, as it might be something important. But I have learned to disk clean regularly, to keep it going!
    Happy Trails, Penny, TX

  2. Hello Penny,
    I'll try to answer your question. No I don't have any trade secret. Here is what you have to get:

    1. Go to this site:

    On that page, go down to the first "bullet" where it says (use the free, portable version of Superantispyware) What I do is download it to a memory stick.

    Then go down to the 6th. bullet, and download, to your memory stick, (MalwareBytes).

    Now you have both of the best "utility" programs I use.

    With the first SuperAntiSpyware downloaded, it left an .exe file. Double click on it and the program will start. Highlight your computers C drive and let it clean your hard drive of all the bad guys.

    After its done, go back to your memory stick, double click on MalwareBytes and run it also on your C drive.

    You can trust everything that these two programs do without fear.

    Now to keep your computer running smooth, go to and download "Revo Uninstaller". When it's done downloading install it on your computer.
    Here is the most important "trick". NEVER USE WINDOWS UNINSTALL PROGRAM. It does the worst job ever. You now have the BEST program uninstaller, Revo Uninstaller. Use it every time and you should have a computer that runs like new.

    If you like, or anyone else reading this can email me at: and I'll try to help and answer any other questions you may have.

    Hope this helps you.

  3. Oh, Thank you so much.
    I have printed it out, and I will try to follow it, step by step.
    Some of it I don't quite understand, but I am sure I will find out, as I try to do it.

    It is so wonderful of you to share your knowledge with this old great grandma, and everyone else.

    I found out about Malwarebytes the second time I caught a virus, and managed to get rid of it myself, as the first time was a costly trip to a geek!! But it still took me a while, and lots of frustration, to get everything working right, as I didn't have all your valuable information.

    These computers have so many mysterious settings in deep and dark corners, that I was scared to upset the apple cart, or rather PC cart, without specific instructions!!
    Thank you again, Happy Trails, Penny, TX