Friday, January 8, 2010

Our latest Eye Report.

The other day was my appointment to see my Eye Dr. The one that gave me a shot in the eye last month. All day long I had made up my mind that I was not going to continue seeing him after this check up. So I was prepared when I entered the office.

I had to take off work an hour early to make it on time for my appointment. When I finally was called back to a room for my “pre-examination” by the tech, it was already 40 minutes past my set appointment. I mentioned that I should not have taken off work and hour early just to sit in the waiting room for 40 minutes past my appointment. I guess he hears comments like that all the time because he just kind of ignored my statement.

He continued with, well it looks like you are to receive 4 drops in your left eye to prepare you for your injection today. I told him NO, there will be NO injection. He was ready to give me a hundred and one reasons why I had to do what the Dr. ordered, when I stopped him and told him, “What part of NO INJECTION” didn’t he understand.” I think by then he knew I wasn’t kidding.

So all I got was a dialation drop in the left eye so the Dr. could take a look into my eye. After the drop was put in, I was escorted back to the “waiting” room for another half hour before I was called and placed in the room the Dr. uses.

There on the tray was the shot, with my name on it I presume. I kind of chuckled to myself knowing that this Dr. probably never had a more firm patient than myself. Then I got a little peeved knowing that this Dr. is, in my opinion, “ripping off the insurance industry” administering unnecessary procedures.

So, a little while later the Dr. walks in looking at my chart. I just know he sees that I refused to sign the paperwork for him to send to my insurance company. Leaving him without any way of getting paid for giving me another shot in the eye.

He questions me on how things are going, and if there were any improvement since the last appointment. I told him very little. I then reminded him that I had this same thing happen to my eye 30 years ago and it cleared itself up, and that my close friends wife had this happen to both of her eyes at the same time. And that it took a year for it to clear up.

Ten minutes go by as he looks at my records. Nothing was inserted this day, so he is just looking at old info that he already acted on. At the same time I’m thinking he is trying to find the right words to convince me to let him stick another needle in my eye! I almost chuckle with the thoughts going through my head, thinking of what kind of a look he will get on his face when I tell him NO SHOT!

The time comes for him to stop looking at my record, and he asked me if it would be alright with me if he have a look in my eye to visually see if the area is healing. Sure I say, and the bright light with his magnifier glass approaches my eye.

Ah, yes, he  says. This is looking very good. Actually amazing that it has progressed with only one injection.  To which leads me to say: Well that’s great news because there was never going to be any more injections.

Silence. No responce from him at all.

Then he said I would like to see you again in 4 weeks to see how your progressing. If the pressure in your eye increases, and you have vision problems, we may have to proceed with further treatments. But if you don’t have any vision problem then there will be no need for further treatment.

I thanked him as I left the room and he handed me my my folder of charts. Please take this to the reception desk, he says.

I arrive at the reception desk, hand the folder with my charts to the girl recording the next appointments. She asks what time would I like to arrive. I said as late as possible because I don’t want to miss any work like I did today. Well, Mr. Hagedorn, this is the latest appointment for injections. I assured her there would be NO injection at the next appointment. She said that he put it down in my record that you still need the next two injections.

I assured her there would be NO injections. She said, but you don’t understand, the injections come in a series of 3, so you need two more injections.

I chuckled at her and told her I think my health insurance company needs to hear this to start a complete investigation of this Dr. She looked at me with a stare. I then told her NO INJECTIONS!  She said yes sir Mr. Hagedorn, we will see you at 3pm in 3 months.

As I walked out of the office, I just knew I would never return. I have had enough of this zoo!

So….now I wait like I did 30 years ago, and pray the area heals itself again. I’m anxious as its time to renew my prescription for a new pair of glasses. It’s getting harder to see through my right eye, my good eye.

As for Dad. He had his second eye operated on to remove the cataract in his right eye. It went great for him as he went to the Dr. yesterday and was given a good report on the surgery. He is to return in a month for his eye exam and to get another pair of reading glasses. He no longer needs glasses for distance! Amazing.

And last but not least, I’m off the 7 day overtime schedule! No more 70 hour work weeks. I’m back to 40 hours a week and loving it. Of course I’ll miss the extra in the pay check, but that’s a small price to pay for better health.

I think it was Vera who wrote me and told me about working too many hours. That even horses die from working too hard. Good advice, and well taken.

So until next time, be safe and God Bless.

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